The Palaces of the Twelve Sacred Beasts

Chapter 97 (end)

Chapter 97: (Extra) I Want Meat

Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Tonight, the night was deep, thick clouds concealed the full moon, stray cats in the small community were doing the things that citizens hate the most, their screams were luring, hearing them, Gu Ting Yu who just got off of work couldn't help but frown——such public indecency, so very indecent.

Gu Ting Yu returned to home, after taking a shower, he laid on his bed surrounded by the lovely aroma. All of a sudden, the lights dimmed, and the door opened, twelve figures entered the room in concession.

Gu Ting Yu sat up in alert, "What do you guys want?"

Everyone said in unison, "We want meat."

"……" Gu Ting Yu tilted his head, thinking for a while, "There are some in the fridge."

Everyone replied, "Okay."

And after that, everyone left the room.

——The extra: I Want Meat ends here.

…… An extra continuing the extra.

The next morning, Gu Ting Yu fainted in the shower room, that seriously scared the twelve people to death. Each of them was in thoughts as they guard by Gu Ting Yu's bedside, Qing Que wiped the sweat gliding down Gu Ting Yu's forehead meticulously.

From their initial observations, Gu Ting Yu had a high fever of 39 degrees Celsius, suspicious purple red bruises were found on Gu Ting Yu's wrist, but something even more shocking was found after that, when Qing Que cleaned the area between Gu Ting Yu's legs, mysterious white fluids were found seeping out from his behind.

From these, it was proven that this was a case of extreme cruelty, one that hurt social order, and effected social unity.

There was a grand total of twelve suspects, but considering that Jue wasn't a past offender, plus had expressed no dirty thoughts towards Gu Ting Yu before, therefore he was excluded from the suspect list.

Henceforth, Jue became the ambassador of justice, vowing to do the victim, Gu Ting Yu justice by finding the culprit.

At the crime scene, also the victim's bedroom, Jue led everyone in the search and discovered a piece of broken bed sheet, it too was covered with the mysterious white fluid, apart from that, the floor, the shelves, under the bed, and even the computer monitor, had splashes of the same weird-smelled white fluid.

Everyone shivered as they imagined what might have happened to Gu Ting Yu last night.

"How revolting!!!" Jue screamed in fury, "Whose turn was it to stay with the victim last night?"

Ten fingers pointed to the suffering person at the corner, "He's the culprit——Zhuo Yin!!!"

Zhuo Yin jumped up defending himself, "No, it's not me!!! Last night, we…… we finished our things and slept before ten, and after that I had no recollection of what happened."

Nian Xing was the first to refute, "Who are you trying to trick, everyone knows that you are especially demanding in stuff like that, Gu Ting Yu would be late for work, every time after you slept with him."

"It's true!" Zhuo Yin became even more anxious, "I know he had it hard having to put up with me, so I am trying to show constrict. Last week I bought a book called, One's Will Can Change the World, inside the book there were instructions on how to bend a spoon with will power alone, so now whenever I had dirty thoughts, I would try to use my will power to bend my down……"

Nian Xing laughed coldly, "Well, did it work?"

Zhuo Yin's voice was meek, "I'm still trying."

Jue suddenly thought of something and started shouting, "You are the worst! So it was you who bended all the spoons in the house!"

Zhuo Yin murmured, "It really wasn't me…… I'd never had the heart to tie Gu Ting Yu up."

That one sentence cleared everyone's mind, the one who fancied tying people up the most among the twelve of them was……

—— "Liang Yue!!!"

Liang Yue was in a daze for a while, but he immediately started waving his hand in denial after snapping out of it, he retreated backwards for a few steps.

"What…What are you guys talking about?" Liang Yue pointed at the bruises on Gu Ting Yu's wrist, "Just have a better look at it, it's obviously bruises left behind from the lowest level of tying technique, if it was me…… there's no way I would allow for such horrendous bruises."

Tong Ying's eyes brightened in interest, "Bro, what do you usually use to tie him up though?"

