The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap

Chapter 208

Chapter 208

Arge Chapter 208: The place of people who hate losing.

We got out of the bath,

I was taken to the training ground.

The training ground was outdoors, and there were not many shields, etc., in anticipation of damage caused by magic.

「…Isn’t everyone strangely excited?」(Arge)

「Everyone loves entertainment, just looking Ginka fights will raise their morale.」(Shion)

So that’s it.

In other words, is this enthusiasm a proof that the leader of the rebels is someone people look up to?

「Well then, I will move to Ginka-san’s side.」(Shion)

Softly emerged, Shion-san moved to the side of Ginka-san.

Naturally, she got a princess hug.

「…So what about the rules?

Even if you say that you show your power… is it a simulated battle?」(Felnote)

「I intend to do that.

I’m from the house of Samurai.

Personally, I am also interested in the power of the Oddeye Holy Knight.」(Ginka)

「The FORMER Holy Knight.

I hope you don’t expect too much.

And I’m going to see what the house called Miyama made of.」(Felnote)

Apparently, they seem to already know each other even without the introduction.

Ginka-san glanced at us and spoke.

「What will those girls do?」(Ginka)

「Just you and I aren’t enough?」(Felnote)

From what Felnote-san said, it was implied that we shouldn’t fight.

I think she cares about this younger person.


After she was told so, Ginka-san was wondering for a while and Shion made a whirring noise there.

Then Ginka-san shook her silver hair and nodded.

「…We will fight together, so I would like to have Alraune lady there join in.」(Ginka)

「…Ah, is that so? Aoba, is it okay?」(Felnote)

「Yes, it doesn’t matter.

Because I wanted a little work-out, too」(Aoba)

In response to Felnote-san, Aoba-san stepped ahead.

I wasn’t asked, so let me relax for now.

「I’d like to end it without fatal injuries so that we can heal it later.」(Felnote)

「Yes. I mean, I wouldn’t accept it without Arge here.

We can’t afford to get severely injured before the big battle.」(Aoba)

As expected of Felnote-san, a calm and wise opinion.

「Then I will be sleeping, please wake me up when you’re done」(Arge)

「If something goes wrong, we will be in trouble, so take a look closerly.」(Felnote)

「Uu, it’s a hassle…」(Arge)

I’m not interested in this kind of development, or to be honest, I don’t think I’m suitable.

From the conversation mentioned earlier, I know that we could eventually cooperate with the rebels. I don’t think this is necessary.

「There’s no killing but there’s no need to hold back either, Aoba」(Felnote)

「Of course, I think I will get along (Compatibility) with you just fine. 」(Aoba)

Certainly, as Aoba-san said, the compatibility of the two is not bad.

Alraune, who has high support power with ivy and magic flowers, and Felnote-san, a “former” Holy Knight who has high offensive power.

It’s an emergency combination, but from my point of view, the fighting seems to be easy.

「What do you do with weapons?

Do you want to use a wooden sword?」(Felnote?)

「You can’t be serious.

I’m just not going for a kill but we are serious… come, Shion」(Ginka)

「Yes. Ginka-san」(Shion)

Upon hearing her name called, Shion snuggled to Ginka-san

An artificial spirit with pure white skin and a brown half-elf.

The two with a vivid contrast held their hands together in a very natural way, as if they were born that way.

「「Connect (Access)」」(Ginka + Shion)

Two voices echo at the same time.

At the same time, a huge amount of light was emitted and swallowed the surroundings.


During the time I narrowed my eyes due to the flash.

The two of them were transforming.

Hard, black, and sharp.

An armored figure that covered the whole body just like a crustacean or an insect.

The silver color melt and became like the mane on the head.

*Hi~in*, with a high-pitched sound, a golden light shined on her head.

「Reinforced clothes……! ?」(Arge? Aoba?)

She looks like a sci-fi hero or a science fiction robot.

The half-elf and the artificial spirit have transformed (fusion) into one figure.

Softly floating on her shoulder was a palm-sized Shion-san, which was deformed to SD size.

「… An artificial spirit that resembles a Magic Artifact created using the remains of a Yggdrasil-class Black dragon.

That’s me. Please call this form Mini Shion.」(Shion)

「The name of this armor is “Obsidian”

And its power is… I will show you now.」(Ginka)


「「Now, if you can overcome it, try it!!」」(Ginka+Shion)

Fight together.

It literally meant that the two became one.

As they became one, cheers raised from the surroundings.

「…Which means they aren’t just simply combining their fighting power」(Aoba?)

「It’s so cool (Kakkoii~desu~no~ne!)」(Kuzuha)

That figure is quite eye-catching, Kuzuha-chan’s tension is raising.

I seems like their united form is a symbol of hope for the rebels.

… Is it a fusion of machine and life?

Mixing with the technology of this world, the Magic Artifact, a weapon created by the Kuon engineer.

I can see mechanical parts here and there,

It means that the technology of our world is used as an application there.

Felnote-san pulled out her sword and Aoba-san stood up like they are ready.

「…Shall we go, Aoba」(Felnote)

「it seems to be a bad match for me so I will handle the support.」(Aoba)

The tension is melting into the air and everyone takes a breather.


There’s no signal of start, Felnote-san stepped in first.

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