The National Goddess Reborn

Chapter 17 - Send Him to the infirmary

Chapter 17: Send Him to the infirmary

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“That’s right.” Nian Yue leaned against the wall, her slender fingers holding the phone as she spun it around. “This place is so small, you guys can’t use it…”

The leader clearly misunderstood her words. He looked at her face with a greedy expression.

To be fair, Nian Yue was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

Furthermore, they had already received orders to look for trouble with Nian Yue. While they had not even gone to look for her, it seemed as though she had come knocking on their door.


“What’s so small about this space? Come here and let me see how small it is…” The blonde’s lewd words lingered on her body.

“Nian Yue…”

Lin Nan stood up from the ground with difficulty. “If you dare to touch her, I will not let you off!”

He thought that Nian Yue was just a young lady and was definitely no match for those hooligans! Although they were not likely to do real physical harm to her, she would definitely be taken advantage of!

“Lin Nan, save yourself first!” The blonde leader laughed arrogantly.

Since school was over, they were not worried that someone would come down the stairs.

Seeing that the hooligans were getting closer and closer to Nian Yue, Lin Nan shouted angrily, “Hurry up and leave! Nian Yue!”

As a boy, it was fine for him to suffer some superficial wounds.

But it was different for Nian Yue!

“It’s too late to leave now!” The blonde walked up to Nian Yue with ill intentions and reached out to grab her collar!

However, before he could touch Nian Yue, he heard a cracking sound. The girl had already quickly reached out and grabbed his wrist. With a forceful tug, she broke it!

Her speed was fast and ruthless. The blonde did not even have time to react before he felt his vision turn dark. His head had already been pressed to the ground by Nian Yue!

The other two boys who came with him were also stunned by the scene before them!

“Boss, are you alright…”

The two hooligans hurriedly went to pull him back but he had already been beaten black and blue, and there was blood all over the ground.

“Boss, you’re bleeding…”

“You’re bleeding…”

They were stunned. The blonde felt dizzy and felt his face burn. He reached out to touch it and saw a patch of red on his hand!

“Blood… it’s bleeding…”

The blond leader felt a burning pain on his face. His vision went dark and he almost fainted.

Flustered, the other two men hurriedly pulled him up and dragged him out. Just as they helped the blonde up from the ground, they felt a shadow envelop them. “Again?”

The hooligan who heard it felt a chill down his spine.

“No, no, no!”

Almost without thinking, the two hooligans ran as fast as they could, pulling their leader along. They knew that if they were to come again, their lives would be lost here!

“Give me your hand.” Nian Yue bent down and walked to Lin Nan, directly extending her hand.

Lin Nan did not waste any time. He grabbed her hand to pull himself up from the ground.

“Can you walk?” Nian Yue glanced at him.

Lin Nan’s injuries were not light. When the hooligans attacked him, they specifically targeted places that could not be seen, causing him to feel pain all over his body.


Before Lin Nan could finish speaking, Nian Yue had already grabbed his wrist and exerted force. Lin Nan’s face turned pale from the pain and he bit his lips tightly.

“Move your arm.” Nian Yue released him.

Lin Nan moved the arm that Nian Yue had grabbed earlier. “You fixed it?”

His arm had already been dislocated while he was arguing with those people and Nian Yue seemed to have maneuvered it into position.

“Yes.” Nian Yue nodded and sized him up with her cold eyes. “Just in case, it’s better for you to go to the infirmary.”

Those hooligans had not been easy to deal with. Lin Nan looked fine on the outside, but he could have sustained internal injuries.

“Okay.” Lin Nan stood up. “Thank you for what you did just now…”

He had thought that the transfer student was just another pretty face.

However, her actions just now clearly told him that things were not as simple as he had thought.

Lin Nan wanted to stand up to go to the infirmary himself, but after taking two steps, he realized that his feet hurt immensely, and his whole body felt like it was falling apart.

His phone had already been smashed during the argument earlier on. He couldn’t even call those brothers over even if he wanted to.

“Let’s go.” Nian Yue suddenly walked over and grabbed his arm.

“Thank you.”

Lin Nan grimaced in pain and tried his best not to exert his weight on Nian Yue.

This little girl looked like she weighed at most eighty to ninety pounds and could not withstand his physique.

“Lin Nan, this is the eighth time you’ve been here this month, right?” The doctor in the infirmary looked like a young man in his twenties. He wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses.

Lin Nan turned his face away, not responding to his teasing.

The doctor only smiled. When he saw Nian Yue, surprise flashed across his face. “Is this young lady a student from another school?”

He had been in No.1 Middle School for more than a year. There was no reason for him to have seen such a beautiful girl. and yet have no impression of her at all.

“No, she just transferred here,” Lin Nan replied.

Turning around to look at Nian Yue, he saw that she had already taken off her school uniform. With one hand in her pocket, her uniform hung loosely on her shoulders.

“I’ll get going first.” Nian Yue nodded at Lin Nan and turned to leave.

After leaving the infirmary, Nian Yue narrowed her eyes and stretched her body.

Normally, she would be able to lift Lin Nan with one hand.

But today, she had only supported him for a few minutes before she started panting.

Compared to her past self, this body was far more inferior.

It looked like she needed to come up with a new fitness plan to improve her physical fitness.


After the last game, Wang Zhizhi packed her bag and left the classroom.

Several students who were playing games with her were waiting for her at the bottom of the school building. When they saw her coming out, they surrounded her.

“Zhizhi, you were really amazing today! I take my hat off to you!”

“Did you know? You were promoted to second place in the entire server today!”

These few people often teamed up with Wang Zhizhi to play games. Although Wang Zhizhi was the leader, their standards were always just above average.

They never knew that she had actually progressed to the point of clearing all the levels!

“Of course.”

“Yes! I think you can lead us in this year’s competition!” The group of people were filled with lofty sentiments.

Wang Zhizhi was proud to receive compliments but clarified, “I was not the one doing the operation today.”


The group of people who were excited just now were confused when they heard this. “Who was that then?”

“Nian Yue,” Wang Zhizhi answered.

“Nian Yue?” Someone was puzzled. “Did you mispronounce the name? It should be Nian Yan, the eldest daughter of the Nian family. I didn’t expect her to be so good at gaming!”

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