The Perfect Destiny

Chapter 158: Room

Chapter 158: Room

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Chen Liguo was awoken by his alarm at 8am.

Zhou Yi was already up and about making breakfast when he drowsily got up.

After Chen Liguo put on his clothes, he washed his face and brushed his teeth. Then he slowly made his way to the table. Upon seeing him, Zhou Yi put down the newspaper in his hands and said, "Quickly eat, or you'll be late again."

Chen Liguo hummed an 'en', then habitually leaned over and gave Zhou Yi a kiss.

Zhou Yi let Chen Liguo act cute and smoothly rubbed his hair while he was at it.

Breakfast was different every day. Today it was homemade steamed bun that Zhou Yi had made himself. The bun's bread was thin and it was filled with a lot of stuffing. The meat in it was delicious. It was made from specially purchased pork that was fragrant and not greasy. Moreover, there was also homemade fried soybean crepes. The rich soy flavor was long lasting and the crepes were both sweet and fragrant. Chen Liguo ate the steamed buns with a single bite. He still wanted to continue eating even after eating three tray fulls.

At this point Zhou Yi lightly commented, "Fattened up again oh."

Chen Liguo: "……"

Zhou Yi said, "12 pounds now."

Chen Liguo's tears almost fell. His weight kept rising up up up after marrying Zhou Yi. Yet in contrast, Zhou Yi's distinctive eight pack remained practically unchanged.

Chen Liguo covered his face with a hand and wanted to reach for another bun with the other. He asked, "Do you not love me anymore?"

Zhou Yi said slowly, "Whether I love or not, you can't eat these buns anymore." Although these steam buns were not large, there were five on each tray. Eating fifteen for breakfast was no small amount.

Chen Liguo helplessly retrieved the hand that wanted to grab a steamed bun.

Zhou Yi said, "I finished making lunch."

The tail behind Chen Liguo's back began to wag as soon as he heard the word 'lunch'. Zhou Yi's cooking skills made him feel that meal time every day was so blessed it made people cry.

Zhou Yi began, "Sometimes I'd wonder."

Chen Liguo: "(⊙v⊙)En?"

Zhou Yi continued, "If you love my cooking or me."

Chen Liguo: "……" Darling, why do you have such young maiden-like worries?

Zhou Yi sighed.

Chen Liguo reluctantly looked at the remaining buns and crepes on the tableand looked at Zhou Yi with tears shimmering in his eyes. He said, "How can you think of me like this Dear? I absolutely love you, even if you did not have this kind of cooking abilities, I would still……"

Zhou Yi asked, "You would still?"

Chen Liguo: "Really can't have them both?"

Zhou Yi took a look at Chen Liguo. Without saying a word, he got up and left.

Chen Liguo's face scrunched up. It seemed that Zhou Yi really was angry.

Zhou Yi never spoke out when he was angry. However, Chen Liguo could always sense it as clear as day. For Zhou Yi would always express his emotions through food.

The sweet and sour steak for lunch was gone. The spicy chicken was gone. The fried Redlip Croakers were gone as well. All that was left was a box of white and green, unappealing looking, salad.

Chen Liguo was shocked when he got the lunch box. He tossed it around several times before determining that he did not take the wrong lunch box.

Zhou Yi did not come find him either, so Chen Liguo grovelingly headed to the office with a bitter face.

Zhou Yi was looking at documents in his office. He did not lift his head even when he saw Chen Liguo come in.

Chen Liguo thickened his face and approached Zhou Yi, asking, "Baby, you're angry?"

Coldly, Zhou Yi said, "This is the company, who is your baby."

Chen Liguo's heart was filled with incomparable grief. He thought, he was still calling this one Xiao, in but only one night he had been mercilessly left to hang.

Chen Liguo said, "Yiyi, I know I was wrong. Don't be angry okay?"

Zhou Yi asked, "How were you wrong?"

Chen Liguo said, "The one I love is you. Whether or not your cooking is good or not, the one I love will always be you."

Hearing this, Zhou Yi chuckled lightly and said, "So then what did you come find me for?"

Only then did Chen Liguo remember that he was holding a lunch box in his hand…… Saying these words while holding a lunch box. It seemed like there was no credibility in his words.

However, Chen Liguo was struck with a bright idea. He said, "I came to eat with you ah."

