The National Goddess Reborn

Chapter 7 - What Gave You the Courage to Enter No.1 Middle School?

Chapter 7: What Gave You the Courage to Enter No.1 Middle School?

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Nian Yue only briefly thought about this in her mind. She did not care much about the rest.

On the contrary, Nian Yan wore a turtleneck when she went downstairs the next day.

It was still summer now, and it was already extremely warm to wear short-sleeved dresses. For Nian Yan to dress this way, it went without saying that there was something fishy.

Wang Meihua looked at Nian Yue, who was eating with her head lowered. She had an expressionless gaze and her every move made her seem as if she had walked out of a painting.


It was a far cry from the country bumpkin who was so meek and did not even dare to speak when she first came to the Nian Family.

“Yan Yan, what happened to your neck?” Nian Chaoyu looked at her a few more times and asked with concern.

“Yesterday… there was a mosquito and I accidentally got bitten and infected…” Nian Yan laughed dryly. Naturally, she did not dare to tell Nian Chaoyu the truth.

Wang Meihua did not believe her. “Yan Yan, did you get bullied…”

“Of course not.” Nian Yan forced a smile. “Who would bully me in the Nian Family…”

Although she said that, Nian Yan’s reddened eyes and careful attitude made Wang Meihua even more certain of what she was suspecting.

“Is it related to your sister…” Wang Meihua asked tentatively.

“Auntie, do you think I was the one who asked the mosquitoes to bite Nian Yan?” Nian Yue put down her cutlery and asked slowly.

“Alright.” Nian Chaoyu said impatiently, “Yan Yan will bring Yue Yue to class today.”

“I can’t.” Nian Yan shook her head hurriedly. She looked like she wanted to say something but did not dare to say it. “The school’s admission requirements are very strict. I’m afraid that Yue Yue…”

She did not finish her sentence, but everyone present knew it clearly in their hearts.

Jiang City No.1 Middle School was the best private high school in Jiang City. Every year, the students they groomed were guaranteed to be sent to Imperial Capital University. They made up almost half of the students from Imperial University!

Therefore, although it was a private high school, its teaching resources and education quality were not inferior to other places.

Those who could enter Jiang City No.1 Middle School would definitely be ranked among the top in the entire Jiang City.

Nian Yue only scored a little over 200 points in the middle school examination every month. Even if Nian Chaoyu donated a few teaching buildings to No.1 Middle School, she might not be able to enter the school based on her grades.

“I’ve already spoken to your principal.” Nian Chaoyu put down his bowl and chopsticks. “Her middle school examination results are average and she was delayed for two years in the countryside. She can enter the normal class.”

He didn’t have any hard requests. As long as Nian Yue was obedient and took the college entrance examination at Jiang City No.1 Middle School, he could ignore everything else.

“No need.”

Nian Yue put down her bowl and chopsticks. “I’m done eating.”

Before they could react, she had already gone upstairs.

Before long, she came down with her backpack.

Nian Chaoyu was infuriated by her actions and thought that she was just throwing a tantrum. “Go and look for the principal when you reach school. He will arrange for you to enter the normal class.”

Nian Yue did not even turn around as she left the house.

The chauffeur had been waiting at the entrance for a long time. He thought that it was Nian Yan who had come out. When he saw Nian Yue, the chauffeur’s face was filled with disappointment. Then, he turned his head to the side and pretended not to see her.

Nian Yue had a meek personality and usually took public transport when she went out. She did not know that the Nian family had a chauffeur to pick her up.

As a result, these drivers took it for granted that they only needed to send Nian Yan to school.

Nian Yue turned a blind eye to the driver and walked to the bus stop with her backpack in one hand.

She was wearing a simple white shirt and black pants today. Two buttons of the buttons on her shirt were undone, revealing her fair collarbone.

Her sleeves were rolled up casually, revealing her fair and slender wrist.

Her wrist was very thin, so thin that it looked like it could be broken with a casual twist.

The aloof girl stood at the bus stop sign. Sunlight shone on her body, giving her jade-like face a golden glow.

This was a wealthy district. A rich second-generation heir drove past in his sports car. When he saw Nian Yue standing at the bus stop, he whistled!

The boy in the driver’s seat was still reminiscing. “That girl was so beautiful just now! Her waist was so slim!”

The boy sitting in the front passenger seat didn’t even raise his head when he heard that. He was typing on his computer.

“Hey, don’t doubt me!”

It was only when they had driven far away that the boy sighed. “She’s really prettier than the school belle Nian Yan.”

Upon hearing Nian Yan’s name, the boy raised his head and replied unhurriedly, “Don’t mention her.”

His voice was filled with disdain and coldness.

“Fine, fine, fine! I won’t mention it…”

Everyone knew that Chen Yiran, one of the most popular men in Jiang City, had an indescribable relationship with Nian Yan. In his eyes, Nian Yan was like a white moon in the sky. He could only look at her but not touch her.

Yin Wenhao smacked his lips in pity. That lady earlier was much more beautiful than Nian Yan.

When Nian Yue arrived, there were still ten minutes before class started.

The students at the entrance were all rushing into the school. Someone suddenly stopped. “Who’s that person in the white shirt! When did our school have such a beautiful female student!”

The other students also stopped. When they saw the girl in white and black pants, the crowd became completely restless.

“I don’t know! Could she be a new transfer student?”

“I heard that the new transfer student is a country bumpkin from the countryside. She probably can’t even find the way. How can she be so good-looking…”

The crowd was bustling. Nian Yue ignored everything in front of her and went straight to the principal’s office.

Hearing the knock on the door, Principal Wang looked up from a stack of documents. “Please come in.”

The girl pushed open the door and entered. Principal Wang pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and saw a girl in white and black pants. “Are you Nian Yue?”

“Yes.” Nian Yue nodded.

Principal Wang sized her up. The young girl had a dispassionate expression and her hair was tied into a bun. Her eyes were cold and she did not look like a country bumpkin at all.

However, Principal Wang was experienced and knew that he could not judge a book by its cover.

“Your father has already told me about your situation. Considering your results, we have decided to let you enter the normal class. A teacher will bring you over later,” Principal Wang explained to her.

Nian Yue’s results were too bad. With just a little over 200 points in the middle school examination, she did not even have the qualifications to enter No.1 Middle School.

“No need. I’m going to Class A,” Nian Yue said calmly.

Just then, a teacher pushed open the door and entered. When he heard Nian Yue’s words, he laughed on the spot. “You’re the new transfer student, right? I heard that you’ve just made the passing grade for your middle school examination, and your grades in Year One and Year Two are even worse. What gave you the courage to enter Class A?”

The person who said this was a male teacher in business attire. He looked to be in his thirties.

He was the form teacher of the normal class. When Principal Wang told him that he wanted to place a transfer student to his class, he was extremely unhappy.

Especially since this transfer student was transferred from a poor county and scored badly in the middle school examination!

If such a student entered his class, it would only lower the average score!

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