The Queen of Everything

Chapter 737 - Better Than Others

Chapter 737: Better Than Others

But he did not dare to.

He knew how mysterious the new Alliance Master’s strength was. She dared to enter the territory of the Killing Alliance alone and could leave safely. It was obvious that she was extraordinary.

The elders had secretly had people investigate many things about Su Cha, but they did not find out who Su Cha’s master was.

She was from no sect and no one knew where she came from. Shi Wei must have seen a ghost for him to pick this person out.

The flesh on his face was trembling violently. His fingers gripped the armrest of the chair tightly. It was obvious how furious he was.

The girl in front of him was still smiling calmly. Her light-hearted appearance seemed to be able to cancel out all her impetuousness.

Such an appearance was actually a silent threat. In front of her, even the most furious person had to force themselves to calm down.

“Elder Cheng, some things have to be said only with evidence. If you were clean, would you be worried that others would set you up?”

A strange light seemed to flash in the girl’s eyes. Her deep and bottomless eyes made her look mysterious. She smiled lightly at the woman and then looked at Cheng Xisha. “Elder Cheng, if you have anything to say, just wait until tomorrow’s trial assembly. Not to mention that I’ve wronged you, I will also call the Martial Alliance Master to bear witness.”

Cheng Deyue was stunned. Suddenly, he collapsed like a deflated balloon.

He was visibly dispirited.

This girl was really vicious. No matter what, the Martial Alliance and the Star Alliance were two separate associations. It was already embarrassing for an Elder to go through such a judgment, but she did not care at all. She even wanted the Martial Alliance’s Alliance Master to come and watch. In fact, she did not care about this problem at all.

She wanted Cheng Deyue dead.

For a moment, Cheng Deyue regretted his rashness and anger.


There were now people from the Star Alliance monitoring the Cheng residence’s premises. These people were all transferred over temporarily by Tan Yeluo.

After leaving the Cheng residence, the woman thanked Su Cha. “Thank you for helping me, Alliance Master Su. It has made our family feel better.”

Their family was not comparable to the Cheng family, but they were also a famous martial arts family. It’s just that they had been hiding for a long time.

The woman really did not know about Cheng Xisha.

The Chengs would not have done such a disgraceful thing if Bo Muyi had hired someone else to do it. He had only arranged for Cheng Xisha and these people to clash with each other. Cheng Xisha and Cheng Deyue deserved the subsequent development.

Cheng Deyue had been spoiled by having the status of an elder of the Star Alliance. He did not have any scruples and was used to being arrogant.

Who could have guessed that Su Cha was waiting for him to fall into a trap?

When Su Cha heard the woman’s words, she opened her red lips and smiled. “Even if Elder Cheng is an elder of our Star Alliance, he should be treated equally when he commits a crime. This time, he’d gone senile and did not show mercy. As the Alliance Master, I naturally have to uphold justice for you. If I indulge them, how can I continue to take care of the others in the Star Alliance in the future?”

The woman looked at Su Cha gratefully and said some words for Su Cha to visit her before leaving.

Tan Yeluo watched her leave before she pinched her chin and clicked her tongue. “Alliance Master, you speak beautifully.”

Su Cha glanced at her. “You think that is just a formality? I was speaking the truth. As long as someone commits a crime, I will deal with anyone, including you.”

After saying that, she left.

Tan Yeluo smiled and placed her hands behind her back. She was not angry.

Shi Wei had been making calculations his entire life. It was the best thing for him to let Su Cha ascend the throne.

Su Cha did not have any power, and the person behind her was from the neutral Bo family. She had no scruples in doing things, which was much better than others getting to this position.

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