Zhou Yi said, "Okay, you eat."

Then Zhou Yi told the secretary to bring his lunch in.

Naturally, Zhou Yi's lunch would not be a box of salad. Chen Liguo looked at the four steaming dishes and the soup on Zhou Yi's table, drooling. However, no matter how much Chen Liguo drooled, Zhou Yi had no intention of inviting Chen Liguo to eat together with him.

Zhou Yi picked up a piece of fish. The fish was crystal clear and glistened under the light, looking tender and soft. It seemed as though you would be able to taste the flavor even without chewing it.

Chen Liguo swallowed his saliva and ate a bite of his salad.

Zhou Yi once again reached out with his chopsticks and grabbed a bit of golden yellow grilled lamb. Chen Liguo had eaten that grilled lamb before. It was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. If you chewed it you would be able to taste the lamb's freshness and the taste of cumin.

Chen Liguo ate another bite of salad.

One meal took 40 minutes. Chen Liguo ate □□ly. Zhou Yi was indifferent throughout the whole meal. Even though Chen Liguo looked as though he would cry, Zhou Yi never showed any hint of wavering, let alone any intent to share his food with Chen Liguo.

After lunch, Zhou Yi said, "I made an appointment with a fitness instructor."

Chen Liguo: "……" They had a gym in their home. Only, he had been too lazy and did not use it.

Zhou Yi said, "They are preparing to develop a training plan for you."

Chen Liguo finally couldn't endure anymore and said, "You just dislike me for getting fat is that right wuwuwu."

Zhou Yi was unmoved. He said coldly, "If you don't exercise out eight abs don't think about eating my cooking anymore."

Chen Liguo hugged his salad box and ran out crying.

Zhou Yi looked at Chen Liguo's back and lightly sounded a 'hmph'.

After work, Zhou Yi drove while Chen Liguo sat in the passenger seat.

Chen Liguo had no spirit all day long because lunch was just a salad. He was already so hungry his stomach cried 'gugu' when work concluded.

Zhou Yi would have already bought him something to pad his stomach if it were the usual. But today Zhou Yi was angry, so Chen Liguo had nothing to eat and spent all afternoon hungry. Even more, he had to go home hungry. It was unknown if there would be anything to eat for dinner.

After arriving at home, Zhou Yi sat in the living room and continued to work on his documents. Chen Liguo looked at him anxiously and asked, "Wife, are you really not making dinner?"

Zhou Yi said, "Wife is tired, doesn't want to make any."

Chen Liguo said, "T-then I'll make it!"

Zhou Yi glanced at Chen Liguo and said nothing.

So Chen Liguo turned, went into the kitchen and put on an apron.

Chen Liguo only cooked on rare occasions ever since he started living with Zhou Yi. As he chopped the scallions he couldn't help but wonder about what his family's Yiyi was angry about. It couldn't really be because he got fat could it? But it was normal to become fatter after living so happily……

Thinking and thinking Chen Liguo got a little distracted and, with a slice cut into his own finger.

Fortunately, the cut was not deep. Chen Liguo did not care too much about it and casually sucked on it before leaving it be.

Chen Liguo finished cooking when it was nearly 7. He put the dishes onto the tableone by one and called out warmly, "Wife, come eat dinner."

Zhou Yi put down the work in his hand and slowly sat down at the table.

Chen Liguo smilingly added more rice to his bowl, saying, "Eat more ah, baby."

Zhou Yi's sight glided over Chen Liguo's finger. His brows furrowed slightly. He asked, "How did your hand get hurt?"

Chen Liguo said, "Ah, it's nothing, a small injury."

Zhou Yi echoed, "Small injury?"

Chen Liguo said, "It's really nothing." He kissed Zhou Yi's cheek again.

Zhou Yi's brows furrowed even tighter. He asked, "Why did you not put on a band-aid?"

Chen Liguo said, "It's a small injury la…… It's really nothing, it's not even bleeding."

Zhou Yi: "……"

Chen Liguo said, "Don't worry about me, eat, eat."

Chen Liguo's craftsmanship was naturally not as good as Zhou Yi's but it was still within the scope of edibility. However, he did not know if it was because Zhou Yi was angry, but the amount he ate for dinner was unusually little.

