The Path Toward Heaven

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Too Much Trouble for Jing Jiu

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The very next morning, Liu Shisui came again, sweeping the courtyard, receiving breakfast from the caretakers, and collecting fallen leaves into a nice-looking heap.

Jing Jiu looked at him quietly.

He had heard the conversations between Master Lü and Liu Shisui last night.

Even if he could not hear them, Master Lü would still find a way to deliberately let him know.

Master Lü hoped that Jing had some common sense himself, otherwise he might take the initiative to drive Liu Shisui out because of the humiliation he felt.

Jing Jiu understood Lü very well; he would have done the same in the same situation.

How could a practitioner spend his time on these trivial things?

If Liu Shisui agreed with Master Lü’s, he could understand as well, similarly he would have done the same in the same situation.

The sky and earth are nothing compared with the Dao, never mind this so-called Young Master

But Jing would never have anticipated that Liu came again today to do those chores after much tossing and turning last night, and it seemed that he did them with even more vigor.

All of sudden Jing Jiu wanted to know what this little boy was thinking.

But since Liu did not agree with Master Lü, and he of course would not drive Liu Shisui out for such an inexplicable thing as dignity.

It was not so easy to have someone familiar with your living habits taking care of their daily chores; he had not had the luxury during his long years here in the past.

Liu Shisui had finished his morning chores, boiled the tea in a teapot, and put it on the table, then took out that bamboo chair from the cave.

Lying on the bamboo chair and facing the rising sun, Jing Jiu slightly squinted his eyes and tapped his fingers lightly on the arms of the chair in an irregular fashion..

Liu did not go to the training hall that day, instead staying in the small courtyard and standing in the stride position, his arms were stretched out, seemingly without much effort and at lightning speed.

Before, he wouldn’t have paid any attention to the tapping sound from the bamboo chair, but he began to listen carefully, Especially when it had proven useful days before.

The irregular rhythm was actually another kind of rhythm that still represented the length and spacing of breathing.

When the sun crossed the peaks, Liu finally finished his training, his face covered in sweat and his body in slight pain.

Yet he did not feel any hardship and bitterness, only satisfaction.

He turned his head back to the bamboo chair where Jing Jiu had fallen into a sound sleep, and he could not help but reveal a wide smile

Liu Shisui knew from that one-year interaction that Jing Jiu often didn’t actually sleep when he seemed. to

” Young Master… ”

Liu had never done such a thing in the past, so he hesitated a little. But thinking of Master Lü distinct face last night, he finally summoned the courage and whispered, “…Could you not be so lazy?”

Liu knew he was very lazy, and the bamboo chair under him was the proof, but how had he managed to move it from the home, he didn’t know.

He also knew that he was a very smart person, and very capable, but they had finally come to the Green Mountain Sect and had the opportunity to learn the magic of swords; how could the Young Master continue being so lazy?

If the Young Master continued this way, how could he pass the tests of the inner sect? What if he was expelled by Master Lü for real, then what should I do?

No matter how great his natural Dao quality, the kid had a hard time covering up his true feelings.

Seeing the worried expression on Liu’s small face, Jing Jiu was startled at first, but then laughed.

That night Jing Jiu stood in the small courtyard, his hands folded behind his back, and watched the peaks under the stars silently.

He didn’t listen to Liu’s insistence that he practice his strides and boxing, training the inside and outside of the body and pursuing the Possession of Virtue in order to create a strong foundation for future Cultivation practice.

He did not need those.

According to the stages of progress for the regular practitioners, he had already passed surpassed the Possession of Virtue and entered the realm of Spiritual Stability.

More precisely, he had entered the realm of Spiritual Stability when he stepped in the small stream by the cave.

Examining the Green Mountain Sect over the past tens of thousands of years, he had perhaps been the quickest one who had ever entered the realm of Spiritual Stability.

He didn’t carry a sense of pride, as he was able to achieve this feat thanks to the special body he had at the moment.

Master Lü could not possibly see through the wonderful secrets it possessed due to his lower level of achievement as a practitioner.

There was a rule in this world: you win some and you lose some.

He took out light blue immortality tablet, threw it into his mouth, chewed it a few times, and swallowed it.

He took a sip of cold tea and shook his head, feeling the flavor was rather average.

If this scene was caught by the eyes of Master Lü or other masters of the Green Mountain Sect, it would have shattered their sharpened hearts.

That light blue immortality tablet was called Zixuan pill, it was the best immortality tablet for the practitioners in their conquest of the initial stages.

For those disciples who had entered the state of Spiritual Stability, a piece of Zixuan pill was worth one year’s hard practicing.

So one can imagine just how precious this kind of immortality tablets was, and only those who have the best potential qualities would get this treatment.

Only a few Ninth Peak disciples of the Wielded Sword on Green Mountain got the chance to take the tablet during his time here.

But Jing Jiu took these precious immortality tablets like he was eating a bunch of fried beans.

The frequency in which he took Zixuan pill would help an ordinary external disciple reach the Spiritual Stability state within an hour.

Yet, the most likely possibility was that the external disciple who had taken the tablet will die in the first half an hour due to the rapid increase of zhenyuan in his body.

But Jing Jiu did not die, and not even have any obvious reaction.

Again, the reason was that his body was very special, capable of absorbing the energy of heaven and earth, and at the same time withstanding it.

But the problem was…too much.

The spiritual fountain within him was like the real sea, the bottomless ocean; nobody knew how long it would take to fill up that fountain with the energy from heaven and earth. Even if he kept taking it nonstop and it was still very slow, the effect was ultimately limited

If that spiritual fountain didn’t not fill up, the Dao quality was useless, and if he could not achieve True Fruition and enter the next stage of Cultivation, what should he do then?

If the rumor was true, there was a special treasure in the Zen area that had the ability to change the time; this thing might be able to save some time, but he knew that kind of treasure does not exist, so he could only wait.

He had already calculated: the tablet would not help him anymore in three days’ time, to say nothing of those ordinary immortality tablets.

Even if he kept absorbing heaven and earth energy nonstop, it needed at least more than a year to fill his spiritual fountain.

Having to wait so long was just a pain in the rear.

If he didn’t want to attract too much attention and cause trouble; he could simply spend the year practicing diligently every day like the other external disciples.

But he would not do so; he regarded it as too troublesome to do along with keeping that great secret.

Yes, he was just scared of trouble; he wasn’t really lazy.

He had slept most of the time in the mountain village that year; the reason being that he had to understand and get familiar with this body of his.

It took the first nine days to complete the initial integration of the body; but it would take a much longer time to control the most subtle parts of the body.

He did not lie to Liu either. In addition to further integration, he did do a lot of thinking, deduction, and calculations in his dreams.

He also had to think about why he was here.

He had to figure out the past and the future.

He had to calculate the gains and losses.

Upon the completion of these two steps, he had decided to return to the Green Mountain Sect; but here he found himself having nothing to do but wait.

This was something he had never experienced.

“Is this boredom?”

Jing Jiu felt this was a kind of emotion he had never experienced and thought tentatively: “How can it be possible for someone like me to feel bored?”

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