The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex

Chapter 722 - It Was My Fault That You Don’t Have a Mother

Chapter 722: It Was My Fault That You Don’t Have a Mother

He still didn’t receive any response from her.

Ye Hao turned off his phone screen dejectedly and stuffed it back in his pocket.

He slumped onto the sofa and closed his eyes in agony.

Six months have passed.

He had suffered through six months of searching and waiting for her and the waiting had been torturous to him. All he wanted to receive the tiniest bit of information about her. He would be satisfied even if he saw that she had updated her WeChat Moments, or sent an emoticon, or if the police could find any evidence of her having used her identification documents.

At the very least, all these were proof that she was still alive.

Ye Hao dug out his phone once again as though he refused to accept reality and this time he sent a message to Mo Yixuan, the man who he had always hated.

-‘Has she contacted you? Did she go over to check on Yuan Yuan?’

His message was simple and only used the word ‘she’ to refer to his ex-wife because both men knew who he was referring to.

These two men would never be able to get along; they were just like fire and ice, and even came to blows on several occasions but by this time, they could no longer bring themselves to hate each other.

There was no point in continuing to bear such bitter hatred against each other anyway.

Soon, his phone beeped. Mo Yixuan had sent over a brusque response and there was only one word in his text message: ‘no’.

This was the end of their conversation.

Ye Hao stared at the word on the screen and bit his lips hard. He clenched and unclenched his hands, then clenched them again before he finally slammed his phone against the sofa in annoyance.

Xi Xi who had just finished her milk was startled by her father’s actions and dropped her milk bottle.

She turned to look at her father and noticed that he seemed very upset.

“Pa pa…” Xi Xi crawled along the sofa to reach his side and stretched out a small hand to tug at his sleeve.

His arms wrapped tightly around her the moment she touched his shirt.

Ye Hao gathered his daughter into his arms and held her tightly, as though he was afraid that he would lose her if he let go and would find that he had nothing left.

He closed his eyes and a tear fell from the corner of his eyes to land on her cheek.

“I’m sorry, my precious girl. I’ve let you down by chasing your mother away. I had turned you into a motherless child. This is all my fault,” Ye Hao muttered disconsolately.

His eyes brimmed with more tears and his tears fell and landed on her face.

He was truly frightened now.

He had lots of money and connections but neither his connections nor his money had managed to help him find the person he was searching for.

After the police conducted their investigations for five months, they told him apologetically that the case would have to be marked as closed because all the clues that they found seemed to indicated that He Xiyan who was both his daughter’s mother and his ex-wife had committed suicide. They couldn’t afford to continue wasting their resources on this missing person case.

He hired several famous detectives and after these people conducted their investigations, they reported that there was a 99% chance that his ex-wife was dead and it was highly probable that she had committed suicide. They deduced that no corpse had been found because her body had either been swept into the ocean by the tide or had been eaten by sharks or whales nearby.

There was absolutely no evidence showing that she was either alive or dead; it was as though she had disappeared from the face of the world.

He could accept that she no longer had feelings for him and even could bring himself to accept the fact that she had returned to the Mo family because of Yuan Yuan but he could not accept the reality that she had killed herself after leaving him.

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