The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 543 - : I’ll Take Care of It

Chapter 543: I’ll Take Care of It

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Liu Manhong was more than ten years younger than Liu Yiqin, and their parents died when she was just eleven years old.

Fortunately, at that time, Liu Yiqin had already entered the workforce and could support her.

After a slightly difficult phase for the sisters, Liu Yiqin married into the Qiao family and the sisters’ lives became better.

After that, Liu Yiqin fully supported Liu Manhong in doing all the things she wanted to do, giving her funds and backing her up.

It could be said that Liu Yiqin raised Liu Manhong like a mother.

Therefore, the relationship between the two sisters was extraordinary.

Liu Yiqin understood Liu Manhong, and Liu Manhong understood her sister.

Although Liu Yiqin did not insist on asking and gave up in the end, Liu Manhong knew that she must be keeping some big move to herself.

Of course, the biggest move of all was… Coming over!

Liu Manhong’s face changed while thinking about it.

Although she believed that her sister was not a person who loved money and resented the poor, as a mother, who wouldn’t want her child to find a comparable match?

Xia Xibei was great in every way, but her family history was inferior and could not be compared to the Qiao family at all.

This situation was different from Liu Yiqin’s back then. After all, when she married Qiao Zhengyuan, the Qiao family was not so wealthy yet.

The current Qiao family was completely different from the previous one, and Liu Yiqin’s mentality may have changed.

In this situation, if the two sides confronted each other, it was probably not a good thing.

In that case, Qiao Yanjue was the one to blame!

“What the hell did you say to your mother?!”

She growled as soon as the call went through.

Qiao Yanjue froze at her yelling. “What did I say?”

“If you didn’t say anything, would your mother want to come over?”


Qiao Yanjue was also stunned by his mother’s sudden momentum. “She said she was coming over?”

Liu Manhong affirmed. “She didn’t say it. But I think she will definitely come over!”

Qiao Yanjue mused that this was a possibility.

“No worries. She won’t come here.”

“How do you know?”

“Because she has to deal with Qiao Zhiqing first.”


Liu Man Hong was a little confused. What did this have to do with Qiao Zhiqing?

“Don’t worry, even if she came over, it won’t be a problem,” Qiao Yanjue reassured her. “I’ll take care of it.”

Liu Manhong didn’t have the patience to deal with this situation, saying, “I hope you remember that! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ungracious when the time comes!”

Xia Xibei was like her daughter! Such a capable and well-behaved daughter was not to be bullied.

“Don’t worry, I know.”

Being comforted by Qiao Yanjue, Liu Manhong let herself calm down.

Xia Xibei had no idea what was happening to their family, let alone that a certain socialite might come over at any moment. She was simply making her final preparations.

She had previously signed up for an English competition with a written and oral test.

After going through the previous hurdles, she broke into the final province-wide final as the first in the city.

Other people could only admire her when they learned her results. After all, she took so much time off before and she was so busy, but still she managed to take first place.

She really was too awesome!

Of course, Tang Luo was also as incredible as her.

Tang Luo participated in the physics and chemistry competition and made it to the final, making others thoroughly admire him.

These two gods of learning made it hard for people to be jealous of them. They were simply not in the same realm!

Xia Qinghan also made it to the final of the English competition, but she came in fourth place in the city and was not at all impressive compared to Xia Xibei’s crushing victory.

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