Liang Yue took out a pouch with the word "SM" sewed on the front, he opened the little pouch and searched it's contents for a while, finally pulling out a pair of well-made silver cuffs, "Imported straight from America, designed in Britain, made in Italy, the inside of the cuffs were laid with a layer of mink fur, the welding between the two cuffs were extremely sturdy, so they won't break even during vigorous exercises."

Tong Ying took a closer look at the pair of handcuffs, "Are, that's not right, there's a crack here."

Liang Yue fiddled with the cuffs for a while, then said after much thought, "Maybe I did it too hard last night?"


And so the first culprit was caught.

Bai Zhi Ao snatched Liang Yue's SM pouch, threatening to throw it out of the window down to the streets if he didn't explain what happened, Liang Yue was quick to come clean, fearing for his precious pouch.

"Last night around ten o'clock, I sneaked into Gu Ting Yu's bedroom, I hit Zhuo Yin and made him faint, dragging him out of the room……"

Everyone stopped the furious Zhuo Yin from hitting Liang Yue, while Jue peeked at Liang Yue, playing with Liang Yue's cuffs, "Please continue with your confession."

"……Okay, after that I blindfolded Gu Ting Yu, put two pillows under his waist, and at last handcuffed him, just in case he ran away mid-way of…… but please believe me, guys, the cuffs definitely won't leave any marks."

Jue, "Rejected"

"There is definitely someone else, last night when I uncuffed Gu Ting Yu, he had already fainted, just when I was going to bring him to the shower to clean, I suddenly smelled a pleasing fragrance, and after that I didn't remember anything."

"A fragrance? What did it smell like?"

Liang Yue replied, "It was a really familiar smell, kind of like…… the smell of cleansing detergents."

Qing Que's face went pale.

Qing Que screamed, "Who are you guys looking at, you think I want to be stuck in the kitchen, washing dishes?"

And so the second culprit was caught.

"Hey, stop staring at me already. Last night, I heard someone crying, so I woke up and followed the trail to Gu Ting Yu's bedroom, I saw Zhuo Yin lying outside on the floor with his eyes closed, while inside the room, that scumbag, Liang Yue blindfolded and gagged Gu Ting Yu, doing things that made my stomach turn, I was mad, so I went to the kitchen and took a bowl, smashing it to Liang Yue's head."

Jue asked, "And after that?"

"After that…… I saw Gu Ting Yu's legs wide open, tears hanging on the corner of his eyes, his nipples red and slightly wet…… well after that, you can only blame me for being a man."

Everyone swallowed saliva after hearing that statement, after that silence engulfed them.

Suddenly, Tong Ying said, "But why did you push Gu Ting Yu under the bed?"

Qing Que said while being confused, "I didn't."

"That's weird……" Tong Ying lowered his head and muttered, "Then how come I found him under the bed?" When Tong Ying raised his head and saw everyone's faces, he understood clearly what it means to dig one's own grave.

Tong Ying screamed, "Fuck! Ye Yin Ju, even you're staring at me? What are you pretending, it's not like you are not guilty."

Ye Yin Ju said, "Such a great sin, I shouldn't pretend not to see you moving Gu Ting Yu to your own bedroom."

Tong Ying replied, "That's so not it!? You followed me into the bedroom, and sandwiched Gu Ting Yu in the middle with me…… umm…… him together……"

And so the third and fourth culprits were caught together.

Ye Yin Ju then said, "But before we did it, I tested the softness at that spot, it was enough for both of us to enter, that's the only reason why I thought it's fine to enter together."

"That's so overboard!" Jue scolded them, "You two seriously broke the rules, major demerits for you two, you guys are not allowed to go near Gu Ting Yu's bedroom, peek at Gu Ting Yu taking a bath, and listen to Gu Ting Yu's bedtime stories for three months."

Tong Ying and Ye Yin Ju cried their eyes out after hearing that.

But even their cries combined couldn't compare to Mian's, he was hiding under the bed, curling his body up in an apologetic manner.

