The Overbearing Chief Husband's Favorite: Baby

Chapter 395

Chapter 395: Abducting Shi Shaoye

It wasn't convenient to call for a cab outside the villa, the while that she spent outside took more than two hours.

She bought a fine long scarf, which can be used in the near future.

It was her first time buying a birthday gift for Luo Yibei. It was nothing much, but she felt satisfied.

It was already some time after eleven when she got back with her present, but the house was still quiet.

Obviously, Luo Yibei has not returned.

Fang Chixia opened the door and walked into the dimly lit living room. Scanning the still quiet room, her brows furrowed.

The candles were all burnt out on the table, and the dinner she has arranged well were now cold.

Luo Yibei grew up in a different environment compared to her. She is an orphan and she has been living alone. However, Luo Yibei has so many family members and many friends. It was quite normal to spend time with family and friends on this occasion tonight.

When she was preparing dinner, she had a bit of expectation.

Fang Chixia dispelled the gloomy thought. Instead, she took a seat on the table, but the emptiness was glaring.

The food has been served a long time ago, so they were all cold now.

Fang Chixia tasted each casually, filled her belly, and packed up everything on the table, and stored them in fridge.

It was half past eleven when everything was sorted out.

She has taken a tour out just a while ago, so she was completely sober.

“Tuantuan, come here!” She called her cat to play with, without heading to the bedroom right away.


In the Su's mansion, the birthday party was now at its peak.

Su Ran has set up a lot tonight, invited a lot of Luo Yibei’s family and friends, and even prepared a lot of fireworks for the celebration.

Ever since Luo Yibei arrived, the fireworks above their heads never ceased.

He really wasn't fond of such a noisy environment, but said nothing.

Su Ran chatted around with people from the Luo family and his friends all evening.

Not only Tong Yan, but even Jin Yang and Qing Muchen weren't at all familiar with her.

To be invited by a stranger was quite a fallacious.

Sitting on a high chair, Tong Yan watched Su Ran, who was standing with Shi Jinyang and Qing Muchen, with a hint of ridicule in her eyes.

She has invited several families, but it was for the idea of joining Luo Yibei's circle of friends, right?

Tong Yan is the typical person who would turn her elbows to outsiders. Coupled with her good relationship with Fang Chixia, even if Su Ran does nothing, Tong Yan would still be hostile to her.

Seeing her chatting with Shi Jinyang, she put her wine glass aside, walked towards them with her thin high heels, and curled her hand on Shi Jinyang’s arm. Regardless of the prying eyes of the crowd around them, she lifted her small face and smiled solicitously, “Jinyang, didn’t you say you'd stay with me?”

Shi Jinyang eyes narrowed into a squint, as if looking at a monster.

Tong Yan brushed off his disbelief, gripped his arm, and dragged him halfway to the corner.

“What is YanYan scheming tonight?” Shi Luo watched the unfolding drama with a raised eyebrow and a mischievous glint in his eyes, “Abducting my brother?”

"It's your brother who is cheaply taking advantage of her." Qing Muchen next to him refuted impassively.

Shi Luo: "…"

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