The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 13: That’s A Great Deal Of Information

Chapter 13: That’s A Great Deal Of Information

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‘Break up?’

Those two words gave them an even bigger shock.

There was no way they would have expected Xia Xibei and Yang Xuan to secretly get into a relationship and then secretly break up.

Indeed, never judge a book by its cover!

Seeing the looks on their faces, Jin Yazhen was inwardly pleased, but she put on a worried look instead. “Xibei, the man who looked for you previously is a man of complicated background, he doesn’t fit in with our circle. Yang Xuan treats you well, you shouldn’t let him down!”

As the people pondered on it, they were taken aback right away.

There was a great deal of information in those words!

Xia Xibei had cheated on her boyfriend with a man of complicated background... Didn’t that mean she was someone’s mistress?!

The students, who were yet to step into the outside world, wore a disgusted look on their faces.

.It had occurred to them as something revolting, as innocent as they could be.

Xia Xibei looked at Jin Yazhen with the shadow of a smile.

She would definitely have been victimized by Jin Yazhen’s accusation and be rendered speechless if she were herself from her previous life. She had been too silly, hadn’t she?

But if she got swindled again this time, that would be very stupid of her indeed!

“Zhenzhen, how could you say that? When did I ever get in touch with people of complicated backgrounds? Don’t you speak recklessly!”

“Didn’t the man look for you often back then? I think I saw him giving you money... Ahh! I shouldn’t have spilled that!”

As she spoke, she even put a hand over a mouth, looking as if she had made inappropriate remarks.

The rest of them drew in a sharp breath. She really did become a mistress!

The disgust in their eyes grew more intense when they looked at Xia Xibei.

Xia Xibei chuckled all of a sudden. “Oh~ I think you must be talking about the owner of the restaurant where I work, aren’t you?”

“How would I know who he is...”

“How could you not know?” Xia Xibei interrupted her in shock. “You have been to the restaurant where I work, and you have seen the owner!”

Before Jin Yazhen could answer, she went on, “But it’s understandable, you were busy showing your affection toward Yang Xuan back then, and you couldn’t care less about anyone and anything else, that’s why you don’t remember him.”

Jin Yazhen was stunned for a moment. Before she could argue about “showing affection”, Xia Xibei put on a serious look. “But rest assured, I won’t be seeing him anymore.”

“Why is that?” Jin Yazhen subliminally asked.

“Because he was caught!”

“What?!” Jin Yazhen was dumbfounded. “Why?”

“He put opium husks in meat, and that is an illegal act! Someone reported him, and he’s in jail now.”

Jin Yazhen inhaled a sharp cold breath. “Opium husks?!”

They were in high school; sure enough, they knew what those things were. Everyone was frightened.

“Yeah, the meat that you always consume, there are lots of opium husks placed in it. I heard that it gets you addicted!” Xia Xibei explained in a serious manner.

“Addicted?!” Jin Yazhen’s face turned pale.

“Yes, it’s better for you and Yang Xuan to get a check-up. I’m not sure if it poses harm to your health.” Xia Xibei put on a look of concern, and then it turned into a smug one. “Luckily, I got the salary which he owed me for three months before he was caught, or I would have to feed on soil now!”

The rest of the people couldn’t help but be curious. “You worked there for a long time, didn’t you consume the meat they sold?”

“Forget it!” Xia Xibei ruefully shook her head. “The owner was super stingy! As workers, we only got to eat vegetables and bean curds, meat was a luxury that we couldn’t afford!”

She looked toward Jin Yazhen again. “Zhenzhen, I have treated you and Yang Xuan like what—fifty or sixty meals? Each and every meal consisted of those meats. I think it is best for the two of you to get a check-up.”

As she finished, the bell rang. The teacher happened to walk in at that time, and the crowd dispersed.

Jin Yazhen had a very awful look on her face.

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