…… Everyone fell silent, it seemed like that the culprit who pulled Gu Ting Yu under the bed and did his crime had come clean.

Nian Xing sighed, "It's so like an autistic child to do it in such a secretive manner (i)."

It was already way past eight in the morning, Gu Ting Yu was still suffering from the fever, lying unconscious in bed, Huan Sheng stood up and went to the living room, helping Gu Ting Yu called in sick, but when he came back, his complexion seemed bad.

Huan Sheng went up to Xiu Er, Huan Sheng asked him gravely, "I just went past your bedroom, why has your bed collapsed again?"

Xiu Er's tongue twisted at the question, "Umm…… Well……"

As everyone knew, every time Gu Ting Yu went into Xiu Er's room, his bed would collapse for sure.

Huan Sheng massaged Gu Ting Yu's waist while feeling heartbroken, he stared at Xiu Er, blaming him, "If this continues, his waist would seriously break!"

Xiu Er's head sank in embarrassment, "…… I'm sorry."

"What use does apologizing have? Can I eat it like a cake?", Huan Sheng who loved sweet food to a fault grinded his teeth, he also increases the pace of his hand that was massaging Gu Ting Yu, "I warn you, if anything happens to Gu Ting Yu……"

He hadn't even finished his sentence and the sound of something dropping reached their ears, a small, red cherry dropped to the floor from the bedsheets.

Bai Zhi Ao said, "Hey, where did the cherry came from?"

Huan Sheng, "……"

The truth was that Huan Sheng baked a cake and some sweets himself after dinner, and he took the cherries that was supposedly a part of the cake for himself.

Jue pulled away Gu Ting Yu's blanket, and reached his hand to Gu Ting Yu's behind, not long after that he found another small red cherry in Gu Ting Yu.

Huan Sheng lost his momentum, and his face was now as red as a cherry.

Bai Zhi Ao screamed, "Ah!!! You, you, you……how could you……"

Huan Sheng, "That's why I feel like two were missing."

And up to this point, the seventh culprit was caught.

Nian Xing suddenly rushed to Gu Ting Yu's side and hugged him after listening to this point, "Sob…Sob…. Poor Xiao Yu…… all of them are bad people…… sob…… sob…… If only I knew…… if I knew…… then I wouldn't have forced you last night…… Sob……sob…… I thought you were just shy when you said you can't, but it was because you were really tired."

"Ugh……" Gu Ting Yu who was just about to wake up fainted yet again as Nian Xing continued squashing him.

Jue was speechless, "What's wrong with you people, how could you guys torture the person you love so much?"

Nian Xing sobbed, "You are cold-blooded, so you would never understand, we just can't stop ourselves from wanting to be with him, also……" He peeked at the rest of the Sacred Beasts in sadness, "We have to wait for up to ten something days, just to be closed to Gu Ting Yu, who could wait that long?"

"Oh no!!" Bai Zhi Ao hit his head, "What time was it when you finished doing it with him?"

Nian Xing replied, "Around five or six in the morning, why?"

"I…… last night I crawled out of bed to go to the toilet, I ended up bumping into Gu Ting Yu, at the time, I was still half-asleep and thought that I was dreaming, so I pulled him over to the sofa…… and…… I, I, I……. must be dreaming……"

Nian Xing blinked his eyes, "You are seriously dumb."

At a corner, Qian Lü didn't say a thing, the only thing that was in his head was the scene this morning.

——Gu Ting Yu was walking out of his room, leaning on the wall, his legs were shivering, white fluid slid down the inner side of his legs under the towel.

Seeing Gu Ting Yu like that tucked Qian Lü's heartstrings, he pulled him into a kiss by force.

He intentionally ignored Gu Ting Yu's weak retaliations, whenever the thought of Gu Ting Yu accepting others but not himself came across his mind, his chest would be filled up with bitter emotions.

Qian Lü pushed Gu Ting Yu against the wall, staring deeply into his eyes without a word.

Until finally, Gu Ting Yu surrendered, just like how he would every time he felt sorry for refusing anyone of them.