Chen Liguo looked at Zhou Yi who clearly had no appetite and somewhat helpless, said, "Wife, don't be angry anymore."

Zhou Yi asked, "How can you tell that I am angry?"

Chen Liguo said, "You don't cook anymore……"

Zhou Yi said, "Do you only realize that I am angry when I don't cook?"

Chen Liguo was tongue-tied.

Zhou Yi said, "Chen Liguo."

Chen Liguo looked at Zhou Yi anxiously.

Zhou Yi asked, "Do you know what I am angry about?"

Chen Liguo had constantly pondered about this but after turning it over in his mind countless times he still did not feel that he had done anything to make Zhou Yi angry. So he was still bewildered even now.

Now that Zhou Yi asked such a question, Chen Liguo could only shake his head obediently.

Zhou Yi sighed lowly and said, "I am angry, why can't you even find out why I am angry?"

Chen Liguo's eyes widened. "I can't be that you've gotten angry at me a lot now?"

Zhou Yi: "……"

Chen Liguo cautiously asked, "Like?"

Zhou Yi said, "Like, why did you go out to eat midnight snacks behind my back last time."

Chen Liguo: "……" So in a nutshell, the point is you dislike me for being fat?

Zhou Yi could tell what Chen Liguo was thinking from his expression. He said, "I am not disliking you for getting fat--Even if you turn into the mediterranean sea I would still love you."

Moved, Chen Liguo asked, "Really?"

Zhou Yi answered, "Really."

Chen Liguo hugged Zhou Yi and sobbed 'wuwuwu' with emotion.

Then Zhou Yi asked, "If I turn into the Mediterranean sea will you still love me?"

Chen Liguo said, "Don't be afraid, we can be bald together."

Zhou Yi: "……"

Chen Liguo touched the thick black hair on Zhou Yi's head and said with a besotted expression, "You would not become bald. Even if I become bald, you would not."

Zhou Yi: "……" That's right. If I get bald the eyes that'll burn would be yours.

So Zhou Yi got angry again. He found that Chen Liguo really could anger people sometimes.

After dinner Zhou Yi decided to continue the cold war. Of course, this cold war of his was probably one-sided, for Chen Liguo's mood was very good. While bathing he even sang a song with a microphone.

Zhou Yi lay in bed, his mood very low.

After a while Chen Liguo mysteriously came over. He said, "Yiyi, I have a surprise for you."

Zhou Yi asked, "What?"

Chen Liguo laughed 'yixixixixi' then went to the bedside cabinet and rummaged and scoured around, and finally pulled out a box.

Zhou Yi looked at the box in Chen Liguo's hand and did not speak.

Chen Liguo smilingly opened the box and Zhou Yi saw what was inside.

Within that box the size of a notebook he only saw all kinds of interesting toys. Handcuffs, tails, ect ect.

Chen Liguo hung his head, his ears red. He asked, "Do you want or not ah."

Zhou Yi: "Be good, come here."

Only then did Chen Liguo walk over slowly.

Zhou Yi accepted the box in Chen Liguo's hand and slowly flipped through the things inside. He said, "Guoguo, I am not angry because you've gained weight. I'm angry because you never know why I am angry."

Chen Liguo's eyes were wet, "Let a little puppy acknowledge its mistake."

Zhou Yi kissed his eyes and said, "You only ever know that I'm angry when I stop cooking."

Chen Liguo leaned into Zhou Yi's embrace and slowly said, "If you don't like anything that I do, say it. I will slowly change it in the future okay?"

Zhou Yi said, "Oh, then I don't like your little sister coming to play with you."

Chen Liguo: "……" This is the reason why I'll go out and eat midnight snacks with her behind your back, ah, Dear.

Zhou Yi looked at Chen Liguo's distressed expression and laughed lowly. He said, "Alright, I was joking."

The Zhou Yi outsiders saw and the Zhou Yi before Chen Liguo were very different.

The Zhou Yi in front of Chen Liguo would get angry, would frown, and would throw little tantrums. He was not that perfect gentleman.

However, it was such a Zhou Yi that Chen Liguo loved dearly.

Chen Liguo bit Zhou Yi's chin and said, his words muffled, "Alright alright, don't be angry anymore darling, I'll always ask you in the future."

