The Overlord of Blood and Iron

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 . Monster Subjugation (2)

The troops started talking amongst each other immediately upon hearing the report .

"20 Orcs!"

"We are short in number!"

"20 of them…"

It was a natural response .

It would have been a different story if Orcs were weak monsters, like they were in games or fantasy novels, but in Pangaea, Orcs were strong enough to take on at least four or five adult males .

And there were 20 of them . 50 soldiers were not enough to fight them .

"Quiet, quiet!"

The Commander James also seemed to be taken aback, but he tried to maintain his composure as a commander and worked to calm his troops .

And he carefully addressed Kang Chul-In .

"My Lord, there are too many Orcs . I think we should retreat and bring more troops…"

"No . "

Kang Chul-In cut James off firmly .

"Are you telling me to turn my back because of a group of Orcs?"

"But… but, my Lord… with our numbers…"

"I know . "

Kang Chul-In said .

"It would be a stretch . No, it seems like a stretch . Logically, to take those Orcs, you would need at least a hundred soldiers . "

"Yes, my Lord . For your safety, as well…"

"But that is something an incompetent leader does . "


"As a commander, your judgement is right . In order to fight those Orcs, you would need to prepare for complete annihilation . A competent commander knows also when to retreat . However!"

Never, Kang Chul-In had no intention of backing down .

"We can win . There is plenty of prospect for success . If you can follow my lead, then we can take all those Orcs without one casualty . :


"I will show you . "

In that moment, with Kang Chul-In at the center, an intangible aura covered James and the troops .

'This is enough to take the Orcs . '

The aura that Kang Chul-In created was the skill that all Conquest Sovereigns had: the 'Morale Stimulator' . Although he was only Level 1 so the skill only lasted for 10 minutes, but against the Orcs, this was enough .

"Everyone listen!"

Kang Chul-In roared .

"Those monsters over there are trying to take our people and our assets!"

The troops shivered at his charismatic, loud voice .

"I know you are afraid . However, if we retreat here, now, all those people will die . We will also lose all of our farmland and animals . And therefore, I, Kang Chul-In will not back down . I will kill those Orcs and I will protect our people and our assets!"

In the mind of the troops, the thoughts of retreat disappeared completely in the soldiers' minds . The saying 'Lead by Example' was there for a reason .

"Let's go! Let's defeat those Orcs together!"

Kang Chul-In decided to add an incentive around this point .

"I will reward the soldier who shows exceptionality in killing these Orcs!"

And the soldiers upon hearing this became restless .

"If you follow my orders, I promise that no life will be sacrificed! Trust me! Trust in me, and do not doubt our victory!"

And with these words, the faces of the soldiers began to fill with decisiveness .

It was as expected .

They were originally extremely disciplined and eager, but with Kang Chul-In's 'morale stimulator', promise of a reward, and assurance of a victory—all were extremely effective . He had exaggerated, but human history was written on exaggeration .

"I will lead the way!"

Kang Chul-In drew his Blood Sword and roared .

"All troops! Attack!"

And with those words, the white horse that Kang Chul-In was on started running full speed . Laputa's Royal Guards, high in morale, followed behind fiercely .

"Oh, my back is going to break like this . Oh… my back…"

Rustler, a farmer who was taking a break from the farming to soothe his aching back furrowed his brow when he saw a dust storm forming from far away .

"What is that?"

Rustler squinted .

With all the dust, it probably was the dust storm that would start around this time . When the storm came, he would cough for a while with the dust covering him, so he was going to leave the work for later and rest in his hut .

"Huh? That…that!"

Rustler, who had been looking at the dust storm for a while, stuttered in surprise .

No, he wasn't surprised, but horrified .


Despair filled Rustler's face .

It was understandable .

If it was a goblin or other small monster, he would try to protect himself with his farming machines, but Orcs were a different story . One Orc meant destruction amongst the farmers, but they were coming in a group .


The farmers hard at work, raised their heads with Rustler's scream .

"Orcs! A group of Orcs are coming! Everyone run!"

And with those words, chaos and fear spread throughout the farmers of Laputa .



"You need to run! Fast!"

"Orcs are coming!"

For the farmers who had no power, Orcs were destruction itself .

The moment they were cornered, they would be hit with blunt weapons or axes, and eaten alive . They would die either way . They must run if they wanted to live .

"Run… Lana, Lana!"

Rustler, who was going to run for his life remembered his only daughter and began to look around frantically .

"Lana! Lana!"

Lana was Rustler's only child, and she had brought afternoon lunch with a couple of other women from the village .


Upon hearing his daughters voice from far away, Rustler's fear of the Orc disappeared and began running back towards where he had heard her voice .


When Rustler found Lana, she was on the ground with a sprained ankle .

"Quickly, get on my back!"

Rustler quickly carried Lana on his back . Lana, who had sprained her ankle could not run from the Orcs .


While, the group of Orcs had almost reached the farmland .

Rustler ran .

He ran with every ounce of strength he had .

Or he was going to die .

And not only him, but his lovely daughter would also be eaten by the vile Orcs . And if not that, she would be a sex slave for the Orcs, birth a cursed Half-Orc, and be eaten .


Labored breathing left Rustler's mouth .

However… .

A common farmer could not surpass the speed of a monster . Orcs, who had much better muscle build and stamina than humans had unimaginable speed . Rustler had no other option than to be caught by the Orcs .


The Orcs, with prey in front of their eyes, cried with excitement .

"NO, no you animals!"

Rustler ran and ran, trying to save at least his daughter, but finally fell on the ground along with his daughter .


Rustler yelled as he rolled on the farmland .


Lana also had fell hard .


Rustler yelled his daughter's name from the ground .


Lana, in front of her father, was about to have her head smashed in with the Orc's metal bat . It was the same for Rustler as well, but he looked only towards his daughter without worrying about himself .

Squelch squelch!

The excited orc breathed roughly as he brought the metal bat above his head .

'Oh, Lana, my daughter…!'

Rustler foresaw the event that was to happen, and closed his eyes tightly .

No, he tried to close his eyes .

He could not see his daughter's bloody end, and so he was going to close his eyes, curse these monsters, and end his life… but the unfortunate end that he had predicted did not occur .


Rustler opened his eyes wide at the change of fate that had happened suddenly .

"Ah… Ah!"

A knight on a white horse suddenly appeared and was taking off the head of the Orc .

The Orc's neck was gushing with red blood that soaked the ground underneath . It was a beautiful performance .


The white horse whined loudly and kicked its front legs .

"Arise, dear child . "

The knight who had rescued Lana told him .

"Your daughter will not die, and you also shall live, for your Sovereign has come . "

And that day, Rustler realized that his sun had risen high above the sky .

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