Gu Ting Yu didn't want to refuse them, he didn't like seeing them sad, that was something that all the Sacred Beasts know by heart. Exactly because of that, they would get greedy, letting their desires go wild as Gu Ting Yu kept giving in.

Now, looking at Gu Ting Yu's slightly frowning eyebrows, Qian Lü couldn't help but sigh, "If you keep on spoiling us like that…… there will be consequences, idiot."

And so, along with Zhuo Yin, a grand total of eleven culprits were caught, Jue slammed his hand on the table, declaring that all of them were not allowed to have any intimate body contact with Gu Ting Yu for at least two months.

Jue said, "Okay, now everyone go back to your own room, and think about what you did, I will stay here taking care of him."

After all of them left the room, Jue closed the curtains, slightly smiling in the dark room. He talked to himself, "…… well, those brats won't interrupt us for at least two months now."

After that Jue locked the door, making a "click" sound, followed by "Your insides are so hot." among array of moans, sounds that even the stray cats on the streets thought was indecent.


(i) In Chinese an autistic child is written as a "self-shut-in child", hence secretive.

Information of the Palace of the Twelve Sacred Beasts

Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Main Characters

Gu Ting Yu (顧聽語)

33 years old, an experienced vet, due to years of torture by nightmares, he feared animals. Possessed amazing powers that allowed him to convert the animals' pain into negative energy and transferred to himself (that power was replaced by Ming Lei afterwards), he was transported to another world because of an ancient scroll, which had him and the twelve Sacred Beasts painted on it.

Personality: Possessed empathy, not good at expressing his own emotions, had a traditional love view, was a reserved person. Though he seemed cold, he was actually full of emotions inside, whenever he understood the other person's problems, he would try to help them.


The Four Main Sources of Power:

Water, fire, earth, wind.

The First Palace: Palace of Maze

Sacred Beast: Bai Zhi Ao (白之獒)

Origin: Huge white canine

Synopsis: Because he was abandoned by his former master, he didn't know why he existed. He had a tame and cute personality, very straight-forward in expressing his own feelings, whenever he decided on something, he wouldn't change his mind.

Attack Capabilities: He was extremely strong when he entered berserk mode.

Evolution: Unknown

The Second Palace: Palace of Bloodthirst

Sacred Beast: Xiu Er (修邇)

Origin: Werewolf

Synopsis: Seemed to be a cruel person, but in fact had a very soft heart, after being bitten by a werewolf, his temperament changed drastically, he couldn't control his anger, while at the same time tormented by the guilt in his own heart.

Attack Capabilities: He used brute force, his strength could tear a beast apart in ease.

Evolution: Soul Cindering Spell

The Third Palace: Palace of Vanity

Sacred Beast: Qing Que (青雀)

Origin: Peacock

Synopsis: Vermilion Bird's younger brother, he was exiled from the God's Realm because of his ugly appearance, he longed to be other's focus just like Vermilion Bird was. His appearance was the best among all the Sacred Beasts after he turned into human form.

Attack Capabilities: (Belongs to the Earth element) Gold Melting Spell, his powers after rebirth was unknown.

Evolution: Nirvana

The Fourth Palace: Palace of Greed

Sacred Beast: Liang Yue (涼月)

Origin: Crow

Synopsis: Son of the Feather Tribe, made huge mistakes because of his ignorance, indirectly caused the demise of his whole tribe, had a weird personality, inherited the Feather Tribe's model, "Only loving one person in their whole lives", he was very possessive but also very faithful.

Attack Capabilities: (Belonged to the Wind Element) Had sadistic tendencies, likes using methods of torture.

Evolution: Black Feather Storm

The Fifth Palace: Palace of Egoism

Sacred Beast: Qian Lü (千律)

Origin: Unicorn

Synopsis: The only person in the world who could play the Yue Xuan zither, the zither's music could heal even near-death people, but for some reason he suddenly refused to heal anyone, hence blamed and hated by people, at the end he decided to hide into the sacred palace. He had a sharp tongue but a soft heart, always trying to pretend not to care about the important things in his heart.

