The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 10: My Grades Are Pretty Good

Chapter 10: My Grades Are Pretty Good

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Mama Liu very soon brought all the dishes to the table.

When they were halfway through the meal, Bai Yao brought a topic up inadvertently. “Since Zhizhi has just come from another town, do you need any help finding a school for her? I have a friend at No.3 High School, so it’s not hard to get her a slot.”

Lu Jingqing glanced at her and declined. “I have already talked to the director of No.1 High School, so Zhizhi will be attending No.1 High School from now on.”

The atmosphere at the table changed slightly after Lu Jingqing finished his words.

Lu Chuwan, who was having some orange juice, froze for a moment when she heard the man’s words.

Then, she turned to look at Fu Zhi with one of her brows raised. “No. 1 High School? But I heard that the schools in my cousin’s town do not have good educational resources. Not only does her school not have a good reputation, but it’s also a private school. If she is going to participate in the national higher-education entrance examination this year, I’m worried that she might not be able to catch up with the other students if she continues her studies at No.1 High School.”

Lu Wanchu had heard about her cousin’s high school in that small town. Someone had died in that school two years ago, so there was no way it could be a good place to study.

It was merely a place where a motley of people gathered around, and the students were merely spending their days idly like a herd of sheep with no shepherd. They were destined to become the lowest class of people after they stepped into society. Had Xu Wei not adopted Fu Zhi, she would also have been a part of them.

However, No.1 High School was different. Everybody knew that it was the best high school in Yu City and it had never accepted a transfer student before.

Thus, Lu Chuwan spun to look at Fu Zhi and told her with a faint smile plastered across her face. “One has to participate in an entrance examination before entering No.1 High School. Given my cousin’s results...”

“Your uncle has donated a laboratory building to No.1 High School,” Xu Wei chimed in as she filled Fu Zhi’s bowl with prawns. “The director of No.1 High School said that a school is a place that provides education for all people without discrimination. As long as Zhizhi is willing to be educated, their door will always be open for her. Nowadays, no one talks about academic performance anymore. They no longer rely on academic performance to judge the potential of a student.”

Lu Chuwan was stumped. Everyone knew that this had little to do with the reason Xu Wei had given. The reason No.1 High School was willing to accept Fu Zhi was because of Lu Jingqing.

Money made the mare go. There were very few things in the world that could not be solved with money. If something could not be solved with money, it just meant that the money offered was not enough.

Fu Zhi raised her head to look at Li Jingqing. As if sensing her gaze, the man turned his head sideways and their eyes met.

The girl was petite, and her delicate face was brimming with the vigor of youth. Her almond-shaped eyes were watery and reminded him of the Ragdoll cat his wife had owned a few years ago.

Lu Jingqing set his jaw tight and said vaguely, “If you really love to study but can’t keep up with the teacher’s teaching schedule, your mother and I have also donated to quite a few key primary schools...”

Fu Zhi was speechless. Blinking her eyes, she said flatly, “My grades are pretty good.”

Lu Jingqing did not expect Fu Zhi to get into a top university like Tsinghua University. However, he believed his daughter must have everything that other daughters had. “Anyway, just don’t put too much pressure on yourself.”

The man exuded the charm of a successful person with his every move. He was always cold to outsiders and would only show his softness to his family.

Lu Chuwan gripped her chopsticks so tightly that her knuckles started turning white. This time, her eyes landed on Fu Zhi’s delicate and fair face for a long while before she retracted her gaze.

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