The Overlord of Blood and Iron

Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Chapter 19 . Show them what you have got


As Timothy was at a loss for words, Lucia who had been quiet until then stepped forward and called towards Kang Chul-In .

“That Goblin, as the advisor for the enemy Sovereign has volunteered himself as a diplomat and visited this land, but in actuality has tried to undermine you and fool you . I believe that he needs to receive adequate punishment for this?”

Lucia’s opinion was fair .

Timothy up until a couple of seconds ago was a diplomat, but now was currently a key player in the enemy’s movements . It would not have been excessive to behead him this instant .

However, Kang Chul-In’s opinion was different .

“There is reason to what you are saying . ”

“Then the guillotine…”

Lucia spoke cruelly . She had no intention of forgiving those who had been disrespectful to Kang Chul-In .

“Not yet . ”

Kang Chul-In shook his head .

“Lucia, your opinion is rightful and proper, but there is no significance in killing the Goblin right now . It would not be too late to do it after the battle has ended . ”

“I sir, do not understand what you are saying . ”

“Look at the Goblin . ”

At Lucia’s question, Kang Chul-In pointed with his chin to Timothy, who had frozen on the spot . Timothy was unaware of the conversations happening between Kang Chul-In and Lucia, and was just broken .

“That advisor was abandoned by his Sovereign . ”


And Lucia’s eyes opened wide as she understood Kang Chul-In .

‘It’s true!’

In Lucia’s head formed a picture of Timothy’s situation .

‘That advisor did not know his Sovereign was invading our land! If he knew, he would not have that kind of response! Ah… the Sovereign does not miss out on the details as well!’

What crazy bastard will wage war not even a full day after he has sent a diplomat with not even a declaration? Violent and uncivilized diplomacy aside, it was a cruel and heartless decision made without even the smallest consideration of the diplomat sent .

“Yes, my Lord . The enemy Sovereign does not care whether his advisor dies or not . He was abandoned . ”

As Lucia looked at Timothy, her eyes filled with sympathy .

She, too, was an advisor .

She knew better than anyone what being abandoned by a Sovereign meant . Lucia too, had been uncertain and afraid that she was of no use to Kang Chul-In and would be abandoned . Although she couldn’t know for sure, Timothy’s heart would be burned to nothing right now .

“Yes . What is the use of taking the life of someone who has already lost all?”

“Yes, my Lord . ”

“But he still must pay for undermining me . ”

“Huh? My Lord, what do you mean…”

“I will give him pain worse than death . ”

“… “

Kang Chul-In had a profound smile .

“Timothy, you said?”

“Yes… Sovereign…”

Timothy’s voice had no strength as he answered . His ears were sagging as well, and he could not get any more pitiful .

“Follow me . ”


“Wouldn’t you need to see how the one who abandoned you gets ruined?”


In that moment, Timothy saw in the face of this man called Kang Chul-In, the image of the greatest evil and the image of a benevolent leader overlap .

In Kang Chul-In’s previous statement, there were two meanings .

“James . ”

Kang Chul-In called his Commander James, not caring about Timothy’s thoughts .

“Yes, my Lord . ”

“Go and show that arrogant Jap his place . ”

“Yes, Sovereign!”

James answered loudly and saluted Kang Chul-In . And… he carefully asked a question as if he was bothered by something .

“But… Sovereign . ”


“What does Jap mean…”

“There is something like that . ”

“…yes . ”

Kang Chul-In did not answer . He was too lazy to give an explanation .

Kang Chul-In took Lucia and Timothy to the watchtower .

In Laputa, there was a 40km high watchtower called the ‘Watcher’s Tower’ which made it possible to look over the land and the surrounding areas in one look .

The reason for climbing the tower was simple .

Kang Chul-In was not going to participate in this battle .

It was not an urgent situation, nor was it a war big enough for him to go out into battle himself .

All he had done was order a few things previously, and those orders would be the key to determining the tide of battle . Kimura and Timothy would have no idea, but Kang Chul-In had used a two scout hawks of his own, as well as . sending his scouts to gain intel on the Burrow’s current status .

Therefore, Laputa’s soldiers had already completed all preparations for war before Timothy had arrived and were just waiting for the soldiers of the Burrow lands to invade .

It was like a spider, waiting for its prey after spinning its web .

“Timothy . ”

Kang Chul-In looked at the soldiers of the Burrow lands that were approaching from afar and called to Timothy .

“Yes… Sovereign…”

Timothy was still sullen . The thought of being abandoned was too much for the old goblin .

“What do you expect the outcome would be?”

Kang Chul-In asked .

