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Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Untitled

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Ji Qingge looked back abruptly, she first froze for a moment, then pounced on him with a shout. She was a bit too strong, Ji Zhiyao almost did not stand still and continuously retreated. “What the f*ck, what have you been eating, how did you become so fat?”

“Don’t bullsh*t, it’s obviously you who have lost so much weight that you’ve gone weak. Why, did no one feed you while you were training in Korea?”

At the mention of this Ji Zhiyao became depressed. In the last two months, his meals were exceedingly terrible, A.K deprived him of even his request to cook with the reason of “wasting time”, resulting in him having soybean paste stew and kimchi the whole time, together with high intensity training… It would be weird if he had not lost weight.

Ji Qingge let go of Ji Zhiyao, her eyes darted around as she asked, “Fi-god didn’t accompany you back here?”

Ji Zhiyao coughed. “He needs to train too, why would he follow me?”

“Ohh…” Ji Qingge dragged out the sound. “Never mind, I shall not talk to you any longer, I still have many questions undone, I’ll go do them.”

Ji Zhiyao nodded. “Go on, I’ll make you something good for lunch.”

After watching Ji Qingge work on her questions for some time, Ji Zhiyao left her room and went downstairs to bring his belongings up.

As his room hadn’t been lived in for a long time, some spots had become dusty, Ji Zhiyao cleaned them with a tissue. When everything was tidied up, he dropped onto his butt and found his phone to send Mo Huaifeng a text.

[MelonRind: I’m home, just finished tidying up, dead tired.]

[DB.MHF: I’ve arrived too.]

[DB.MHF: Rest well, I have to go for a meeting.]

[MelonRind: Alright.]

Guessing that Mo Huaifeng was having a meeting with the stats analyzer and coach again to discuss their training scheme again, Ji Zhiyao threw his phone aside and laid down staring at the ceiling.

“Have you seen Captain’s Weibo?”

“Brother, there is really nothing to complain about how Captain treats you.”

Suddenly recalling these two comments from Nuo, Ji Zhiyao abrupt sat up. Walked to his desk, turned on his computer and logged onto his Weibo private account.

Then searched “Mix.Fi”.

Once he pressed on the enter key, similar looking marketing accounts appeared below, even the individual users were those trying to use his name for popularity, not one of them was Mo Huaifeng’s account.

Ji Zhiyao did not buy it and did the search again, the outcome was still nothing.

Hence he could only go through the posts of the marketing accounts.

[eSportsFreshWeekly: Today evening, eSports scene’s idol Fi-god who had been completely silent ever since publicly coming spoke up for the first time, saying, “Don’t try to pry into my life, with him, we will wait for all of you at the international league”, suspected to have been bothered by others poking about. After publishing this post, Fi-god deactivated his account, and did not bid his fans and friends farewell either. With regards to such an idol, what thoughts do you guys have, will you continue to like him?]

Ji Zhiyao finished reading dazedly, then covered his eyes with his fingers.

After some time, light chuckles sounded from his curved lips.

Hence five minutes later.

[IndefiniteFutureV: Thankful for everyone’s company. I’m going. Let’s meet at the international league.]

A week later.

Ji Zhiyao carried his luggage and appeared in the airport once again.

When he removed his cap and mask when going through the security check, he clearly heard whispers from several girls around.

Yet Ji Zhiyao’s countenance remained unchanged, completely pretending as if he hadn’t heard anything.

After passing the security check, he unhurriedly put on his cap and mask again, then dragged his suitcase and went to the VIP lounge for a short rest.

Following that was boarding the plane, a few hours of flying and then getting off the plane.

Before he set off, Mo Huaifeng had sent him a text, saying that he would be waiting for him outside the airport. It took almost no effort for Ji Zhiyao to spot Mo Huaifeng who was standing in front of the convenience store.

Mo Huaifeng naturally took the luggage in his hand. “Was it a smooth journey?”

Ji Zhiyao knew that he was asking if he had been recognized and troubled back home, smiling as he shook his head, he said, “It was, I’m so smart, doesn’t everything that I do go smoothly? Except for Ji Qingge, the closer to her exams, the pickier she became, I almost went bald thinking of what to feed her every day.”

Mo Huaifeng’s lips curved up involuntarily.

Ji Zhiyao continued to rattle on, “By the way, she even said she wanted to come watch the international league. Captain, can you get a ticket for your sister-in-law?”

“You have yet to go through the qualifiers and you’ve promised her a ticket? I think you’re getting too arrogant.”

“It’s having confidence in you alright? With our Captain around, won’t we dominate the qualifiers.”

Mo Huaifeng smiled again, but did not keep up the conversation.

They walked a few hundred meters out, Mo Huaifeng pointed to a cab that was parked not too far away. “It’s that one, get in.”

Ji Zhiyao agreed with an “okay” and pulled open the car door to get in.

Mo Huaifeng loaded his luggage and got in too.

Although it had only been a week of not seeing his teammates, together with the previous two months, Ji Zhiyao only felt as if a lifetime had passed and was filled with the feeling of wanting to see them immediately.

Hence when they arrived at their destination, he instantly leaped out like a monkey, after unloading his luggage called out eagerly to his Captain, “Captain hurry up, why has your execution ability declined so much in the few days I didn’t see you, are you about to enter the phase of old age?”

Fi-god wanted to hit someone after hearing that.

As they were only staying for a month, the club booked the entire level of a five-star hotel that was adjacent to Japan’s most famous eSports hub, the living conditions were superb. As they were taking the elevator, Ji Zhiyao continuously mused, “Our club somewhat has an air of recklessness, if we go on like this, we might go bankrupt before the international league ends.”

“Are you very happy for the club to go bankrupt?”

Ji Zhiyao thought to himself, if the cruel club that had been f*cking oppressing him for a consecutive four to five months went bankrupt it would definitely call for a celebration. Yet the moment he met Mo Huaifeng’s dangerous look, he instantly cowered. “Look at how sorrowful my expression is, I was just expressing my regret.”


“But for real, it suddenly came to me, our club really doesn’t have much money now right?”

After all as an eSports club, when the qualification to the international league has been stripped by the China eSports Association, the previous investors definitely would’ve stopped investing money into the club.

Mo Huaifeng frowned, not knowing how Ji Zhiyao’s thoughts managed to link to this point that he suddenly thought of this question… Yet what Ji Zhiyao said was indeed the truth. Mo Huaifeng glanced at his expression that faintly revealed some worry, but did not want to let him blame himself. He could only reply with a fierce tone, “This is the club’s privacy, I’m not telling you.”

“If it’s inconvenient for you to say it, let me change my way of asking. May I ask my Captain, can the club still afford the salary and year-end bonus of all the Mix members?”

“You f*cking…”


Mo Huaifeng’s face turned blue then dark. “Yes.”

Ji Zhiyao instantly relaxed. “Oh man why didn’t you say so earlier, made me waste so much emotion.”

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