The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: The Residence of Marquis of Lin An

The residence of the Marquis of Lin An in Ding capital was indeed magnificent. This was mainly because the Marquis Furen was the late Emperor dote Princess Yu Qing the most. Originally once one became a Fuma (Princess’s husband), the Marquis of Lin An’s military power must be returned. The late Emperor was unable to withstand Princess Yu Qing’s tantrum and whining, and let things slide. This was enough to say about Princess Yu Qing’s position in the late Emperor’s heart.

Princess Yu Qing was an outstanding beauty and had the most gentle and tender of temperament. After marrying into the Marquis residence, she was also doted by the Marquis of Lin An. Unfortunately the Marquis of Lin An still brought in a concubine, which was the current Madam Fang.

If Princess Yu Qing was a natural lady from a noble house and had money and power to help one in any occupation, then this Madam Fang was a pretty daughter from a humble family. It was Madam Fang’s father who did a favour to the Marquis and afterwards when the family fell behind, Father Fang used the favour to let the Marquis marry Madam Fang as a concubine.

Liangqie and a normal concubine were different and cannot be killed per one’s wishes. In addition Madam Fang was willing to become a concubine and did not display any jealousy behaviour thus the Marquis did not take it to mind. Most likely it was because nobility usually have three wives and four concubines and the Marquis of Lin An only brought in one Liangqie which was already rarely seen. Thus the Marquis did not feel that anything was wrong.

Unfortunately when male and female look at the problem, especially concerning on the issue on concubines, would be poles apart. The Marquis felt that having a Liangqie was not a serious matter since a concubine was only a plaything and the person in his heart was still Princess Yu Qing but Princess Yu Qing did not feel the same.

Princess Yu Qing grew up in the favour of the late Emperor and was also pampered all day after marrying into the Marquis residence. Her husband had only her the official wife so she was already used to the kind of lifestyle. Who knew that there was a sudden appearance of a concubine and at that time Princess Yu Qing just gave birth to Xie Jing Xin and was in her confinement period when she was hit with the news.

Madam Fang gave her greeting to Princess Yu Qing every day and wore according to the rules. It would be better if she did not come as it made Princess Yu Qing felt more anguish. If Princess Yu Qing was an ordinary Princess, she would had found a way to make Madam Fang stumble and it was not impossible to send her away. But Princess Yu Qing was protected very well the entire time and was naïve to the world so how would she know how to use those dirty tricks.

Nevertheless it was the Momo, who was part of the Princess’s dowry, who thought of an idea and carried it out without the knowledge of the Princess to chase Madam Fang out from the house. Who knew that it was not only ended in failure and was also found out by the Marquis of Lin An.

Even though the Marquis of Lin An was an unruly person usually, at the bottom of his heart he had a honourable temperament and could not stand all the small little tricks that women played so he severely rebuked Princess Yu Qing at that moment.

It was the first time since Princess Yu Qing married over to be in an argument with the Marquis of Lin An. She was also one who would not swallow any grievances so she did not mention the matter of Momo out and only oppose the Marquis of Lin An with equal harshness so much that the Marquis turn and left abruptly.

She initially thought that the Marquis of Lin An would come over to see her after a few days but who knew th

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at after a month had passed the Marquis only rest at Madam Fang. A female during confinement period must not be upset and Princess Yu Qing kept the anger inside and thus fell into a bout of serious illness.

Deep down, the Marquis of Lin An deeply loved his wife and wanted to visit Princess Yu Qing but on that very night he receive the Imperial edict to go to battle and could not even inform Princess Yu Qing before he left.

Shortly after the Marquis of Lin An left, Madam Fang found herself pregnant.

As the main household, when the Marquis was not in, Princess Yu Qing cannot create problems for Madam Fang and even had to protect the child in Madam Fang. If there was any unexpected misfortune, the gossip in the capital would be how she murdered the concubine when her husband was away.