Zhou Yi said, "That's about right."

The two lied down together cozily. Then Zhou Yi asked, "So do you want to explain, when did you buy these things?"

With an expression of innocence, Chen Liguo said, "I secretly bought it online."

Zhou Yi said, "En…… Actually, I have a secret too."

Chen Liguo asked, "What secret?"

Zhou Yi said, "I'll tell you tomorrow."

When Chen Liguo gave Zhou Yi these toys he thought that he would have a harmonious night tonight.

However, Zhou Yi did nothing and slept with Chen Liguo in his arms.

When Chen Liguo fell asleep, he was still touched and thought, 'Sure enough, what he loves is my soul, not my flesh.'

As a result, Zhou Yi told Chen Liguo to ask for time off that day.

Chen Liguo said, "But today is Friday."

Zhou Yi calmly said, "I am the boss, if I say take time off then take time off."

Chen Liguo: "…… Then what are we going to do while on leave?"

Zhou Yi said, "I'm going to bring you to a place."

As soon as Chen Liguo heard Zhou Yi's words, countless pink bubbles floated up from his heart. What sort of romantic surprise did Zhou Yi prepare for him? He was so excited…….

After eating breakfast, Zhou Yi drove the car and brought Chen Liguo into the suburbs and stopped outside a villa.

Chen Liguo was a little confused. He asked, "Are we going to spend our time off here?"

Zhou Yi smiled and said, "Yes."

Chen Liguo looked at Zhou Yi's smile and inexplicably felt his hair stand on end.

Zhou Yi said, "Guoguo, come in ah."

Chen Liguo walked over slowly. As soon as he stepped in he froze.

A huge bird cage stood in the center of the villa's living room. The cage looked exactly the same as the one he was locked in by the demon when he was the saint.

Chen Liguo: "……"

Zhou Yi held Chen Liguo's shoulder and asked, "Do you like it?"

Chen Liguo walked over and touched the cage. He asked, "What is it made of?"

Zhou Yi answered, "Alloy."

Chen Liguo gulped his saliva and asked, "How much did it cost?"

Zhou Yi said, "Not expensive." The main point for his family's darling was always so strange.

Chen Liguo's eyes were full of stars. He said, "Looks so nice."

Zhou Yi suggested, "Sleep inside at night?"

With a foolish smile on his face, Chen Liguo said, "Good good."

Then Zhou Yi brought Chen Liguo upstairs to see the other things. Chen Liguo found the play room that Lu Zhiyang had prepared in Lu Zhiyang's world on the second floor.

Zhou Yi's perfect memory helped him restore the playroom perfectly. Chen Liguo even saw the cute little rocking horse.

Chen Liguo's face had already begun to turn red downstairs but now it was so red it looked like a ripe apple.

Zhou Yi pinched his face and said, "Now you know to be embarrassed?"

Chen Liguo did not make a sound. However, what he thought in his mind was that the things he gave Zhou Yi really were……. childish.

Zhou Yi was not in a hurry. He looked at Chen Liguo with a smile.

Chen Liguo was silent for a while before he asked quietly, "When did you start preparing these things?"

Zhou Yi said, "About half a year now."

In fact, the amount of work needed to undertake these things was quite large. Moreover, there was a need for secrecy and privacy. Thus, the pace of work was not too quick. He had begun to design these things half a year ago and they had only finished last week.

Zhou Yi asked, "Do you like them?"

Chen Liguo's voice was as quiet as a mosquito's. "Like."

Zhou Yi said, "Speak up, I couldn't hear."

So Chen Liguo loudly yelled, "Laozi likes it to death!"

Zhou Yi let out a 'pfft', his clear smile between his brows.

Since they took a few days off to come here, then wasn't it unjustified to not test them out?

That night the two began to play in all kinds of ways. Finally, when Chen Liguo felt that he would die if they continued playing Zhou Yi carried him into the cage to sleep.

On the third morning Chen Liguo got up and found some chains on his legs. He stared at the chains for a moment before calling out, "Yiyi, where are you?"

Zhou Yi walked down from upstairs. He asked, "Awake?"

Chen Liguo looked at him eagerly and said, "Hungry."

Zhou Yi had a helpless expression. He said, "You don't have anything else to say?"

Chen Liguo was confused and asked, "Say what?"

