The Overlord of Blood and Iron

Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Chapter 26 . Sovereign Lee Chae-Lin

“Yes, please speak . ”

Kang Chul-In answered Lee Chae-Lin’s phone call .

If Lee Chae-Lin was not a Sovereign, he would not have answered, but if she was someone who had become a Sovereign, he could answer a phone call any time . A Sovereign’s enemy was a Sovereign, and a Sovereign’s ally was also a Sovereign .


“Yes, Senior Assistant Lee . No, I will call you Lee Chae-Lin now . ”

[It doesn’t matter what you call me . I got fired from the company . ]

“Did you return now?”


It was understandable why she was fired .

For any company, they do not fire accountants very well . There are situations where they mostly quit on their own . The cause would have 100% been, because she did not go to work for a long time, due to the Grand Summoning .

[Chul-In . ]

“Yes, please speak . ”

[Chul-In, you know something, right? That’s why you can be that calm? Right?]

Lee Chae-Lin blurted out a series of questions . It seemed like she did not really understand the reality of things .

“I have nothing to say regarding that . ”

Kang Chul-In drew the line .

If he were to advise Lee Chae-Lin, he did not know how he would change the future . He had to try and eliminate any external variables, so he could not give her any advice even if he wanted to .


It was obvious that she was hurt by the cold response .

[I… I am so scared…]

“… . ”

[I have never seen such things before… there are dwarves, and crows… I can’t understand or accept it… so… Chul-In… can you please just hear me out? Please?]

Lee Chae-Lin’s quivering voice was moist with fear .

‘She is half sane . ’

Kang Chul-In could see the psychological state of Lee Chae-Lin right away .

Fear of the unknown, the gap between reality, and the responsibility that came from the suddenly given position of Sovereign, the monster quests, and more… honestly, if you were any normal person, it would be difficult to escape from the shock of the Grand Summoning for a while .

Especially if you were not a crazy wench like Hecate and just a plain woman like Lee Chae-Lin, she would be even more confused . It would not be strange for her to die at any time with that sort of mental state, whether that was by suicide or murder .

‘Hm… should I exchange some information just in case?’

Kang Chul-In’s mind began to spin .

‘If Lee Chae-Lin’s land is near that of Rothschild, then I would be able to get some intel . ’

He then thought that he might gain something just by helping her just enough to not affect the future .

“Chae-Lin . ”

Kang Chul-In, who had made up his mind, spoke .

[Yes, Chul-In . ]

“I might not be of much help… but lets talk face to face . There might be some things we can help each other with . Where are you right now?”

[You can… meet right now?]

“Yes . ”

[Then I will send you the location right now, so please contact me when you arrive . Ah, also…]


[Thank you… for meeting me…]

“I’m hanging up . ”

[… . ]

Kang Chul-In did not know how to respond to those words, so he just hung up . He was not used to someone depending on him .

“Are you here?”

He could meet Lee Chae-Lin at a café near the train station located in front of Seoul University .

“What is the name of your land?”

Kang Chul-In asked the question right away .

“That, its . . Dorado . ”

Lee Chae-Lin answered, taken aback .

‘Dorado… does not sound familiar . ’

He did not know the name of every land, but he did know any land that had any influence on the big picture . If it was a land that he did not know… that meant that it was an insignificant one that did not have any influence on the future .

“Hm… what is your specialty?”

“Uh… Specialty… I can’t remember . ”

“Repeat after me . My information open . ”

“My information open . ”

Lee Chae-Lin repeated the words and a semi-opaque window popped up, showing her the information .

“This, this is possible . ”

Lee Chae-Lin was surprised . Pangaea was understandable because it was a different world, but she did not think she could order in real life .

“Because it is reality . ”

Kang Chul-In answered bluntly .

“Anyways… a Sovereign’s information is made so that other people cannot look at it . I can see the window, but I can’t see the contents . So, you need to read it out to me . ”

“Did you ask about the specialty?”

“Yes . ”

“It is… called wealth . ”


In that moment, Kang Chul-In’s eyes widened .

‘Oh crap! Wealth?’

It was really something surprising .

Wealth .

It was a specialty that amplified the land’s economy .

The cost of building facilities decreases, and when you develop a gold mine and extract resources, the yield increases exponentially . It is also the same for diamonds and rubies .

In purchasing units using the Sovereign Store and in collecting booty when hunting monsters, this specialty is useful . Small output, large input . That is the key to this wealth specialty .

“Why are you so surprised all of a sudden?”

Lee Chae-Lin asked, but Kang Chul-In did not answer .

‘She has the wealth specialty but her name is not known? This does not make sense . What did she do in the past? Lee Chae-Lin? I have never seen you before . ’

Wealth was almost a cheat specialty that makes the economy of your land boom even with one not doing anything . A woman with such specialty and she is not known? It did not make logical sense .

‘Let’s think back . It is fair to say that it was not fate for me to meet her at Akan’s hall in the past . It is very possible for me to not recognize even a familiar face . ’

It was not strange for him to not have ran into Lee Chae-Lin in the past . It was very possible .

