The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 2134 - The Love of Chuan Rong (15)

Chapter 2134: The Love of Chuan Rong (15)

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At the thought of this, Zhuang Shurong felt a little awkward.

She remembered that her mother had asked her to learn how to cook a few dishes, but she did not take it to heart and did not think that cooking was important. But now…

“If you don’t want to go, then don’t go. Don’t think too much.”

Seeing that her expression was a little gloomy, Mu Tangchuan comforted her.

Zhuang Shurong then looked up at him. Seeing that his gaze was a little deep, she quickly retracted her gaze and lowered her eyes…

“Oh right, I didn’t see your sister today, Zixi? Speaking of which, we’re already engaged, but I haven’t even met her yet.”

Zhuang Shurong naturally knew that Mu Tangchuan had a sister called Mu Zixi. She seemed to be a rather famous celebrity, but it’s been quite a while and she had not met Mu Zixi yet.

“She went overseas to perform.”

Mu Tangchuan frowned when Mu Zixi was mentioned. His handsome face could not help but turn gloomy.

Mu Zixi’s relationship with the family was a little strained. Even if he wanted to fix this hole, it did not seem to solve anything.

Wang Hui was firmly against Mu Zixi taking this path, but Mu Zixi was determined to take this path.

“That’s a pity. A few of my friends wanted her autograph.”

“They’re so well-informed? They knew that Zixi’s my younger sister?”

Mu Tangchuan laughed bitterly. Actually, he did not know how to explain this problem to Zhuang Shurong.

“After the news of our engagement spread, the limelight did not diminish. Do you think they’re all out of touch? To be honest, I’m also very surprised that Mu Zi is actually your younger sister.”

Zhuang Shurong smiled.

“Zixi was a little rebellious when she was young, but she’s very good at heart. In fact, she’s also a very easy person to get along with. It’s just that she prefers to pursue the arts. She’s liked singing and performing since she was young.”

“I always feel that such a profession is actually a talent.”

“When she comes back, I’ll introduce her to you properly.”

Mu Tangchuan smiled calmly. Suddenly, he heard some noises from outside and the sound of cars driving in. After thinking for a moment, he put down the cup in his hand and stood up.

“They should be back. It’s getting late, I have to go back. You’re quite tired today. Go back to your room to take a shower and then rest early, hmm?”

He did not forget to care for Zhuang Shurong.

Zhuang Shurong nodded. “Okay, be careful on the road. I’ll send you off.”

She stood up as she spoke.

“Sit down. It’s not like I don’t know the way. I’m going back.”

Mu Tangchuan glanced at her before striding towards the door.

Zhuang Shurong was stunned for a moment. By the time she reacted, Mu Tangchuan’s figure had already disappeared at the door.

“Tangchuan, wait a moment! Bring your coat!”

At this moment, Zhuang Shurong realized that the black suit coat was still draped over her shoulders.

The weather was already quite cold, and Mu Tangchuan did not hear her. After some thought, she could only take the coat and chase after him

She only managed to catch up with Mu Tangchuan’s footsteps after she chased all the way to the door.

“Your coat!”

Zhuang Shurong chased after him in a hurry. She was also panting as she followed him to the side of the car.

Mu Tangchuan did not have the time to open the car door. He turned around when he heard her shout. He saw her standing in front of him with his jacket in her hand. She was looking up at him with her beautiful eyes…

He did not know why, but he suddenly felt that she was extremely beautiful in this moment!

He did not seem to have time to think too much, and he already could not help but reach out to wrap his arms around her waist. His tall and straight body bent, and a warm and gentle kiss landed on Zhuang Shurong’s forehead.

A warm touch was felt. Zhuang Shurong was in a daze for a moment, and her hands stiffened. She felt that he was holding her in his arms, but she was stunned for a long time before reaching out to wrap her arms around him as well.

“Help me wash it. I’ll get it from you the day after tomorrow at work, hmm”

Mu Tangchuan lowered his voice and whispered into her ear. There was an irresistible charm in his voice.


Zhuang Shurong was unable to react in time. She looked at him in a daze and then looked at the coat in her hand.

“Help me wash it.”

Mu Tangchuan repeated this calmly, completely unconcerned about the big question mark on Zhuang Shurong’s face.

“Why… why…”

Zhuang Shurong could not help but ask in a low voice.

“Just help me wash it. I’m going back.”

Mu Tangchuan did not explain further. Instead, he gave her a meaningful glance, slowly let go of her, opened the car door, and quietly got into the car.

“Hey, you…”

“Just give me a very good reason to look for you.”

Mu Tangchuan smiled deeply, started the car, and slowly drove away..

“When have you ever had an excuse to look for me? Every time you come here, you just drink tea and read the newspaper. You’re so neurotic, your logic is unbelievable! Hey! Did you hear what I said…”

Of course, Mu Tangchuan could not hear because the car had already driven away. In the car mirror at the side, he saw Zhuang Shurong waving the coat in her hand in exasperation, but the corners of her mouth rose unconsciously. Her mood was naturally very good.

It seemed that after the engagement, he did not feel any negative emotions. On the contrary, he seemed to be looking forward to living with this woman.

If that was the case, he must be filled with anticipation, right?

When he returned to the Mu residence, it was already close to midnight.

Wang Hui and Mu Yinan had not rested yet. When Mu Tangchuan walked into the living room, he found the couple sitting on the sofa in the living room chatting with each other. He could hear their laughter from time to time, and he could tell that they were in a good mood.

When he got closer, he could faintly smell the faint aroma of wine. When he took a closer look, he realized that the couple were each holding a glass of wine in their hands. In the glass was the red wine.

“Father, Mother! I’m back. It’s so late, yet you’re still drinking together. You guys seem to be in a good mood.”

Mu Tangchuan reached out to remove his tie from his collar and sat down on the sofa as he spoke.

“Tangchuan is back! Come, let’s drink together?”

Mu Yinan was about to pour a glass of wine for Mu Tangchuan, but Mu Tangchuan raised his hand slightly to stop him. “I won’t drink anymore. I’ve drunk enough today and haven’t recovered yet. Both of you have drunk a lot, so let’s drink a little less.”

“It’s alright. Your mother and I can hold our liquor well, we won’t get drunk from this little bit of alcohol. We’re really happy today. Your matter is finally settled. You should know that your mother and I are the ones who are most worried about you and Zixi.”

Mu Yinan stopped what he was doing and said.

“Father, take care of yourself and drink less.”

“Let him be if he’s happy. Today is a good day. From now on, you have to treat Ah Rong well. She’s the daughter-in-law that I’m most satisfied with. I won’t allow you to bully her!”

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