Attack Capabilities: (Healing) He was good at healing, while his attacks are weak.

Evolution: Tune of Heavenly Descent

The Sixth Palace: Palace of Lust

Sacred Beast: Zhuo Yin (濁陰)

Origin: Huge black snake

Synopsis: An expert in drawing out a person's deepest desires, liked using lust to control people's heart, he looked down upon all emotions. While he enjoyed the sight of people falling into their own desires, he secretly hoped for someone that could break through his controls.

Attack Capabilities: (Belonged to the Earth Element) His powers are more well-rounded, good at tactics, black mist would rose from the center of his palms, having both offensive and defensive capabilities.

Evolution: Pitch Black Whirl

The Seventh Palace: Palace of Defects

Sacred Beast: Nian Xing (念行)

Origin: Merman

Synopsis: The noble descendant of an Ocean Tribe royalty, had the power close to a God, but both of his legs were not complete, because his body couldn't handle the immense power. He had a cheeky personality, liked insulting people with his ocean language, he also liked pretending to be weak in order to get sympathy.

Attack Capabilities: (Belonged to the Water Element) Ice Freezing Technique, can freeze any sort of liquid in an instant, even to freeze the whole ocean.

Evolution: Shattering Frozen Wave

The Eighth Palace: Palace of the Hidden

Sacred Beast: Ye Yin Ju (夜引狙)

Origin: Black Leopard

Synopsis: Offspring of the famed Night Tribe, good at assassination, had a quiet and stubborn personality, used to doing things in his own way, to serve and to protect was in a Night Tribe member's bones.

Attack Capabilities: (Belonged to the Earth Element) Assassination weapons that followed the opponent like a shadow follows its body, he had exceptional body strength

Evolution: The Curse of Night

The Ninth Palace: Palace of Obsession

Sacred Beast: Tong Ying (曈影)

Origin: Nine-tailed fox of flame

Synopsis: Belonged to a tribe of fortune loved by Yan Di, originally had nine lives, but because he didn't want to forget about his life anymore, he used all the extra lives up, converting them into energy, waiting for the destined one in his life.

Attack Capabilities: (Belonged to the Fire Element) Qian Mian (A thousand faces), Flame Shield Circle, Nine Shadows Fatality

Evolution: Unknown

The Tenth Palace: Palace of Fear

Sacred Beast: Mian (眠)

Origin: Sea monster (has tentacles)

Synopsis: A quiet man with ocean blue eyes. Chose to seal his own consciousness away due certain circumstances.

Attack Capabilities: Unknown

Evolution: Unknown

The Eleventh Palace

Sacred Beast: Huan Sheng (幻生)

Origin: Mystical butterfly

Synopsis: The Sacred Beast who know the most secrets. Had thoughts like mist, very hard to comprehend, seemed to have a history with the Evil Source.

Attack Capabilities: (Belonged to the Wind Element) Mystical Spell

Evolution: Unknown

The Twelfth Palace

Sacred Beast: Jue (決)

Origin: Qilin

Synopsis: Leader of the twelve Sacred Beasts, had abilities that rivaled the Evil Source.

Attack Capabilities: Unknown

Evolution: Unknown


Extra from T/N: Translation of their names

(Note that the author didn't say any of this, but from the Chinese, I could see these meanings from their names.)

顧聽語 Gu Ting Yu: Listening to others

白之獒 Bai Zhi Ao: White Molosser (A kind of dog)

修邇 Xiu Er: I think the author just thinks Xiu Er sounds good.

青雀 Qing Que: Green bird

涼月 Liang Yue: Cold moon

千律 Qian Lü: A thousand tunes

濁陰 Zhuo Yin: Murky shadows

念行 Nian Xing: Missed walking (This name is so funny XD)

夜引狙 Ye Yin Ju: Hunting at night

曈影 Tong Ying: Reflective eyes

眠 Mian: Slumber

幻生 Huan Sheng: The birth of an illusion

決 Jue: Decide

The End.

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