The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 1215 - Whose Family Is She From?

Chapter 1215: Whose Family Is She From?

Being so close, Qiao Zhengyuan could see Liu Yiqin’s skin more clearly.

The two of them had shared the same bed for many years, so they naturally knew each other’s condition very well.

Liu Yiqin’s change was really too great!

The fine lines that were difficult to eliminate had disappeared at this moment. The pores that were a little rough had shrunk, and her skin was so delicate that she looked like she was 20 or 30 years old!

This was too exaggerated!

All this was really brought about by the pill given by Xia Xibei?

Qiao Zhengyuan was in a trance.

Was there really such a magical thing in this world?

However, he quickly reacted.

There were really such magical things in this world!

At least, those few ancient martial arts families had such things!

Why were ancient martial arts families more powerful than ordinary families like their own? It was because they had these magical things on hand, wasn’t it?

Qiao Zhengyuan heard a few years ago that there was an ancient martial arts family that produced a pill that could rejuvenate people.

Of course, no one was sure whether this was true or not. After all, they were a bit distant from those ancient martial arts families.

However, everyone wanted to get involved with an ancient martial arts family. It would be great if they learned a little something from those families!

Now, Qiao Zhengyuan saw that contact with an ancient martial family would deliver the power!

This kind of freakishly powerful pill was something only an ancient martial family would have!

Could it be that… Xia Xibei was a child of some ancient martial arts family?

Otherwise, how else would she have such an incredible pill?


Qiao Zhengyuan pulled Qiao Yanjue aside and asked in a whisper. “Which family is this girl from?”

Qiao Yanjue looked at him and understood what he meant.

“Her surname is Xia. Her father is Xia Jun and her mother is Chang Qianzi.”

“What?” Qiao Zhengyuan was stunned. “What did you say? You said it wrong, right?”

Xia Jun and Chang Qianzi did have a daughter, but wasn’t their daughter Xia Qinghan?

The old man knew about the relationship between Xia Qinghan and Qiao Haoming.

When did the Xia family gain an extra daughter?

Qiao Zhengyuan thought that Qiao Yanjue was joking!

However, this kind of joke was not funny!

“I’m not wrong,” Qiao Yanjue shook his head. “She is indeed the biological daughter of Xia Jun and Chang Qianzi. It’s just that she switched identities with Xia Qinghan when she was a child.”

This amount of information was so huge that the old man was stunned.

Changed identities?!

“Wait a minute, that means she’s Xia Jun’s daughter. Then Haoming …”

Didn’t Qiao Haoming have a marriage contract with Xia’s daughter?

So now that Xia Xibei and Qiao Yanjue were together…

Qiao Yanjue naturally understood what the old man meant and immediately explained, “Xia Qinghan is also Xia Jun’s daughter. Therefore, Haoming’s marriage contract can be canceled without having to cancel it.”

The old man frowned, “Is it so messy?”

No need for Qiao Yanjue to say more, he had also sorted out the whole thing.

Xia Qinghan should be the daughter born to Xia Jun’s lover outside, and she and Xia Xibei had switched identities. It was only now that the identities of the two were clarified.

“Then where did she learn these skills?” The old man frowned. “This kind of skill… It is not something ordinary people can have.”

“She used to have a master,” Qiao Yanjue blurted out, “But her master left long ago and no one has ever met him. I haven’t met him either.”

The old man frowned and muttered in his heart.

This kind of excuse was too unconvincing!

However, this was not the focus of his concern.

“What about the medicine that… She just gave me?”

Qiao Yanjue laughed, “I thought you didn’t want it?”

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