The Physicist Wife Who Overturned The World

Chapter 937 - 937 Change of Mind

Chapter 937 - 937 Change of Mind

937 Change of Mind

Xue Fanxin ignored the First Elder and focused on training. She jumped on the wooden stakes, but after jumping one round, she was already exhausted. Fortunately, her cultivation level was not sealed. She could recover her strength with a little mediation and continue jumping.

The third stage of training was indeed as Ah Jiu had said. It was not simple!

But no matter how extraordinary it was, she had to work hard to complete it.

Ye Jiushang stood on a tall tree and looked at Xue Fanxin jumping on the wooden stakes. Especially when he saw her fall from the wooden stakes, his heart ached. However, he could already control this heartache and would not stop the training because of his heartache.

When the third stage of training was completed, Xin’er’s foundation would be almost built.


When he thought about leaving this place after the training ended, Ye Jiushang really could not bear to part with the peaceful life here.

However, he knew very well that life here would end sooner or later, because his and Xin’er’s future was not here.

Xue Fanxin did not know anything now. She only knew that she had to work hard to complete today’s training mission.

This was even when her cultivation level was not sealed. If her cultivation level was sealed, she would not be able to complete such training.

This showed that she was still too weak.

Since she was weak, she had to work hard to become stronger.

No matter how many times Xue Fanxin fell, she would work hard to get up and continue training. Even if she was injured from the fall, she had no intention of retreating, nor did she have any intention of giving up. All she had was perseverance.

A group of demonic beasts followed Xue Fanxin under the wooden stakes. They realized that she was already covered in injuries and their hearts ached for her.

In the end, some of the larger demonic beasts could not help but use their own methods to protect Xue Fanxin. When Xue Fanxin stood on the wooden stake and swayed from side to side, they would lie on the ground as cushions. Once Xue Fanxin fell from the wooden stake, she would not fall directly to the ground, but onto them, so that the fall would not be too painful.

Initially, Xue Fanxin did not want to do this, but the fall was too painful. She could only accept the good intentions of the demonic beasts and think about taking something good out to thank them later.

Because there was a demonic beast as a cushion under her, Xue Fanxin did not feel any pain when she fell, nor was she injured. She got up and continued to jump. As her familiarity with the wooden stakes increased, she stood relatively steadily every time she jumped, and the number of times she fell from the wooden stakes gradually decreased.

At this moment, the sky was almost completely dark, but Xue Fanxin still had one more lap to do, so she could not call it a day.

However, those little guys and big guys did not return to their nests. Instead, they stayed behind to accompany Xue Fanxin and continued to be her cushion, willingly sharing some of her pain.

The First Elder of the Heavenly Spirit Sect searched for a long time and finally found an Earth Subduing Spirit. After taking the medicine, the poison was suppressed, so he had nothing to do and came over to take a look. He wanted to have a good talk with Xue Fanxin again. Perhaps a miracle would happen.

However, when he arrived at the scene, he saw a group of demonic beasts of all sizes acting as Xue Fanxin’s cushions. Even he was touched by that scene.

If only he had one or two such obedient demonic beasts!

Actually, upon closer look, those demonic beasts were quite cute.

At this moment, the First Elder of the Heavenly Spirit Sect did not know that his state of mind had already gradually changed under Xue Fanxin’s influence.

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