The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 559 - It Is Not So MuChapter Damaging As It Is Humiliating

Chapter 559: It Is Not So Much Damaging As It Is Humiliating

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Zheng Qu was not going to let Fu Zhi leave so soon, not to mention that she was giving those Onyx Pixies that she took from him away.

However, just when Zheng Qu was about to say something, the servant had already distributed those Onyx Pixies to the group of young masters.

Gu Yanqi lifted his eyebrows.

He was fully aware of what Fu Zhi was capable of and he had experienced her sharp tongue before, but he did not expect she would be this clever.

After giving those Onyx Pixies away, she had unwittingly drawn closer the relationship between the group of young masters under Zheng Qu and her.

If Zheng Qu stepped forward and said something, not only would it make him look like an untrustworthy person, but it would also harm the relationship between him and the group of young masters.

The group of young masters looked at each other and asked, “Are you sure these Onyx Pixies are for us?”

“I guess so. She doesn’t seem like she’s joking with us..”

“Ms. Fu has won a lot of money tonight, so I’m sure she won’t mind giving these fish to us!”

“She’s so kind. Not only that, but she’s beautiful. If President Li has grown bored of her, I can become her friend!”

“She’s even… Well, I mean she’s kind of generous. I guess her family must have brought her up well. Onyx Pixies are known for its great medical value, so let’s go and say thank you to Ms. Fu?”

Just as they were talking, Fu Zhi had already sent a message to Wang Rao and had them come to pick them up as soon as possible.

After that, she put her phone back into Li Nanli’s pocket and looked around, “You’re welcome. You guys should thank President Li instead. He’s the one who killed most of the Onyx Pixies.”

Since she had said that, everyone then turned towards Li Nanli and expressed their gratitude to him.

When Zheng Qu saw the scene, he nearly fainted.

‘Why the f*ck are you guys thanking him?! Those Onyx Pixies were mine! Mine! You guys should be thanking me!’

He treasured the Onyx Pixies in the artificial pond very much. He couldn’t bring himself to consume them no matter how sick he was or how serious his injuries were, and he took care of them as if they were his children.

Little did he expect that Fu Zhi and Li Nanli would take all of them away from him! They did not even leave a single fish scale to him!

The more Zheng Qu thought about it, the angrier he became. He seemingly could taste blood in his throat, but he ignored it.

‘It’s fine. It’s fine. Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool… I’m a man. I can take this,’ he said to himself.

However, it did not work. No matter how many times he told himself that he could take it, he still felt heartbroken for losing nearly two hundred million tonight.

Someone noticed his expression and saw through his vulnerability. He went up to him and patted his shoulder, “Just take it easy, Young Master Zheng. There’s no use getting angry over a trivial matter like this.”

How could he not be angry after what Fu Zhi and Li Nanli had done to him?

Besides, most of them came to this banquet tonight for one reason: Li Nanli. They wanted to know what was Li Nanli’s thinking about the Zheng Family.

The Zheng Family was a branch of the Huo Family. They were not as rich as the Huo Family and they gathered their fortune from the mine that they took from the Huo Family.

In the past, Zheng Qu would not provoke and taunt Li Nanli whenever he had the chance, but Li Nanli always gave him the cold shoulder. This showed that the Li Family did not have the intention of annexing the Zheng Family and therefore, these young masters were willing to keep in touch with the Zheng Family and follow their lead.

However, things would start to change after tonight. After Zheng Qu had suffered multiple defeats at Li Nanli’s hands, every young master present could see that the Zheng Family was nothing compared to the Li Family. It was as easy as a piece of cake for the Li Family to take over the Zheng Family and the mine and there was nothing the Zheng Family could do about it.

Once these young masters realized that Zheng Qu could do nothing against Li Nanli, they would start to consider if they should join forces with the Zheng Family to chase the Li Family away if they intended to enter the market in Myanmar.

Zheng Qu was well aware of this.

Most of the young masters in this banquet were on his side, but he was also confident that there were some of them hoping that the Zheng Family and the Li Family could fight against each other.

He licked his lips and said, “Since you guys are leaving, let’s call it a day, then. There is still a distance between the location of the banquet and the villa, why don’t we end this banquet with a bang? Let’s have a race, Uncle Li.”

Li Nanli looked at him and raised his eyebrows, for he could catch the provocation in his words.

Everyone could sense the tension in the air, especially Mela.

She only became Zheng Qu’s girlfriend because of his family status. If Zheng Qu could prevent Li Nanli from acquiring the Zheng Family, things would be easier. However, if he could not, she might need to reconsider their relationship.

In the meantime, Li Nanli draped his blazer on Fu Zhi and asked, “You want to have a race with me?”

He measured Zheng Qu from his head to his toe and frowned. “Are you really sure about that?”

Zheng Qu was speechless, and he felt offended.

Li Nanli turned his head around to look at the crowd and asked, “Are you all going to join the racing as well?”

“Nope,” one of them replied, “Young Master Zheng has found Zhuang Mo to compete with you. All of you are professionals, so I think we all are going to stay out of this.”

“That’s right! We’re not going to join this time.”

“I heard that Young Master Zheng is going to take the second-generation sports car that he bought from the Fu Corporation out for this race.”

“But President Li doesn’t have a sports car, right? So how is he going to compete against Young Master Zheng?”


Everyone surrounded Zheng Qu and Li Nanli in a circle.

