The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro!

Chapter 2 - Mix.Fi!!

Chapter 2: Mix.Fi!!

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Just how skillful was Fi-god?

Let’s not talk about others. Solely judging by his performance in Heroes, he had an achievement of a marksman 1 with an accuracy as high as 98% and a win rate of 70%, living up to his title of the ‘local top ADC.’

Before Ji Zhiyao got to know Heroes and became a gaming broadcaster, Fi-god was already dominating the battleground, and he was known as an existence resembling that of a historical legend.

Now that the pro was right before him, it was impossible to deny that his hands were not itching.

Other than Ji Zhiyao, the ten thousand viewers currently in the streaming room were equally shocked.

[??? Am I suffering from intermittent blindness from not being properly awake?]

[What, Fi-god? Fi-god! I’m going to put up many posts on Weibo to get all the onlookers to come watch the show!]

[I rubbed till my eyes were red, but the ID of the opponent team’s ADC still hasn’t changed! This is basically the historical legend himself…]

[What kind of luck does MelonRind have…]

Ji Zhiyao happened to glimpse at the crowded comments section, and as he read the last one, he could not help but snort lightly. “Probably the kind of luck where you can strike around 5 million yuan from randomly buying a lottery ticket. Anyway, you don’t have it, so don’t be too envious.”

There were always some people who called themselves his diehard fans, spamming the name of a certain ADC in the comments section of his Weibo, and he had been unhappy for a long time.

He took advantage of the fact that he was a jungler 2 who did not have the know-how of an ADC.

A 3v3 match was about to begin. Ji Zhiyao looked at the line-up of his team: a mage, a tank, and himself, an assassin jungler. Then, looking at the opponent’s team consisting of two mages and an ADC, he felt that they were too full of themselves. Hence, he typed in the open chat:

[HasMelonRindBeenGayToday: Fi-god look at me, what are you afraid of?]

He had meant to tease him a little but did not expect that the ADC, who was known to be aloof, whether he had taken the wrong medicine or was in so good a mood, replied.

[Mix.Fi: ?]

Even though it was only a question mark, it was way better compared to when Fi-god had never replied to anyone in a game. Ji Zhiyao was slightly overwhelmed by this honor, and it was directly expressed in the open chat. He was so proud.

[HasMelonRindBeenGayToday: Young one, let me change your perception towards gaming!]

His other two teammates were speechless: […]

The other two opponents were also speechless: […]

More than ten thousand viewers in the streaming room were speechless as well: […]

There was no need for any reminders. Ji Zhiyao also felt that what he just said was a little inappropriate. Just as he was about to explain after unwittingly exposing his cockiness, he realized that another message had popped up in the open chat that had suddenly quieted down.

[Mix.Fi: Do you have eighth-grade syndrome 3

… What is there to explain now.

Frontal gank.

He was not afraid at all.

Ji Zhiyao’s fingers were flying across the keyboard, and on the screen, the assassin in white drew out strokes of silver light.

With his hand-eye coordination, he kept an eye on the map in the upper right corner to take note of the enemies’ movements while jungling. He first went for the right jungle camps and then cleared the left jungle with only one creep left. Ji Zhiyao suddenly hid in the bushes and moved to ransack the opponent’s jungle.

For a gank with Fi-god, he even used dirty tricks.

Just as Ji Zhiyao hid near the opponent’s red buff 4 , the marksman bearing Almighty Fi’s username arrived, bringing a set of attacks that fluently fell on the red buff.

At that moment, the assassin in white carrying two blades glided out.

A direct stun. Ji Zhiyao’s lips were pursed tightly, his nimble fingers working on the keyboard, and a streak of brutality flashed across his eyes.

The time was now.

Half the amount of time of the stun had just past. Technically, Fi-god’s skills should not be back to normal yet. Ji Zhiyao looked at the stilled marksman, somehow feeling that something was not right and moved his assassin back.

Then, Fi-god moved.

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