Zhou Yi said, "You've gained some things on your legs, didn't you see?"

Chen Liguo said, "Oh this ah. What material is this made of? Is it expensive?"

Zhou Yi: "……." He just knew it.

Chen Liguo saw Zhou Yi sigh again and seemed to sense something. He quickly changed his attitude and said, "What do you want to do Zhou Yi? I trusted you so much, yet you do this to me."

But Zhou Yi had no interest in playing. He rubbed Chen Liguo's head and said, "Alright, go eat breakfast."

So Chen Liguo dragged his chains and went to eat breakfast.

When eating Chen Liguo learned that the chain was made out of platinum. Hearing this he immediately showed his heartache. He said, "Why use such expensive material, I think iron is very good ah."

Zhou Yi said, "I want to give you the best."

Chen Liguo held the chain, his heart touched. He even ate an additional bowl during breakfast.

After eating the two began to try playing in other ways again.

It had to be said that Zhou Yi's memory was a great help. He restored many scenes throughout the entire villa and almost every room represented a world.

Chen Liguo even saw that box of jade dildos that he had greatly missed.

Chen Liguo hugged those jade dildos and asked, "What was your mood like when you saw this thing at that time?"

It was still alright when this matter was not mentioned but as soon as it was Zhou Yi had a belly full of anger. He said, "You still have the cheek to mention this? At that time I wanted to catch you and fuck you for a round."

Chen Liguo cried and said, "Haven't you fucked now?"

Zhou Yi said, "Still haven't vented enough."

He really had been angered at that time. If not for Chen Liguo already transmigrating away then he really would have cleaned Chen Liguo up.

Hearing this, Chen Liguo looked at Zhou Yi innocently.

"So." Zhou Yi looked at the box in Chen Liguo's hand and grinned from ear to ear. "Want to try it?"

Chen Liguo: "……" Why did he feel a bit scared.

At night all kinds of "Don't ah", "I was wrong", "Dad, let me go". A whole series of such offensive sounds could be heard.

It was a few days worth of time. Chen Liguo really felt kidney pain when he thought about it. When they finally left he had even been carried into the car by Zhou Yi.

"Wuwuwu." Choking with sobs in the car Chen Liguo said that Zhou Yi was too much. He could not go on yet he still continued.

Zhou Yi said, "Then let's come again in a few months."

Hearing this, Chen Liguo immediately asked, "A few months?"

Zhou Yi said, "Then half a year?"

With a righteous expression, Chen Liguo said, "You spent a lot of money on these things. Since you have spent money we should use them ah, otherwise it would be a waste."

Zhou Yi said, "Then how often do you think is right?"

Chen Liguo cracked his knuckles. "One month?"

Zhou Yi silently lit a cigarette.

Chen Liguo said, "Forty days, no longer!"

Zhou Yi patted Chen Liguo's head and said, "Don't cry and beg me at that time."

Chen Liguo said, "As if I would…… Aiyo don't touch my waist, it's going to break, it'll break."

Zhou Yi mocked him.

Chen Liguo said, "Yiyi ah, why did you think about making these things?"

Zhou Yi said, "Because I was afraid you'll be bored." After going through so many wonderful worlds and seeing so many beautiful landscapes, would he feel that reality was too dull after returning?

Chen Liguo said, "Not bored ah. Although it's fun to eat big meals, you can't eat them every day." So what about porridge and small side dishes? So long as he was with his beloved Yiyi, he would be happy to eat anything.

Zhou Yi's eyes softened.

Chen Liguo said, "Let's go let's go, I'll have to drink porridge the next few days. Ai, my bum hurts a lot ah."

Zhou Yi laughed, "I'll be gentler next time."

Chen Liguo mumbled, "It's useless to be gentle ah, told you to stop grinding, probably going to break the skin." As he spoke he leaned on Zhou Yi's shoulder. Feeling drowsy he fell asleep. The morning light was beginning to spill in from the windows now. Chen Liguo leaned on Zhou Yi's shoulder with a satisfied expression, as though he were leaning on the whole world.

Chen Liguo's face was bathed under the sunlight. Zhou Yi looked at his face, and lowered his head to give him a long, lingering kiss.

Ahahahah, finally rubbed it out. No more no more. Completely no more.

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