Over the long run, being physically and mentally exhausted, Princess Yu Qing’s health was gradually neglected and almost at the brink. When the Momo saw it, she was filled with anxiety but Princess Yu Qing did not allow Momo to report back to the Imperial family. She got up to write a letter to the Marquis of Lin An to come back to see her.

She waited and waited but at the end was unable to wait for the Marquis of Lin An’s return.

Princess Yu Qing died. Three days after the burial, the Marquis of Lin An return in triumphant but upon failing to see his beloved wife’s corpse was deeply grieved. Unfortunately the beauty had left, leaving behind a grave.

At that time the late Emperor was extremely furious and demoted the official rank of the Marquis of Lin An. Till the new Emperor took to position and pity the loss of his talent, he was then promoted back to the Marquis of Lin An. Unfortunately there was no more anecdotes of the ideal couple.

The Marquis of Lin An did not marry a second wife and there was only Madam Fang in the entire Marquis residence. Madam Fang also lowered her head for a few decades to be lower ranked and even though the Marquis of Lin An care about her children, he put all his energy on his Di son, Xie Jing Xing.

But Xie Jing Xing did not appreciate it. Since he gradually became sensible, he started to become estranged from the Marquis of Lin An – Princess Yu Qing’s and the Marquis of Lin An’s love hate disputes were household analogies, thus if one want to know about it, it would be known.

The Marquis of Lin An was conscience-stricken with his son and would always do his best to satisfy him. However Xie Jing Xing especially love to adopt a confrontational position with his father which made his father head ache in fury. But in any case, he had inherited the beauty and talent of Princess Yu Qing and was a wonderful and brilliant gentleman, except for his unruly temper. This naturally made him the dream man of the young ladies from aristocrat families.

Today was still the same.

Xie Jing Xing strode into his own study.

His courtyard was the courtyard that Princess Yu Qing used to recuperate and was far apart from the main courtyard and was very peaceful and secluded. Xie Ding always want him to move nearer to the main courtyard but was always rejected by Xie Jing Xin. Reason was that he did not want to see some people.

His attitude to the Marquis of Lin An had always been so cold.

His manservant pushed the door open and came in carrying a snow white flower ceramic bowl, “Fang Yiniang has cooked lotus seed porridge and said that it has been boiling for a few shichen for Master to warm his body.”

He did not like his men to call him ‘young master’ or ‘heir’ and to call him just ‘master’. It seems that with this he could be separated from the Marquis residence.

Xie Jing Xing cast a glance at the bow;. The porridge was shimmering and the soup was thick and fresh, it really took a lot of time to made it. It was emitting a light fragrance and could move one’s appetite.

He coldly replied, “Pour it away.”

The manservant replied yes and withdraw.

When he just withdrew, a person suddenly appeared behind the door. He lowered his head and softly said, “Master, have investigate thoroughly. It is the Third Young Lady of the First household in the General residence, Shen Xin’s Di daughter, Shen Miao.”

“Shen Xin?” Xie Jing Xin frowned.

Shen Xin and Xie Ding had political difference for many years and the Shen residence and Marquis residence felt one another unpleasing to the eye. As for the checks and balances of the military, it involved a lot of interest.

And the Marquis residence and the Su family were good friends so for the Shen family to warn the Su family, it was perhaps to also remind the Xie family. But for opposing people to suddenly give a reminder, what was the meaning of it? Even more so Shen Miao is a little young lady and what would she know, it was of course the Shen family who deliberately made her give the reminder. Shen Xin was currently in the faraway North-eastern area, could it be the Second or Third household? Shen Gui and Shen Wan were very ambitious people and now that the situation in the Imperial court had some movements, they would take advantage of the crisis for personal gain.

“Shen and Xie families are as different as the Jing and Wei rivers. For the Shen girl to suddenly show goodwill, she obviously has ill intentions.” He raise his brows as his voice became as cold as iron, “Continue investigating!”

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