The Overbearing Chief Husband's Favorite: Baby

Chapter 432

In fact, Fang Chixia and Su Ran had never had head-on conflicts, but Fang Chixia just had no feelings for her.

How many women would have a favorable impression on their husbands’ childhood sweethearts?

Fang Chixia believes that Su Ran did the same for her.

Hearing that, her face froze.

Luo Yibei stood still to observe her face and stared at her for a while before indifferently replying to the assistant who had just spoke out, “I know.”

With a turn of his body, he pushed open the door of the room and stepped inside.

Su Ran got there at nine o’clock in the morning, in time with Rongxi's opening hours.

She had brought a lot of documents over when she came, and originally wanted Luo Yibei to take time to help her with the Su Family Company, but she didn’t expect Luo Yibei to come so late today.

Su Ran waited downstairs for a while, but with no one still in sight, she went upstairs for a walk casually.

Upstairs was the office floor where the power management of Rongxi is more concentrated. The offices of the Luo Xichen couple, Luo Enqi, and Luo Rongci were all upstairs.

Su Ran was unaware that Luo Xichen and his wife had gone abroad. In fact, she had come to look for Sha Zhixing. Unexpectedly, as soon as she stepped upstairs, she collided head-on with Luo Enqi.

It had been several days since Su Ran had returned, but this was the first time she had seen Luo Enqi.

Even the first two times of dinner with the Luo family, Luo Enqi was not present.

Now colliding head-on, both froze for a moment.

Seeing her walking around unaccompanied by any Rongxi staff, Luo Enqi was obviously surprised.

Su Ran seemed a bit afraid of him, and at first, she was uncomfortable at the sight of him, but she quickly regained her composure.

“Grandpa!” Politely greeting him, Su Ran walked up a few steps and intimately took her wrist, "Grandpa, have you been busy lately? I've been to Rongxi several times but missed seeing you. I originally said I was going to come over specifically to pay a visit, but Yibei was always unable to spare the time, so the matter had been dragged on. I really shouldn't have delayed."

"Hmm." Luo Enqi hummed faintly, neither welcoming nor cold.

With a “hmm”, she didn’t know whether he responded to the previous sentence or the latter sentence she said she shouldn’t.

Su Ran froze in embarrassment.

“Since you’re here, go in and take a seat!” Luo Enqi turned around and walked in front to lead her to his office.

The Luo family and the Su family are friends, and Luo Enqi's relationship with Grandpa Su is ironclad.

However, his attitude towards Su Ran didn’t seem to be so warm, not overly intimate or aloof.

Su Ran has always wondered why at first, and then decided that it's because his personality has always been like this.

Wasn’t he not so loving towards Luo Yibei, his own grandson?

Su Ran went to Luo Enqi’s office and sat with him for a long time, trying to curry favor, but Luo Enqi’s face was always the same, and didn’t change a bit.

In the office downstairs, people gradually started walking out.

Fang Chixia had brought two lunches today, hers and Luo Yibei’s.

Walking into Luo Yibei’s office with their lunch, she looked for a table that had just been set up, and Luo Yibei walked over reservedly.

He was a little flattered today. Surprisingly, she prepared his share without him reminding her.

Luo Yibei even wondered if it was because he said he prefers what she makes.

With a smirk, he was about to dine when the voice of Luo Enqi at the door suddenly broke in –

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