The National Goddess Reborn

Chapter 15 - God-level Boss

Chapter 15: God-level Boss

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The quality of the stone in Nian Yue’s hand was very good. He had never seen it in all his years of working!

If he missed this opportunity, who knew how long he would have to wait for the next one!

Seeing Nian Yue nod her head, Manager Zhang hurriedly nodded his head. He repeatedly assured Nian Yue that he would get the people from the headquarters to appraise it as soon as possible.

The Gan Kun Hall only had a branch in Jiang City, and the headquarters were in the Imperial Capital. Normally, people from the headquarters would only be sent here during the mid-year assessment. However, he was confident that they would definitely send someone over this time due to the quality of the stone.



When Nian Yue went to class the next day, the class was still in a mess. Nian Yue found her seat and sat down. She casually took out two books and flipped through a few pages.

Yesterday, she was so focused on catching up on sleep that she forgot to read the books of this era.

When Wang Zhizhi saw her, she pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and said in a low voice, “Nianyue, I’ve checked on the person you gave yesterday. I can’t find anything…”

She had specially sought help from the Wang family’s company yesterday. The Wang family built their business on the internet and had countless hacker resources.

However, she could not find any information about the person Nian Yue had given her.

“It’s fine.” Nian Yue narrowed her eyes. She had already hacked into the country’s security system, but could not find any information about that man.

The only reason she had sought Wang Zhizhi out was to verify the matter.

The bell rang and the physics teacher came to class. Wang Zhizhi stuck out her tongue and turned around.

Nian Yue took out a physics book and casually flipped through a few pages.

She was quite familiar with these things. There were professors in the post-apocalyptic world, but they taught the simplest physics principles. Unexpectedly, these were used for the college entrance examination in this era.

The physics teacher was an old professor invited from the Imperial University. He never used his lesson plans or books and delivered his lessons ad lib.

After listening for five minutes, Nian Yue was a little tired.

Wang Zhizhi was playing games with her head lowered. She was still playing the same game as yesterday, but it had been upgraded.

The screen was filled with all sorts of colors, but there were even more codes. It was hard to imagine that a game could be set up to be so challenging. Wang Zhizhi went through the class on her phone without moving. She did not pass the test in her hand.

When class ended, Wang Zhizhi was having a headache. She saw someone behind her reach out her hand. “Give it to me.”

Nian Yue’s voice was cold and cavalier.

Wang Zhizhi subconsciously handed the phone over. The aloof girl leaned on the table slowly, holding the phone with one hand, seemingly deep in thought with a frown.

“Nianyue, this game is quite difficult. Until now, only one person has managed to pass it…” Wang Zhizhi was concerned that Nian Yue would not be able to pass the stage, so she consoled her.

Nian Yue did not say anything. She just lowered her head and looked at the screen. Then, her fingers started scrolling across the screen.

Wang Zhizhi’s teammates in the game were utterly shocked by her actions.

“D*mn! The player has changed! Why didn’t I know that she has such a high IQ!”

“Boss, please guide me!”

“Worship the big boss, who has settled this in three minutes!”

Her teammates thought that the game would end after the stage was cleared, but they did not expect her to reach the last stage without any obstacles! From the beginning to the end, it took less than five minutes!

She had cleared the game that only one person in the whole nation had cleared! Her teammates were so shocked that they could not close their mouths. What kind of luck did they have to have such an immortal-level big shot leading them!

Instantly, Wang Zhizhi’s private messages exploded.

“Please guide me! How did you do it?”

“You’re pretty but wild!”

One private message after another popped up on the screen, all asking for her contact details.

Nian Yue scrolled through the messages with one hand and did not even bother to look at them. Then, she passed the phone to Wang Zhizhi.

Wang Zhizhi was so shocked by Nian Yue’s series of actions that she could not close her mouth. After a long while, she asked with difficulty, “You’ve… played this before?”

There was only one person in the country who had cleared this game. His score was still on the rankings. Even Wang Zhizhi, who had played for more than half a year, had only managed to play to the average level. It would take her at least a month to clear that level but Nian Yue actually did it within a few minutes?

“No, it’s my first time.” Nian Yue smirked.

This was indeed her first time playing this game. It was just that this game relied on logical thinking and mathematical calculations, and she just happened to be good in these two areas.

Just as Wang Zhizhi was about to ask a question, the bell rang.

Nian Yue stood up and packed her bag casually. With one hand in her pocket, she was about to leave.

“Nian Yue, school hasn’t ended yet. Where are you going?” Wang Zhizhi shouted from behind her.

“Somewhere. Apply for leave for me.” Nian Yue did not even turn around before she waved her hand and left.She had received a message from Manager Zhang asking her to go over. The appraisal that was supposed to take three days had been completed.

When Nian Yue arrived at the entrance of Gan Kun Hall, Manager Zhang had been waiting there for a long time. When he saw Nian Yue, he hurriedly went up to her and said, “Miss Nian, I’m sorry to inform you at the last minute.”

Nian Yue looked young. Although she did not wear her school uniform the last time she came, Manager Zhang had guessed that she was still in school.

Today was Monday. It was indeed not good to call someone over during class.

“Let’s go.” Nian Yue said and followed Manager Zhang into Gan Kun Hall.

There were not many people at the Gan Kun Hall today. When Nian Yue went up with Manager Zhang, only the salesperson who received her the previous time gave her a second look.

Manager Zhang kept leading the way until they reached the manager’s office. Nian Yue saw that there was already an old man waiting there.

The old man looked like he was in his sixties or seventies. His hair was white and he wore a pair of gold-framed spectacles. When he saw Nian Yue coming over, he walked up excitedly and asked, “Miss Nian, did you bring back the jade from last time?”


“Where did you get that thing, Miss Nian? Do you have more?” the elder asked again, his eyes filled with anticipation.

“Since this piece of jade is rare, there must only be one.” Nian Yue’s lips twitched.

Disappointment flashed across the old man’s face. “That’s true. It’s already extremely rare to have a stone with such good quality…”

Manager Zhang was finally able to interject and introduce the two of them, “Miss Nian, this is our founder, Mr. Yang.”

Mr. Yang, whose real name was Yang Kun, was the founder of the Gan Kun Hall. At the same time, he was also an elder in the jade industry and the president of the Jade Antiques Association.

It was almost impossible for an ordinary person to meet him. She didn’t expect to meet him at Jiang City’s Gan Kun Hall today.

“Mr. Yang.” Nian Yue smiled as she greeted Yang Kun.

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