The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 908 - Bitterness (5)

Chapter 908: Bitterness (5)

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At this moment, Ah Mo and Mu Lingshi who just had their wedding were rushing to the old Mu residence.

“I just realized how complicated marriage is. Thankfully, we didn’t organize such a grand wedding as they did. It’s going to be Bro Su Chen’s wedding in a few days. You can go ahead and prepare the gift. There’s no need to prepare two red packets. That’s the benefit of being married.”

Mu Lingshi was dressed femininely today in a light blue floral dress with her beautiful hair casually tied into a bun. There was a large pair of sunglasses on her face, but you could see that she put makeup on, especially with a flash of red on her lips that made her look beautiful and spirited.

Upon hearing her, Ah Mo, who had been focused on driving, turned to look at, then he laughed. “Master Su was quite quick but not as quick as Brother.”

Ah Mo was quite clear about how Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye had gotten together back then.

Mu Lingshi nodded gladly. “Everyone has their own way of loving. The one you meet first might not be the best one for you. It’s best if two people who love each other can get married, but now even more people are getting married because they’re compatible. Those who entrust their lives to each other might not be the person they love the most, so we’re quite lucky.

“However, speaking of which, no one can tell for sure when it comes to marriage and life. For instance, Big Bro and Sister-in-law are a classic example of falling in love after marriage. It’s a kind of gamble. How many couples can be as lucky as them?” She started to speak more now, unlike before when she would always be terribly quiet.

Ah Mo pondered for a moment, then did not continue her train of thought. He smiled and said instead, “I realize you’ve been having quite a lot of thoughts recently!”

Mu Lingshi grinned as she responded, “Just pretend as if I’ve been reborn. I’ve been thinking a lot these days, and after everything, I realize that I’m in the way of allowing myself to live well. We come into life with nothing and leave with nothing as we have a finite amount of time. So long as we’re happy, everything else doesn’t seem as important anymore.”

When Mu Lingshi said that, Ah Mo was stunned. He could not help but feel bitterness in his heart.

As long as you were happy, everything else did not seem as important anymore?

What if something changed?

How should he tell her about Gu Qiwu? When the time came, could she still be this optimistic and smile this cheerfully?

Ah Mo dared not think about it because he knew that Mu Lingshi had spent a lot of time to recover from that incident. If the whole matter with her history was not handled well, she might suffer once again. Recently, she had still been hung up on her history. If it were not for the fact that they had been busy with the wedding, he was worried that he could not find an excuse to hold her back temporarily.

He hesitated for a moment before expressing, “Lingshi, I hope that you’ll always be like this. A frank personality suits you best.”

Shrugging, Mu Lingshi turned to look at him, then reached up to adjust her sunglasses. “Haven’t I been alright before? Have I made you suffer all these years?”

Once more, Ah Mo was stunned. This was the first time she had initiated a question about how he felt these past few years.

He really did not know how to express it. He admitted that he had once suffered, but sometimes when you were sure about someone from the depths of your heart, and in fact knew that she felt the same way for you, that wait was not considered suffering. No matter what, as long as they had each other’s hearts, there was hope for everything, and when there was hope, the wait would not feel too long!

He thought about it for quite a while before replying very seriously, “No…”

“You don’t have to console me. I know you’ve always been very tolerant of me. If our roles were reversed, I’m afraid I couldn’t have done the same as you, and probably would’ve fallen for someone else.” Mu Lingshi was being truthful.

Not many people could wait for six years, let alone for a woman with a flaw in appearance like her.

Even though Ah Mo was not really the type who knew how to sweet talk, his handsome face blushed as he uttered, “You’re wonderful. I’ve told you right from the start that I want to protect you.”

Mu Lingshi naturally caught all of his expressions. After that, she lowered her gaze and giggled as she pushed her sunglasses up and turned to look out again.

When they reached the old Mu residence, it was already very lively. Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye had both rushed over. At the moment, Mu Yuchen and Wang Hui were chatting idly in the living room as they played with Mu Xiaocheng while Xi Xiaye was in the kitchen with Zhuang Shurong.

The atmosphere with the entire Mu family felt harmonious. Someone as busy as Zhuang Shurong did not usually have much time to do much housework. It was only when the children were all back that she would cook a dish or two.

“It’s the summer break next month. Earlier, when I called your mother, I heard that she’s planning to go for a trip with your father abroad,” Zhuang Shurong suddenly mentioned to Xi Xiaye who was pouring the red wine into the dish for flavoring.

“Mmm, since it’s the summer holidays, Mother thought of bringing Grandpa abroad for a vacation,” Xi Xiaye responded.

“They should go out more often. Have you been able to handle work recently? The two of you rarely come home these days, but if you’re busy with work, then don’t worry about coming home. Your grandparents are always at your place anyway, so your father and I will just visit more often.”

Zhuang Shurong was becoming friendlier with Xi Xiaye now, unlike her formality and seriousness from before.

“Mmm, I can still handle it.”

“Handle what?”

Xi Xiaye had just said that when Mu Yuchen’s soft and gentle voice came from behind. As Zhuang Shurong turned to look at who it was, Mu Yuchen appeared behind them.

“Mother, let us cook. You should take a look at Xiao Cheng. Ah Mo and Lingshi are back too. They’re waiting to serve you and Father tea.”

Mu Yuchen took a look at Zhuang Shurong and took the spatula from her. She paused, then nodded before going out.

“Earlier, Su Nan called to say that Ruan Heng’s finished with the check-up. The doctor’s discussing his concrete plans for recovery. Apart from staying at the hospital to take care of Ruan Heng, she will work on some fashion designs at home. She’s probably thinking about joining the fashion competition at the end of the year. She also told me to thank you.”

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