The Physicist Wife Who Overturned The World

Chapter 1540: Magma Monster

Chapter 1540 - 1540: Magma Monster

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Because of the movement in the magma flow, everyone’s attention turned to it.

The timid people were so frightened that they took a few steps back and did not dare to lean forward. Especially when they saw the monster crawling out of the magma, even more people were frightened and their hair stood on end.

“What… what monster is this?” “There are more and more monsters.” “Look, there’s one over there too.”

“No, we’re surrounded.”

More and more monsters crawled out of the magma. One, two, three… There were already more than a thousand. Those monsters were covered in magma and were not big. They were like humans. They walked on two legs and climbed with both hands. The magma on their bodies kept dripping into the ground. There was a huge mouth on their heads. When they opened their bloody mouths, their ferocious faces were extremely terrifying.

As more and more magma monsters appeared, the people above could no longer retreat and had no choice but to start fighting.

Fortunately, most of the people here were old fellows and monsters from the five continents and ten regions. Their strength was extraordinary, and they were more than enough to deal with those magma monsters. However, there were really too many magma monsters. They climbed out of the magma flow endlessly and could not be killed no matter what.

Furthermore, those magma monsters were not weak. They were equivalent to the Saint Realm. Some of the magma monsters were even stronger, close to the Martial Monarch Realm.

Facing such a powerful and huge number of magma monsters, even those old fellows with high cultivation levels found it difficult to fight. According to this situation, if they continued to stall, the ones who would die would definitely be them.

“There are too many magma monsters. There’s no end to them. What should

we do?”

“Other than fighting now, what else can we do?”

“Ah… Help, help, quickly save me, save me…’

A young man with a cultivation level at the peak of the Saint realm was pulled by a magma monster and dragged into the magma flow. No matter how he struggled, it was useless. The place he was pulled by the magma monster was severely scalded. It was so painful that he could not bear it and he almost fainted.

However, he knew that he could not faint, so he struggled to seek help.

At this moment, everyone was protecting themselves. No one had the ability to save the man who had been dragged away by the magma monster. Furthermore, soon, the man was dragged into the magma flow, and his body was instantly reduced to nothing.

Seeing that the man had been dragged into the magma and melted into nothing, quite a few people were frightened. Even those old fellows with high cultivation levels were no exception. In the beginning, they could still take care of the people around them a little, but now, they were only working hard to protect themselves.

The juniors with low cultivation levels all hid behind. No one dared to fight in front, especially the people from the Medicine God Valley. Some were so frightened that they peed their pants, and some even cried.

“Wuwuwu… Where is this? What monsters are these? They’re really too terrifying. Wuwuwu… I want to return to the Medicine God Valley. I don’t want to stay here.”

“Senior Brother Xiao, you have to protect us.”

“Shut up.” Although Xiao Muhe had a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation level, his strength was far inferior to those old fellows.

Even those old fellows could barely protect themselves, let alone him.

He did not have the ability to protect those alchemists in the Medicine God Valley who did not have much combat strength at all. It was already good enough that he could protect himself.

Just as everyone was getting more and more afraid of the magma monsters, they realized that someone was becoming better the more they fought. Those magma monsters were like cutting vegetables to her.

Does she have to be so exaggerated?

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