‘But not the first Sovereign Meeting . Whether I wanted to or not, I would have seen her at least once . The first Sovereign Meeting… Lee Chae-Lin was definitely not there . ’

He was sure .

No matter how much he dug through his memory, he had no recollection of seeing her during the first Sovereign Meeting . Then, there could only be two logical explanations .

‘The future changed? No, no that can’t be . There is nothing that I have interfered or changed for that to have happened . It is either God or Akan that chose Lee Chae-Lin, not me . There was no external factor before the Great Summoning . Then…’

Kang Chul-In thought hard .

‘Before the first Sovereign meeting… it must mean that she was stripped of her status or had died . Or she gave up going to Pangaea completely . ’

The solution came .

“Chae-Lin . ”


“Can you tell me by chance where your land is located?”

“Ah, that’s not difficult . My land’s location…”

Lee Chae-Lin looked at the information window briefly and then spoke .

“It is in the South . ”




Lee Chae-Lin’s words answered all of Kang Chul-In’s questions at once .

‘I get it now . ’

He understood why Lee Chae-Lin could not appear in the first Sovereign Meeting even with a specialty like wealth .

Pandemonium .

A land of hell that is filled with the war-crazed .

It was too cruel of a place for someone like Lee Chae-Lin, who was so delicate . It would not be strange for her to have left early from the ranking competition .

‘Wealth… she could be quite the useful partner . ’

Kang Chul-In was overcome with thought as he looked towards Lee Chae-Lin .

‘Pandemonium does not have an impact on the bigger picture anyways . I can intervene however I want . I can help Lee Chae-Lin’s survival, and if she supplies me with gold, then we both benefit . ’

It was quite a good idea .

For Kang Chul-In who would be struggling financially, no, who would continue to struggle, Lee Chae-Lin would be a good source of money .

“Sigh, Chul-In…”

Lee Chae-Lin let out a heavy sigh as Kang Chul-In was thinking about the deal .

“I am so confused . I don’t know what is what, and I am scared . But… there is no one I can talk to… and it seems like the people of the land all look to me… so what can I do? I barely did the monster conquest… but I am not confident I can do it again…”

It seemed like Lee Chae-Lin was struggling quite a bit . It was obvious she wanted to depend on Kang Chul-In . But…

“There is nothing I can do . ”

Kang Chul-In answered coldly .

“Chae-Lin, you are an adult . Do not ask others how to live your life . Aren’t you going to do whatever you want anyways regardless of what I am going to say?”


“If I were to give you any advice… don’t you just need to decide whether you will never return to Pangaea again, or faithfully carry out your role as a Sovereign?”

No matter how hard she was thought about it, the answer would be black or white . Would she live as a Sovereign, or would she live a normal life? No matter what she chose, that was Lee Chae-Lin’s own life, and not his .

“But, if you are willing to live as one’s Sovereign with dignity, I will help you . ”

“Chul-In, you?”

“I will not spoon feed you, but yes, to an extent . ”


“You need to remember only one thing . There is risk in living as a Sovereign, but there is also great rewards . With your specialty, you will have a building within the year here . ”

“I don’t even want that much . Money isn’t everything . But…”

Lee Chae-Lin said something quite impressive .

“I am so afraid . . ”

“But you aren’t alone?”


“If you were not a Sovereign, I would have advised you not to ever return to Pangaea ever again . However, you are a Sovereign . You have a loyal advisor, and people of the land who trust you and are loyal to you . What is the problem? Even with the monster conquest, you probably just sat back and watched . Am I wrong?”


“I will end it here . If after a lot of thought, you decided to live as a Sovereign, then you can contact me then . Then, I will treat you like a Sovereign then . ”


Lee Chae-Lin lowered her eyes, as if she was confused .

“Let’s end it here, and talk next time . ”

“Are… are you leaving?”

“There is nothing else I have left to say . ”



“How can you be so nonchalant about everything? As if you have been going to Pangaea from the past… you are so level-headed and calm… it seems like you changed as well . How much do you know about Pangaea?”

“No comment . I don’t want, or need tell you anything regarding that . Well, then . ”

Kang Chul-In, with those words, left the café . He had shown all the kindness he could muster .

‘No matter how much I babble on, it is no use . The choice is yours, Lee Chae-Lin . You can give up, you can… but if you decide you want to live as a Sovereign, we will be great partners . ’

It would be a wonderful alliance if Kang Chul-In and Lee Chae-Lin were to join hands, because it would be a union of military and economic power . Of course, the current Lee Chae-Lin did not know that .

With Kang Chul-In’s void, Laputa’s governing body was busy with establishing the land’s internal affairs . Timothy, as intended by Kang Chul-In, was working into the night trying to establish the land’s administration system and was buried underneath paperwork… .

And the Director General Podolski searched all over the land looking for Kimura…

And Commander James pushed the Royal Guard into intense training .

Lucia was busy training the four servants that she had chosen for Kang Chul-In’s comfort, as well as performing interim duties out in the fields .

But a problem arose .

The problem happened in the construction site that was working to dig the land’s moat deeper .


A laborer who was working hard amongst the ants shot up into the air .

“Help me!”

Along with a scream…


… and blood squirted to the sky .

Ambush, it was an attack .

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