The Rise of Phoenixes

Chapter 255

Chapter 255: Chapter 255

“The Second Potala Palace is mine and needs not my son’s orders.” Liu Mudan replied, a furious smile twisting her lips even as her speech dropped into a solemn cadence. She clapped once, calling in a group of maid servants. “You refuse to leave? Fine, stay; but your belongings were all gifted from my hand. Take everything away!”

The strong and hardy female servants all immediately obeyed and Medora’s futile attempts to stop them were brushed off and mercilessly ignored. Feng Zhiwei watched with quiet amusement and respect, her hands clasped behind her back as she nodded to herself. Although Medora considered herself the Dowager Queen, the true Queen Mother was still Liu Mudan.

Medora was already crying out with steppe words, and though Feng Zhiwei could not understand, it was clear that the woman was cursing and throwing insults. Soon, Dowager Queen Mudan’s fury had deepened until her eyes shone with the same rage that they had held when glaring at Kereyid.

The noise soon pulled Helian Zheng away from whatever he was doing and he strode in, bewildered by the noise and chaos. As soon as he came into view, Medora threw herself into his arms and wept even louder: “Ah-Ja, when I save you, you all said that you would repay me the rest of your life, but now I’m not even allowed my room!”

Feng Zhiwei frowned and glanced over at Hua Qiong. She saw the same disdain in her friend’s eyes — demanding repayment again and again, ignoring the great respect and care she’d lived on all these years?

Helian Zheng caught Medora, awkwardly patting her on the back before holding her out at arm’s distance, a strained smile on his face as he replied: “What is the matter, you will always have a place here. It’s just a small change, come, let’s go look at the Back Palace together, you can even choose the best room!”

“I live here! I will only live here!” Medora cried out, stamping her feet.

Helian Zheng furrowed his brows and turned inquisitively towards Feng Zhiwei.

Feng Zhiwei smirked. Helian Zheng’s manners truly were a bit on the crude side — after calling her “aunt” all this time, he really had begun to treat her with that manner of respect, but she really did not want to play that role…

“Fine.” Feng Zhiwei said calmly, nodded at Helian Zheng. “You can stay here.”

Everyone froze and Medora soon lifted her head from Helian Zheng’s chest and stared at Feng Zhiwei in astonishment. When the woman’s completely dry eyes met her own, Feng Zhiwei’s sneer grew wider.

“You are right, it is just a room. Since you’ve grown attached, forcing you out is too much. Stay.”

Medora’s eyes widened with glee and she hugged Helian Zheng tightly: “Ah-Ja, you’re the best! You’re the best!”

“But I do not want to live here.” Feng Zhiwei continued in a slow, lazy voice. “I prefer the Back Palace. Helian Zheng, we will live there and the Dowager Queen and Medora can live here.”

Dowager Queen Mudan laughed as Medora froze.

“Moreover.” Feng Zhiwei continued calmly, ignoring Medora as she turned and walked away. “With the King’s Court recent turmoil, we need stricter rules. My dowry guards will take charge of guarding the residences of the King and I. No strangers without mine or the Dowager Queen’s permission will be allowed in our residence.”

Obviously Medora was now one of those strangers.

Feng Zhiwei swept out of the room, cheerful and thankful that she could escape the earth and heaven shattering, god and demon beweeping bedroom. Everyone else swiftly followed, leaving Medora alone in her room, dazed.

A while later as she stood in her messy room, Medora screamed and kicked a small table.

The table fell over and rolled aside before stopping by a pair of feet. The gentle hands awkwardly bent down and lifted the table upright.

Medora turned, meeting the smiling eyes of the heavily pregnant Narta.

As they walked over to the Back Palace, Liu Mudan sighed heavily as she spoke: “What a waste of my designs. Should we move those things over?”

“The patterns are so beautiful that I’m afraid I’ll lose sleep admiring them day and night.” Feng Zhiwei hurriedly replied. “Mudan Hua, you should keep them by your side.”

Beside them, Young Master Gu carried Gu Zhixiao, the pink five-legged rabbit tucked under his arm — Gu Zhixiao liked it.

Gu Nanyi seemed to float down the palace halls, his beautiful robes flowing around him, the strong and elegant lines of his face clear even through his veil, two small monkeys on his shoulders and a cheerful baby in his arms… All the servant girls and slaves giggled as he passed, but Young Master Gu cared not — as long as Feng Zhiwei was fine with him, everything was well in the world.

“Ah ah…” Gu Zhixiao began babbling, suddenly stirring and twisting in Young Master Gu’s arms.

A female slave was approaching, the baby in her arms somewhat smaller than Gu Zhixiao.

Gu Zhixiao gurgled excitedly at this rare encounter with her own kind.

Helian Zheng had already happily rushed over: “Trumpet Flower, is this my little brother?”

Mudan Hua had stilled in a stunned daze, staring blankly as she murmured to herself: “Ah? Not dead?”

Feng Zhiwei sighed… what kind of words?

“King, Queen.” The slave greeted, bowing. “Tsamuttu is very well. This slave was just outside so he could look at the garden flowers.

“Tsamuttu?” Helian Zheng repeated, leaning in and tickling the baby with his fingers. The little boy grabbed a pinky, letting the young King swing his chubby arms here and there. “Strong! Good!” The king scooped the baby up and walked over to Liu Mudan: “You’re still not taking him?”

Liu Mudan stirred, stepping back a step before she caught herself. Her eyes never moved from the baby as she cautiously stepped forward, accepting the child into her arms.

She stared down at the little bundle, her head lowered and her hair falling over her complicated expression.

Feng Zhiwei could just catch the crystalline reflections around the corner of Liu Mudan’s eyes.

Gu Zhixiao began gurgling unhappily. She had been drinking Liu Mudan’s milk recently and was now tyrannically demanding the mother over, struggling mightily in Young Master Gu’s arms. Liu Mudan quickly stepped over, shifting her child into one arm while scooping Gu Zhixiao up in the other, smiling joyfully as she brought both babies’ faces up against her own, giggling as she said: “Together, together!”

Finally recovered from her shock, she turned back to Helian Zheng. “Stop wasting time, go and entertain the Patriarchs. Send out people to invite Dama Living Buddha over, and tell them not to allow that stubborn old man to refuse. Tie him up and carry him back if they have too! Go! Tell them to hurry! A long night is fraught with dreams!”

“Leave it to your son!” Helian Zheng smiled, reassuring the woman. As he left he turned to Feng Zhiwei: “Trumpet Flower is tired; two babies are too much for her. Help her a little.”

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