The national prince charming took first place again

Chapter 1520 - Chapter 1520: So the prince charming is the grand finale of the goddess

Chapter 1520: Chapter 1520: So the prince charming is the grand finale of the goddess


She watched his hand getting closer and closer, feeling a little nervous, but he stopped at the place that was almost touching her face. “Yanyan, I’ve finally found you… ”

Feng Yan was very unhappy. Up until the end of the movie, the shadow of Bei Yetang still lingered in her mind. That man was a lunatic.

“Why are you following me? ! ” She was about to board the plane and return to her country, but he followed her and sat right next to her.

“Don’t you intend to take responsibility for me, Yanyan? ”

“Take responsibility for your head, it’s the first time! No one will be at a disadvantage. ”

“But, Yanyan, you’re the one who overpowered me. ”

“with your ability, how can I overpower you? ! ”

“But, it’s because of Yanyan’s charm, so I let you pick me, so it’s also your responsibility. ”

“Bei Yetang, do you still have any face? ! ” Feng Yan pinched his neck, and then the group of flight attendants stared at her, as if she had done something unpardonable.

She let go of him. There was really nothing she could do about him.

Bei Yetang smiled faintly and said nothing. When the two of them returned to Haiyun province, it was already dark. Feng Yan had already arranged a car, but he forcefully dragged her into the car.

Fortunately, the place they went to was still her home, but his home lived next door.

When Feng Yan returned home, she did not care about the world at all.

Because she was very tired and only wanted to sleep.

However, the Internet exploded. After Feng Yao became a political official, her identity was exposed.

Everyone was shocked. Her prince charming turned into a goddess!

After Feng Yan woke up, she found that her phone was turned off.

She yawned and was a little sleepy. As soon as she walked out, she saw a busy person in the kitchen.

As if she was used to it, she yawned and sat on the SOFA.

Ring Ring Ring Ring

When she heard the knock on the door, she stood up in a daze and went to open the door.

When she opened the door and saw someone, she quickly closed the door and rushed into the kitchen.

“Let’s go, let’s go! ” She tugged at Bei Yetang and said anxiously, “let’s go quickly. ”

Bei Yetang was still wearing an apron. When he heard her words, he was a little confused. “I’m not done yet… ”

“What are you doing? My brother is here! ”

“Oh, I’m going to welcome them. ” Bei Yetang nodded and walked towards the door.

“welcome them for what? Let’s go quickly! ”


However, when the two of them were pulling at each other, the door was opened.

Two men stood at the door.

“It’s over… ” Feng Yan almost exploded. It’s over, it’s over.

However, the two of them were very calm. They looked at Bei Yetang as if nothing had happened.

“This dish tastes pretty good. ”

“I think so too. ”

The two of them walked into the kitchen and held bowls of rice in their hands.

“…”was this a fantasy world?

Feng Yan looked at his two older brothers’calm expressions and was a little dumbfounded. It was as if they knew what was going on?

“You’re not eating? ”

“Let’s eat. ” Feng Yao raised his eyebrows and looked at the dumbfounded Feng Yan.

“Okay… ” Feng Yan sat down quietly.

Then, the two brothers really came to eat. After eating, they left.

Feng Yan had always been weak. When she saw that they really left and nothing happened, she really wanted to ask if they were her biological brothers? ! !

Shouldn’t she beat up Bei Yetang? ! !

After they left, Feng Yan looked at Bei Yetang threateningly. “What’s going on with you? ! Did you say something to my brothers? ”

“Okay, we’ve already discussed it. ”

“discussed what? ”

“marry you to me. ”

“… are you kidding me? !”

“My dad agreed to it too? ! ”

“He agreed. ”

“You weren’t beaten up? ”

“I was beaten up, so I went to look for you a month later because I was lying in bed. ”


“Then, does Yanyan agree? ”

“No! ”

“Oh. It doesn’t matter. Anyway, you already have my baby here. ” The corners of his mouth curled up as he pointed at her stomach.

Feng Yan:”…”that night? ! !

“Bei Yetang, I’m going to strangle you to death! ! ”

“Do you want your child to have no father? ”

“GET LOST! ! ”

“It’s fine if Yanyan doesn’t like me. After all, there’s still a long way to go. ”

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