The National Goddess Reborn

Chapter 13 - The Value of the Energy Stone

Chapter 13: Chapter 13:The Value of the Energy Stone

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Jiang Jincheng turned around and looked at the bright sky with a faint smile. “If you neglect your duty, your salary will be deducted.”

When the two security guards heard what he said, their hearts immediately jumped to their throats!

They were really conscientious on duty and did not even take a nap!

Jiang Jincheng followed Fu Xiuyuan. “You came all the way here for that stone. Now that it’s been taken away, do you really not care?”


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this stone was half his life. But was Fu Xiuyuan really willing to give up this stone now?

“Why should I care about something that’s already useless?” Fu Xiuyuan narrowed his eyes, his rose-colored thin lips curling up slightly. “To No.1 Middle School.”

Jiang Jincheng looked at the man’s back and suddenly smirked, a hint of playfulness flashing past his phoenix eyes.

This was strange. To think that the man who was so highly regarded in the capital was actually willing to stay in Jiang City for so long.

“Ninth Master, wait for me…”

Seeing the man walk further and further away, Jiang Jincheng hurriedly chased after him.

When the two security guards heard this, their faces turned pale. They could see the fear in each other’s eyes.

Ninth Master…

In the entire Jiang City, the only person who could be called 9th master was that high and mighty man in the Imperial Capital!

But why was the man here?

Not long after they left, on a banyan tree not far away, one could vaguely make out an aloof young lady with her arms crossed, leaning against a tree trunk.

It was Nian Yue.

Nian Yue narrowed her eyes as she looked at the Energy Stone in her hand. Ninth Master…

Energy Stones could only be found in the post-apocalyptic era. However, from their conversation just now, that man seemed to know something.


It was already five in the morning when Nian Yue returned home.

The villa was quiet. However, when she went upstairs, she saw Nian Yu at the corner of the stairs.

Nian Yu was wearing a black sleeping robe and was holding a glass of water in his hand.

It looked like he had gotten up to have a drink.

Nian Yue nodded at him and went upstairs.

However, Nian Yu suddenly said from behind her, “The next time you come back so late, let Ah Yu accompany you.”

The remaining memories of this body told her that Ah Yu was Nian Yue’s personal bodyguard. She had only seen her once in the long time that she had been in the Nian Family.

Nian Yu’s voice was cold, but she could still hear the concern in his words.

At the thought of this, Nian Yue’s lips twitched. “Thank you.”

Then she went upstairs.

Her room on the third floor was still in a mess. After Nian Yue came out of the shower, she sat in front of the computer and leaned against the back of the chair. Her slender fingers tapped on the table every now and then, and a cold glint flashed across her deep-set eyes.

Thinking of the man she saw today, Nian Yue turned on her computer and sent a long string of codes in.

Code was something that every post-apocalyptic human must know. It was just that she did not know if the code of the post-apocalyptic world was relevant in this world.

The computer screen had already turned black. Nian Yue’s slender and fair fingers were tapping on the keyboard so fast that only a silhouette could be seen.

The code on the computer screen was still changing rapidly. Nianyue searched for twenty minutes but still could not find what she wanted.


The system she hacked into did not have any information on that man.

But at that time, she clearly heard someone call him Ninth Master…

So, who was that man?

Nian Yue frowned slightly. In the end, she took out her phone and called Wang Zhizhi. “Help me check on someone…”

Wang Zhizhi was still sleeping when she was woken up by a call. She was about to throw a tantrum when she heard Nian Yue’s voice. Her voice was filled with disbelief. “Nian Yue?”

“Yes.” Nian Yue nodded slightly. “Find out for me and I’ll help you clear the game.”

Her conditions were not attractive to others.

But Wang Zhizhi was different.

No one in Jiang City could clear the game she played today.

As for her, she had been stuck at this stage for almost a week.

“Alright, deal!” Wang Zhizhi agreed readily. “Send me the item and I’ll check it for you.”

She was backed by the status and identity of the Wang family. It was not difficult for her to investigate someone.

“It’s a deal.”

Nian Yue smiled and hung up.

Wang Zhizhi had a simple personality, but her logical thinking was extremely strong. She had developed this game herself, so she probably hadn’t expected it to be difficult for her.

Nian Yue’s condition was akin to giving her timely help.


The next morning, when she got up and went downstairs, she saw that the dining room was empty. Only the servants were still cleaning the living room.

“Second Mistress.” Seeing Nian Yue come down, the servant said respectfully, “Your food is still in the kitchen, let me bring it over.”

This servant was called Mother Liu and was an old servant of the Nian Family.

When the Host first came to the Nian Family, she was very shy. Other than sticking close to Nian Yan, she mostly talked to Mother Liu.

“Thank you, Mother Liu.” Nian Yue smiled, her voice sincere.

“You’re welcome. Child, why did you come back so late last night…” Aunt Liu served the food to her, her voice full of concern.

Nian Chaoyu and Wang Meiling didn’t know that Nian Yue only came back at five in the morning yesterday.

Otherwise, things would have been difficult for Nian Yue.

“I went out to settle something.” Nian Yue lowered her head and ate her food, not continuing to explain.

Mother Liu knew that she was aloof and did not continue asking.

Nian Yue ate very quickly and finished her breakfast in three minutes. She picked up her bag and prepared to leave.

“Mother Liu, I’ll go out first.”

“Be careful on the road. I’ll get the chauffeur to send you there,” Aunt Liu instructed worriedly.

“No need, I’ll take the bus.” Nian Yue waved her hand and left with her backpack.

Aunt Liu looked at her and smiled in relief.

She had thought that with Nian Yue’s personality, she would need more time to adapt to the Nian Family.

However, it seemed like Nian Yue had managed well.

Nian Yue did not go to school today. She wanted to go out for a while and conveniently took out the Energy Stone in her hand.

The Energy Stone had lost its energy and was now just an ordinary stone.

However, after one night, this stone had taken on the appearance of a piece of flawless white jade. It was sparkling and translucent. In this era, it would be worth an astronomical price.

Nian Yue went to the largest antique market in Jiang City. She needed to sell this stone as soon as possible.

Because she desperately needed money.

Ever since she came to the Nian Family, Nian Chaoyu would give her a few thousand dollars of living allowance every month. This was indeed quite a lot for a high school student.

But she wanted more than that.

Before long, Nian Yan and Wang Meiling would continue to create trouble for her. It was a matter of time before she had to move out as soon as possible and start her own career.

Gan Kun Hall was one of the best antique stores in Jiang City.

When Nian Yue entered, a salesperson came up to her with a smile. “Hello, how can I help you?”

Although the girl in front of him was wearing a simple white shirt and black pants, her gaze was cold and her face was like jade.

Nian Yue was used to being a commander in the post-apocalyptic world. She had a natural aura that made people feel submissive.

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