The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 26: Where Did This Come From?

Chapter 26: Where Did This Come From?

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Xia Xibei’s answer confirmed Huo Zijun’s guess, and he couldn’t help being even more surprised.

“Did you prescribe this, or did someone else prescribe this?”

“Of course I did it myself.”

Although Xia Xibei knew that he doubted her level because of her age, she was still a little unhappy.

“You really prescribed this?”

Huo Zijun looked at Xia Xibei up and down in disbelief.

A young woman with pretty looks... she could compete with those idols on TV if she was dressed up.

But how could someone this young have this kind of ability?

“If not...?” Xia Xibei couldn’t resist rolling her eyes.

“Why did you prescribe these medicines?”

Huo Zijun pointed to one of the medicinal supplies and asked.

“Clears blood toxins.”

“This one?”

“Reduces swelling and diuresis.”

“And this?”

“Nourishes yin and beauty.”

“This one...”

“Why are you asking so much?” Qiao Yanjue couldn’t help it and finally interrupted Huo Zijun’s endless questions. “Did you not see her discomfort?”

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Huo Zijun raised his eyebrows to look at him, “She doesn’t know you!”

Qiao Yanjue’s face sank.

“She was the one who took out my bullet.”

As soon as he said this, Huo Zijun’s eyes widened in surprise.

“She did it?”

When Qiao Yanjue was sent here before, the bullet from his body had already been taken out, and the bleeding had stopped.

One could tell from the way the wound was treated that whoever did it was very experienced.

He never imagined that Xia Xibei did this!

Then why did Xia Xibei say that she didn’t know Qiao Yanjue?

Huo Zijun looked at Xia Xibei, “You took care of his wound?”

“No. I don’t know him.”

Xia Xibei was startled, but she resolutely shook her head.

She didn’t want anything to do with Qiao Yanjue.

Now Qiao Yanjue’s face darkened.

What did she mean she didn’t know him?

She talked to Huo Zijun so happily, but she treated him like a stranger?

Usually, he was the one who disliked other people, and now he was being disliked by others. This was a really hard feeling!

He was so angry he grinned, his eyes pausing on Xia Xibei’s school bag.

Then he took ahold of her schoolbag.

“What are you doing?!”

Xia Xibei was anxious, but she couldn’t stop Qiao Yanjue’s movements at all.

“This is mine, don’t you understand privacy?!”

Because of her excitement, Xia Xibei’s stomach hurt again, and she could only get back into bed.

Her eyes were filled with anger as she looked at Qiao Yanjue.

Did she meet a fake Qiao Yanjue?!

The thirty-year-old Qiao Yanjue was cold, cruel, evil, and domineering.

Then how come this Qiao Yanjue would do something like this?!

Huo Zijun also looked at Qiao Yanjue in bewilderment. The Qiao Yanjue he knew never touched other people’s things casually.

—Of course, it was also unlikely for a tiny girl to ignore Qiao Yanjue in the past either.

Qiao Yanjue had no idea he was being slandered and suspected and simply took out a lighter from the school bag.

“Where did you get this?”

Looking at this lighter, Xia Xibei was stunned.


Of course, this lighter was her reward for saving Qiao Yanjue before. She hadn’t had time to sell it in the last few days.

“If you didn’t know me, then why is my lighter with you? Could it be that you stole it?”

Qiao Yanjue finally won a battle. He smiled slightly, “Please explain.”


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