The National Goddess Reborn

Chapter 323 (END) - Marriage

Chapter 323: Marriage

“Ganging up?” Zar Ze was not surprised to receive this call.

After all, a thorn like Nian Yue was the leader of the special forces.

It was almost impossible for her to be as obedient as other students.

“You mean Nian Yue…” Zar lengthened his tone.


“Yes, it’s her…”

“This is actually not within the assessment content of the Federal University.”

Zar explained slowly to her.

The admission rules of The Federal University were very simple. As long as you completed the entrance examination, you could enter the Federal University.

As for how you completed the entrance examination, whether you cheated, and regardless of the method you used, this was not within the consideration of the Federal University.

“Student, there are other consultation calls. I’m hanging up!”

Before Li Xiangru could say anything, Zar had already hung up!


Li Xiangru was so angry that her nose was crooked.

“Since Federal University doesn’t care about this, I’ll take care of it myself.”

Li Xiangru sneered. She did not believe that she could not deal with a powerless new student!

However, just as she hung up the phone, she watched helplessly as the bodyguards she had carefully chosen were easily beaten up by the group of people behind Nian Yue.

And those bodyguards did not have any room to resist.

The aloof girl did not seem to care about her at all. When she called, she did not even look at her.

After dealing with the group of bodyguards, Nian Yue said slowly, “Let’s go!”

The group of people left majestically.

The girl in the lead looked sloppy, but her aura could not be stopped.

Li Xiangru looked a little resentful. Who exactly was Nian Yue?

Usually, when she called Zar, he would give her some respect on account of the Li family.

Now, she was actually ignoring him?

“Miss, Old Madam called. Old Madam is acting up again!”

The butler rushed over.

“Alright, I understand!”

Li Xiangru sounded a little impatient. “How’s the potion I asked you to find last time?”

“Don’t worry, we’ve already located it,” the butler said respectfully.

“Follow the formula I gave you. Grandma’s eyes will recover in a while.”

Li Xiangru seemed to be too lazy to care about this matter.

“By the way, has Xiuyuan come to Federal University?” Li Xiangru asked as if she had thought of something.

After all, that man had a deep relationship with the International Alliance.

Federal University was also affiliated with the International Alliance.

Even though he had stopped asking about the International Alliance a long time ago, he would still take a look at the enrollment of the Federal University.

“He’s here. And this time, he even went to the Li family.”

The butler pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

The Li family?

When Li Xiangru heard this, she could not hide the smile on her lips.

He had always looked down on everything. Even when the international alliance invited him, he would not even look at them.

Now, he had actually gone to the Li Family personally for her.

“Return to the Li family!”

Li Xiangru ordered and got into the luxury car.

The car sped along the road. Li Xiangru could almost imagine how she would look when she saw that man.

It was as if she would never be interested in anything. Her phoenix eyes were extremely cold.

However, only she knew how infatuated she was with that man.

The car rushed back to the Li family as quickly as possible.

Li Xiangru had just gotten out of the car when she saw the low-key Maybach that only Fu Xiuyuan usually drove.

At the thought of this, Li Xiangru almost could not control her heartbeat as she rushed into the courtyard.

As expected, the moment she stepped in, she saw the aloof man sitting on the sofa and chatting with Old Madam Li.

“In that case, I won’t disturb Old Madam Li anymore.” Fu Xiuyuan nodded slightly and got up from the sofa, preparing to leave.

“Xiuyuan, since you finally came over, why don’t you have a meal before leaving?”

Li Xiangru asked with a smile.

In almost an instant, she had already sorted out her thoughts.

It looked no different from usual.


Fu Xiuyuan’s face was expressionless as he prepared to leave.

Seeing that he was about to leave, Li Xiangru almost instinctively wanted to follow him. Her voice was a little anxious. “Xiuyuan, your body…”

“Thank you for your concern, Miss Li. Everything is fine.”

Fu Xiuyuan’s face was expressionless from the start to the end.

Then, he left.

Li Xiangru looked at his back view in infatuation. She only retracted her gaze when the figure slowly disappeared from her sight.

“Xiangru, you should be the one who’s taking the exam, right?”

When they returned, Old Madam Li looked at the distracted Li Xiangru and asked teasingly.

“Grandma.” Li Xiangru was a little embarrassed.

“Indeed, a grown girl can’t be kept at home!” Old Madam Li’s face was filled with smiles. “When you enter the Federal University, your marriage should be on the agenda.”

“I’ll listen to Grandma’s arrangements.”

Li Xiangru’s face was filled with shyness.

Fu Xiuyuan had supported the Li family from the Imperial Capital to where they were today.

And marriage had been on the cards between the Li family and the Fu family.

“By the way, the servant told me today that your mother is showing signs of waking up. Remember to go and take a look.”

Old Madam Li instructed worriedly.

“Don’t worry, Grandma,” Li Xiangru comforted her.

Li Xiangru only got up and went to the backyard after feeding Old Madam Li the medicine.

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