These young masters had begun to shift to Li Nanli’s side after they received the Onyx Pixies from him. They were worried that Li Nanli might not be able to compete against Zheng Qu since he did not have a sports car with him right now.

Fu Zhi looked at them coldly from the sidelines.

Zheng Qu was a car lover, and he had a collection of sports cars in his garage. He lifted his chin triumphantly and said, “Well, if President Li doesn’t have a sports car with you right now, I can lend you one. There’s one sports car in my garage that I think suits your style a lot. Although it’s a normal sports car and not as good as the Fu Corporation’s second-generation sports car, I guess it should be sufficient, right? What do you think, President Li?”

“He doesn’t want it,” Fu Zhi chimed in before Li Nanli could say anything, “If it’s a normal sports car, just keep it in your garage. Don’t take it out. It’s embarrassing. I happen to have a sports car with me, so he can drive mine.”

The corner of Zheng Qu’s lips quivered and he sneered, “Alright, then. I’ll see what kind of sports car you have, Aunt Fu Zhi.”

There were a dozen sports cars parked outside of the banquet hall. Some of them belonged to the young masters that came to the banquet, while the others were the sports cars from The Brave Lions.

Zhuang Mo was standing in front of his own car and his face was dark.

He had been trying his best to look for the driver who defeated him in a race the other day but to no avail. The driver seemed to have vanished from the surface of the earth, and he could not get any information about him or her no matter how hard he tried.

Very soon, Zheng Qu and the others came out.

Zhuang Mo then straightened his body and greeted, “President Li, Young Master Gu.”

Li Nanli nodded a reply as he wrapped his arm around Fu Zhi’s waist.

Right now, there was a group of people beside Zheng Qu. All of them had never seen the Fu Corporation’s second-generation sports car and they were curious about it.

A big yellow truck was coming along the road towards them. After the truck came to a stop, a group of servants rushed forward and opened up the truck door. Then, the first thing they saw was a sports car, covered in grey cloth and secured with silver chains.

The group of servants then worked together to unload the sports car from the truck and lifted the cover under Zheng Qu’s permission.


What appeared in front of them was a purplish sports car. It had a streamlined body, and there was the Fu Corporation’s logo at the front and rear of the car.

“Holy! So this is the Fu Corporation’s second-generation sports car? It’s so beautiful!”

“This sports car is so cool! It’s definitely worth the price!”

“The color is stunningly bright as well. Imagine how cool it’s if we can take our girlfriends for a ride in it.”

“I heard that this color is five million more expensive than other colors of the same generation.”

“I didn’t expect that the sports car developed by the Fu Corporation would be as good as the sports car made from other countries. The Fu Corporation has done it again this time!”

Someone couldn’t help himself and ran his fingers across the body of the car. As he reveled in the cold sensation on the tip of his finger, he sighed, “Why are you still standing there, Young Master Zheng? Hurry up and open the car for us to see.”

Zheng Qu became speechless. Truth be told, Zheng Qu was a little bit lost right now. He remembered that he had a purple sports car, and although he had already forgotten how the car looked since he had not been driving it for a year, he still had a vague impression of the car. He had a feeling that the car seemed to have been significantly upgraded in appearance compared to the last time he saw it, which was about a year ago.

‘Is this really my car?’

However, he had not heard of anyone here buying a car from the Fu Corporation before.

‘Is my car capable of auto-upgrading?’

Before Zheng Qu could figure out what was going on, the group of young masters was taking photos of the sports car and began asking girls out.

One of them even turned his head to Zheng Qu and asked, “You have the keys with you, right, Young Master Zheng? Open it up and let’s go in to have a look! Besides, can you lend the car to me for two days? I’m going to buy one after my dad gives me money!”

“Sure…” Zheng Qu said hesitantly. He still could not tell if the car belonged to him or not.

He pulled the key out of his pocket. Then, a man standing behind him stepped forward and looked at Fu Zhi and Li Nanli. “Young Master Zheng’s sports car is here, so where are yours, Ms. Fu?”

His gaze was filled with mockery as if he was saying that every other sports car was rubbish in front of the Fu Corporation’s sports car.

Fu Zhi did not know what she should say. She did not know if she should thank him for his recognition or not.

At the same time, Wang Rao opened the door of the truck. Since Fu Zhi did not pick up his call, he jumped down from the truck, and he was dumbfounded when he saw the group of people around the sports car.s

Zheng Qu pointed the key at the sports car and pressed the button.

Some young masters tried to open the door but he could not. He turned to look at Zheng Qu and asked, “What’s wrong, Young Master Zheng?”

Zheng Qu was stunned. He pressed the button again but the sports car remained unresponsive. It was only now that he felt something was not right.

The sports car he bought was smaller than the one in front of him.

“The driver must have delivered the car to the wrong place,” Zheng Qu said.

When Wang Rao heard what he was saying, he shouted, “What the hell are you talking about? This sports car is not yours. It belongs to Ms. Fu Zhi!”

Then, he shooed the group of people standing around the car away. “Move aside! Move aside! How could you take photo of Ms. Fu’s sports car without her permission? You guys are really a bunch of rude young men.”

Wang Rao was born with a loud voice, and everyone heard his voice clearly.

Fu Zhi owned a sports car from the Fu Corporation!

What was her relationship with the Fu Corporation?

Everyone turned their gazes on Fu Zhi as they were waiting for her to give them an explanation.

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