The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 5

Chapter 5, Rich harvests

Qiao Wei wanted to rip that little dumpling’s heart alive, ‘you say, you provoking the other is already no big deal, must go provoke a tiger? With this tiny size of yours, are you that mountain king's opponent? Do you want to die? And what are you doing in my arms? Do we know each other?’

The tiger now recognized the cowardly human and the shameful little thing as a gang, don’t mention how much anger it had, it wanted to bite those two to their deaths to vent its hatred!

Qiao Wei felt the tiger’s killing intention, she thought that it was best to put the small white dumpling aside. Being "framed" by the planted goods, she didn’t think that the enraged tiger would let her off.

It seems that a fierce battle is inevitable.

In the past life, Qiao Wei had only seen tigers in the zoo; those tigers and lions were in the transparent glass walls and were domesticated, no longer having the wild instincts of a beast, so when she looked at them, she did not feel afraid. But right now, a living, pure natural animal that did not receive any domestication was in front of her, so she must fend for herself in front of the ancient tiger that suddenly appeared. To be exact, it was under her feet, she realized the cruelty of the jungle now.

Its hind limbs were full of blood, and it had lost its physical strength, but it could not stop itself from attacking its prey as its authority could not be defied, even if the process of defending cost its life.

This was beastly nature.

Qiao Wei was sweating profusely; less than a metre away, the tiger could bite her feet. Of course, she also clearly felt the tiger's drag, although the tiger was a cat, in the end the pressure was too big, and climbing trees on its toes had caused a large damage; generally, after climbing one or two meters, it would have fallen, not to mention its two hind legs had been injured, so reaching this height is likely to be its limit.

Qiao Wei was thinking whether she would like to bet? Bet that it's going to fall in the next second...

But what if it does not fall, this moment of hesitation, perhaps brewing their own tragedy.

Did she enter into the ancient times just to be swallowed into the beast’s belly?

How could it be?

Qiao Wei’s pupils flashed resolutely and touched the sickle between the waist. She was proficient in surgery and knew where to cut to kill in a single blow. The difficulty is, her mind still possessed the past life’s cognition: South China Tigers and Siberian tigers were national level protected animals.

Is she really going to kill the first-class protected level animal at the Great China? If it were the past, she would have to gone to jail certainly.

Soon, Qiao Wei discovered that all of her fears were in vain, because when the tiger climbed high enough to bite her, her body had taken the most honest reaction to her thoughts.

In the next second, her hand flashed a knife, fishy red and warm blood splashed over her face, the tiger fell straight down, smashed a huge pit in the snow, and the pit was soon dyed red.

Qiao Wei recovered, or because the small dumpling at the bosom excitedly sounded "cluck-cluck!"

Qiao Wei was still immersed in shock after killing a tiger, it was to be noted that the little thing nearly killed her. She had just cut the carotid artery of the tiger, so the possibility of the tiger's survival was zero. Thus, she was relieved to go down from the tree.

The little white dumpling heeled over behind her.

Qiao Wei footsteps were lofty that small dumpling didn't halt its steps and hit Qiao Wei’s legs. Qiao Wei then carefully looked at it. This thing was a pure white ferret - fluffy and looked very young. But it was so hateful, even a tiger had been killed by it.

Little white dumpling probably didn't realize Qiao Wei was blamed it, rather it thought that Qiao Wei was admiring it. The small dumpling then straightened its small chest, showed off his chest muscles, and turned around, in order to allow her to bask on its noble and beautiful tail.

Qiao Wei raised her leg and kicked away the little thing making it fly away!

Little white dumpling: "Aw!"

Qiao Wei did not care anymore about the idle ferret and squat down at the tiger's location. She went up the mountain originally just with the intention to give the children a pheasant or a hare for supplementary nutrition, but she never expected to hunt a tiger. Of course, this was also thanks to the fact that the tiger itself was injured and climbed the tree while the environment wasn’t fit for oneself, the benefit of timeliness, and favorable geographical condition that the tiger itself did not have, thereby asking her to pick up the cheap bargain.

The tiger whole body itself was a treasure, it should be able to sell a good price, right? By selling it, the children would be able to eat white rice.

Qiao Wei made up her mind to bring the tiger back home, but because of fear of damaging the tiger’s skin, she even carried it on her back, exhausting herself!

After that, Qiao Wei cleaned herself and went down the hill. Qiao Wei divided the rabbits and gave two to aunt Luo, only leaving one for oneself. She thought, if the tiger could really be sold, she and the children would not be hungry this winter, and it was only two hares. Aunt Luo was their benefactor, her goodwill must be reciprocated.

But then, aunt Liang refused to accept: "I still could eat, but just give the children as a stew, look at the children who are so skinny!"

Qiao Wei showed a faint smile and said: "They already have other things to eat, you can rest assured." Hesitating a moment, she the said about the tiger’s matter to Aunt Luo. "I am just a newcomer not familiar with the surroundings, I still need to rely on Aunt Luo on how to sell the tiger.”

Aunt Luo was shocked for three seconds, then grabbed Qiao Wei's arm: "You... You... Did you hunt a tiger? Are you alright?”

Qiao Wei smiled and shook his head: "I'm all right. I was lucky to find that the tiger was injured, it was dying but also wanted to eat me... Even if I was going to die, I decided that we must die together...”

She tried to exaggerate the composition of the luck, to let aunt Luo not to feel too abrupt. Aunt Luo felt really strange. A person that couldn’t even kill a chicken, how all of a sudden killed a tiger, but if the tiger itself was dying, that would be reasonable.

‘This girl's luck is very good’ was what she thought in her mind, but the mouth replied: "Too dangerous, you must not go into the mountain again!"

Qiao Wei understood aunt Luo’s good intention, what aunt Luo said, she will obediently obey it, "Well", "Know", "is" … With a well-behaved and gentle appearance, like a docile kitten, or a delicate and beautiful cat, letting people feel that she should not have such a life of displacement...

Aunt Luo grumbled till last, scolded till she couldn’t scold anymore; in her heart, she thought if she had a daughter, she would love to put her in the palm of her hand ah, so how could Qiao's family be willing to drive her out?

Aunt Luo secretly sighed, said: “Dazhuang hunted a tiger last year and sold it for a lot of money. If you want to sell, I will go to ask about it for you.”

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