The Overbearing Chief Husband's Favorite: Baby

Chapter 468 - I’ll be waiting for you.

Chapter 468 - I’ll be waiting for you.

He was rough and Fang Chixia was directly dumped, causing the clothes she had just changed into to get wet.

Fang Chixia looked at her wet body, annoyed at his behavior.

Luo Yibei didn’t reflect on it however. He stripped himself off and tossed his clothes somewhere, then got into the bathtub with his long legs. He splashed water all over the floor, a big thorn sitting behind her.

“I’ll only be back for a day or two this time.” Lifting a small strand of hair at the back of her neck, he leaned over and kissed her neck, His arms circled her solidly, and then said again at a leisurely pace, “So, shall we make good use of the time?”

Fang Chixia was speechless.

His so-called use was in this respect?

Luo Yibei didn’t care about her, as his hands raked and began to undress her.

“Come after you’ve finished your shower. I’ll wait for you outside!” Fang Chixia had a shadow in the bathroom. Every time he started, she didn’t know how to describe it, but her back would soon be sore.

Pushing him away, she dragged her soaking body out of the tub and stepped out.

Luo Yibei reacted to what she just said.

Wait for him outside?

Wait for him for that?

Luo Yibei looked at her with good grace, the tip of his eyebrow quirked nicely.

“I’m out of here.” Fang Chixia pushed the door and walked out.

Finding a clean set of clothes for herself to change into, she didn’t sleep immediately but helped Luo Yibei tidy up his clothes.

He came back without anything this time, so he was just himself.

Fang Chixia organized the coat he was wearing when he came back. She picked it up from the sofa and wanted to hang it, but something unexpectedly fell out of his pocket when she lifted it.

A very delicate box, a jewelry box, with a black base, and beautifully set with a golden bow.

Fang Chixia stared at it without moving, and turned her gaze back to the bathroom.

A gift?

The sound of water in the bathroom continued, and it seemed that Luo Yibei wouldn’t be coming out so soon.

Fang Chixia cautiously opened the box and took a look.

It was a very lovely anklet, light and elegant. The two heart pendants were delicate and small. The chain was also set with a few diamonds, glittering in the light, especially beautiful.

Fang Chixia took the chain out and placed it on her palm. She stared at it for a while, then put it back without moving a muscle.

When Luo Yibei came out a few minutes later, his coat was already hanging neatly, as if it hadn’t been touched.

He still remembered what Fang Chixia had just promised, so when he came out and saw her in front of the sofa, he crossed the distance and carried her to the bedside, then pinned her down onto the bed.

Fang Chixia’s mind was still circling around the anklet. Their thoughts were entirely different, not at all in sync.

“Don’t you have anything to tell me?” Arms braced between him and herself, she didn’t quite cooperate.

“What?” Luo Yibei reflexively thought about their misunderstanding. But on second thought, hadn’t that all been made clear? Was there anything left unsaid?

“Nothing?” Fang Chixia was a little disappointed.

“None, let’s get down to business first.” Luo Yibei leaned over and kissed her on the forehead and continued to strip the clothes off her.

“You came from afar, didn’t you prepare a gift for me?” Fang Chixia demanded frankly.

However, Luo Yibei’s mind was already in a different direction.

“No.” Without even thinking about it, he denied.

The expression on Fang Chixia’s face froze.


The chain…wasn’t for her?

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