The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 6: I’ll Pull Your Ponytail

Chapter 6: I’ll Pull Your Ponytail

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Fu Zhi felt thirsty after laying on the bed for a while. She figured it had to be because of the milk. She got up and took the glass. When she got down to the living room, she noticed a ray of faint light coming from the kitchen.

There was a young man skulking next to the fridge.

The moment Fu Zhi entered the kitchen, their gazes locked on one another.

Her eyes darted from the floor, which was full of empty chip bags, to the refrigerator before finally stopping at the young man, whose cheeks were distended from the bread like a hamster’s.

No matter how many times Xu Wei had stressed that his sister was adorable, Lu Yumo had not once changed his view.

In his imagination, any kid that grew up in an orphanage could hardly keep their body and soul together. He was certain that the girl would have a head of frizzy hair and her skin would definitely be dark brown. There was no way she would be as adorable as his mother had described.

Well, maybe her eyes would be better and exude a yearning for knowledge, but all in all, she would just be a poor little thing.

However, when Lu Yumo finally came face to face with Fu Zhi, the initial image he had of her shattered. The more he looked at her, the more adorable he found her.

Fu Zhi retracted her gaze and called out softly, “Brother.”

Lu Yumo was taken aback slightly. “You know who I am?”

Fu Zhi nodded. After all, Xu Wei’s WeChat moments were filled with her sons’ photographs.

Lu Yumo furrowed his eyebrows as he said defensively, “You investigated me? Did you know that my family was wealthy a long time ago?”

Fu Zhi was stumped. It occurred to her that her brother had misunderstood and thought that she was there to rob him of his inheritance. She heaved a sigh of relief.

She was inept at handling the relationships between her and her family members. However, if her brother liked money, then maybe she could get along with him very well.

After all, she had a lot of money and she could give it all to her brother so he could spend it.

Before Fu Zhi could say anything, Lu Yumo’s eyes fell on the glass in her hand. This glass was the only one in the house that matched the design of his parents’ glasses.

He had not expected that she would become his parents’ favorite child while he was away.

Lu Yumo’s eyes turned bloodshot as he hissed, “Without my blessing, the four of you will never be happy!”

Fu Zhi was dumbfounded. Confusion was written all over her face.

Lu Yumo hated this intruder to his core. He turned his head away, opened his bag, and swept all the yellow peach yogurts and milk buns into it.

Fu Zhi could see that there were several sets of clothes inside his bag.

‘He is quite well-prepared,’ she thought.

Initially, Lu Yumo had wanted to have a cup of warm water, but he did not want Fu Zhi to see him in this miserable state. Therefore, he rolled his eyes at the girl. Then, he harrumphed in a voice that could show his anger, but did not do so loud enough to awake his parents. Next, he picked up his bag and attempted to run away from the house once more.

Fu Zhi did not know how to persuade him to stay. As she felt lost at sea, a series of footfalls wafted into her ears.

Lu Yumo had returned.


Fu Zhi lifted her head and met the gaze of the young man, who pulled a long face. Through the light that filtered out of the fridge, she could see that the tips of his ears had turned red.

Lu Yumo mustered up every ounce of his courage and said, “My bank card has reached its limit. Lend me some money first.”

Indeed, she had not been wrong about her brother. He loved money very much.

However, Fu Zhi was not going to expose him. She opened her mouth and said, “Could you wait for me here for a while? I have to go back to my room to get you money.”

Lu Yumo nodded and said, “Make sure you come back fast.”

Then, Fu Zhi turned around and sprinted up the staircase. However, she spun her head back to look at him with a serious expression after mounting several steps. A surge of relief seemed to wash over her face when she saw that he was still standing there. She continued to go up the stairs, filling the air with the rat-a-tat of her slippers.

Lu Yumo was kind of blown away by her cuteness.

However, the moment this thought popped up in his head, Lu Yumo nearly gave himself a slap on the cheek.

‘Get it together, Lu Yumo. She is the one who took your mom away. You’re going to become an orphan soon, yet you still think that she is cute?!’

Lu Yumo built a shield around his heart to prepare for every scenario before Fu Zhi came down.

Fu Zhi handed him a bank card. As Lu Yumo looked at it, a hint of disdain was flowing in his heart.

Actually, his mother had told him to watch over Fu Zhi because she came from the countryside.

Just how much pocket money could a child from the countryside get in a day?

She could have just given him some cash, so he could not fathom why she had to make such a big show out of it. He also could not understand why she’d had to apply for a bank card if she did not have that much money in her savings account.

It went without saying that Lu Yumo would not express the thoughts inside his mind. Before he went away, he looked at Fu Zhi, who was in her white sleeping gown, and snarled out angrily, “I’m the favorite child in this house. You better keep your mouth shut about seeing me tonight. And you have to tell everyone that you ate all the food inside the fridge. If you don’t do as I say, I will—”

Lu Yumo could not decide whether he should say he would kick her out of this house one day or just slap her in the face. After a long while, he noticed something out of the corner of his eyes. His eyes suddenly shone brightly. He lifted his arm and reached out for the ponytail behind Fu Zhi’s head. Then, he hissed, “I’ll pull your ponytail off your head, you hear me?”

Fu Zhi did not know what she should say in reply.

It seemed to her that her brother was kind of childish.

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