“…if you compare just the strategies, it is expected that the Burrow lands will make a grand victory . ”


“The military power of the Burrows is strong . There are 300 ants, 4 Giant centipedes, and the Shogun has a Flammable toad as well . ”

“They are specs that would affirm a victory . ”

Kang Chul-In nodded .

It was the truth .

Military power meant economic power .

Because Laputa was so expensive, Kang Chul-In did not have extra money to spend on the store . It was a bit embarrassing, but the current financial status of Laputa was destitute and sparse . Kimura’s war potential was clearly better .

However, Kang Chul-In did not bat an eye after hearing Timothy . He smiled a leisurely smile .

“So, you think your Sovereign can conquer this land?”


Timothy could not give an answer quickly .

‘We definitely have higher war potential . We have the upper hand… but why do I feel so uneasy?”

The incompetence of the Sovereign, Kimura was that, but Kang Chul-In’s confident demeanor got to him . How could he be so relaxed when he was extremely disadvantaged? Timothy could not guess the outcome of this battle .

“I’ll give you the answer . ”

Kang Chul-In spoke .

“I will win . ”


It was a straight-forward, confident statement without an ounce of doubt .

“Today, your land will fall . ”


Before anyone could blink, Timothy shouted and disagreed .

‘So, he is still an advisor, I see . ’

Kang Chul-In looked at Timothy and was a bit in awe of the old Goblin’s loyalty .

Timothy, as seen through Kang Chul-In’s eyes, looked as if although abandoned, he did not lose his loyalty towards his Sovereign .

“Altho… although the Shogun is inexperienced, he will not lose!”

“Hm… really?”

“Of course! Although your Grace seems extraordinary, you will not be able to easy overcome the difference in statistics…”

“Well, if you wait, you’ll see . ”

Kang Chul-In cut Timothy off and spoke to Lucia .

“The megaphone . ”

“Yes, my Lord . ”

Lucia politely handed Kang Chul-In a megaphone bewitched with a sound amplifier .

“An offering of surrender is the virtue of the strong . ”

Kang Chul-In looked below and spoke . And there was Kimura and the soldiers of the Burrow who had almost reached Laputa .


-Ah Ah, Can you hear me?

Kang Chul-In did a mic test of sorts .

“Are you the Sovereign of this land?”

Kimura yelled to answer Kang Chul-In . Kimura, who hadn’t brought a megaphone, had no choice but to yell as loud as he could .


-Surrender Jap .


-Then I will spare you your life .

Kang Chul-In beat him to the punch .


Kimura’s eyes burned up with rage .

“You, you… Joseon bug!”

As Koreans knew the insult “Joseon bug”, the Japanese also knew their insult .

“How dare you call me Ja…”

-I call a Jap a Jap, what else would I call you . Stop talking nonsense and surrender .


Kimura shook with rage .

Kang Chul-In’s voice was so detestable and it felt as if his rage would bubble and fill into his bone marrows .

-If you don’t surrender nicely…

Kang Chul-In, with a smirking voice sent Kimura the final punch .

-I will let you feel what it feels like to be hit with an atomic bomb . Wait, that is you Japs’ specialty . You are the only people who got hit with one . Two at that… you people can really take it though . You cockroaches . ”

Kimura could not muster a comeback .

Although Kang Chul-In was pushing all his buttons, it was fact that no one could deny .

Japan was the first to ever be hit with an atomic bomb in the world, and it was also the last to be hit with an atomic bomb .

‘Little Boy’, the atomic bomb made from uranium and ‘Fat Man’, the bomb made from Plutonium, was one of the biggest humiliations for the Japanese people .

“I will, kill you!”

Kimura, who was angered to the point of bursting, roared .

-Well, try it then .

Kang Chul-In sneered .

-Don’t know if you are capable of doing so, though .

And in that moment, Kimura felt something snap in his head . He had lost his sanity .


Kimura roared the command .

“Now! Go bring him to me! Attack, I said!”

And that was the start .

The soldiers of the Burrows under the leadership of Kimura all began to charge towards Laputa’s castle walls . The siege had started .

“Ah, oh Shogun!”

Timothy shut his eyes tightly at the dismal situation .

Even if he had lost in the verbal battle, the Sovereign had fallen easily by Kang Chul-In’s taunts . For Timothy who was in the center of enemy territory, he was so embarrassed he wanted to hide in a hole .

“Are you still loyal to a stupid idiot like him?”

Kang Chul-In who had seen this, threw Timothy a question .

“Sovereign, please be watchful of your language . This Timothy, although he has been abandoned by the Shogun, still has his loyalty . ”


Kang Chul-In said, as if he was intrigued .


And he smiled . It was the devil’s smile .

“Enjoy watching . ”

And it was then that the soldiers of the burrows began to climb the castle walls .

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