The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 12: Let’s Get Her Doctor To See Her

Chapter 12: Let’s Get Her Doctor To See Her

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Madam Lu accepted Fu Zhi on the surface but she had a lot on her mind.

She looked at Lu Chuwan and then at Fu Zhi. Even though both of them were her granddaughters, the difference between them was worlds apart.

“I’m not feeling well, so I’m going to rest upstairs. Wanwan, help me see your uncle and his family to the door,” Madam Lu said. Then, she put her hands in Mama Li’s and went upstairs without sparing Lu Jingqing and his family another glance.

Xu Wei looked at Madam Lu’s faltering figure until she disappeared from her sight. She then let out a long sigh and lamented, “How come mom is not getting any better after so long? Why is she always so exhausted or unwell whenever she sees me? I’m very worried about her.”

Lu Jingqing looked at his wife, but he did not know what he should say. He stared at her dewy eyes and said vaguely, “Oh well, mom is old. Old people tend to get tired easily, so that is probably why...”

Lu Jingqing chose his words tactfully, and Xu Wei did not understand anything. She heaved a sigh and said, “I guess we really should get a doctor to check on mom.”

Even though Madam Lu looked down upon her and Fu Zhi, she did not play favorites and treated Lu Jingqing well. Xu Wei had never been a petty woman, and she was always focused on the good in people.

Lu Jingqing did not know whether he should tell her the truth or not.

It was unnecessary to get a doctor. As long as they did not come to visit Madam Lu so often, he was certain that his mother would be able to live for 100 more years.

However, Lu Jingqing could not bring himself to say something like that to his wife.

Therefore, he nodded and said, “I’ll go make the arrangements.”

Xu Wei was relieved, as she had a lot of faith in her husband. She turned around and pulled Fu Zhi up from her chair.

Upon seeing that Lu Jingqing and his family were leaving, Lu Chuwan and Bai Yao saw them to the door.

“Zhizhi, I’ve got some clothes for you. Do you need me to ask Mama Li to put them in the car for you?” Lu Chuwan turned to look at Fu Zhi the moment they were outside the building.

The weather was hot, as it was summer. The girl was wearing a white t-shirt with a pair of flared jeans. They were no entry lux pieces, nor were they famous brand apparel that she was familiar with. Therefore, she was confident that it was not Xu Wei who had bought her the clothes. She had probably gotten them from Taobao for 49.90 yuan.

Lu Chuwan studied Fu Zhi up from head to toe furtively as she asked, “Aren’t you going to No.1 High School tomorrow? You can pick something that you like to wear to school.”

“The moment Wanwan learned you were coming today, she immediately packed some entry lux pieces that she has never worn before for you. You have to appreciate her effort, you know,” Bai Yao chimed in.

“Mom, we’re a family, so I should take care of her.”

The two of them began putting on a show once more. Bai Yao made Lu Chuwan out to be a saint who was willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of others.

Before Fu Zhi could say anything, Xu Wei stepped forward and interrupted. “It’s okay. Wanwan can keep those clothes for herself. I have ordered a whole new batch of clothes from Kimorty. I guess the new clothes will arrive at our house this afternoon.”

Disbelief flashed across Bai Yao and Lu Chuwan’s eyes after Xu Wei finished speaking. This was something Lu Chuwan had not expected. She had figured Xu Wei must be unsatisfied with Fu Zhi, which was why she had not bought her anything. Little had she expected that Xu Wei would actually have bought Fu Zhi a season’s worth of luxury garments, thus overshadowing the off-season clothes in her hands.


Lu Chuwan cracked a fake smile and nodded. She watched as Lu Jingqing opened the door and helped his family get in the car. Then, he nodded at them and went into the car.

He started the engine and drove away.

Bai Yao watched the Land Rover turn the corner at the junction with hateful eyes as she gritted her teeth. When the car had vanished from her line of sight, she hissed, “Does your aunt have too much money? Fu Zhi is merely a country bumpkin. Why does she have to be so good to her? Has she forgotten that you’re her niece?”

Lu Chuwan did not comment, as she was staring in the direction the Land Rover had vanished with a blank face. After a long while, she finally said, “Auntie has always wanted a daughter. Fu Zhi has just joined the Lu Family, so it’s normal that she’s so good to her.”

“That doesn’t mean that she can forget about you!” Bai Yao rolled her eyes. “Your uncle and his family must have been bewitched by that girl. I’m sure they will regret it one day!”

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