The Royal's Cute Little Wife

Chapter 133

C133 Because of the birthmark on his face, Gu Ruyi had been ridiculed quite a few times since she was young.

She felt sad at first, but as she got used to it, she felt that it was all right. No matter what they said, she was fine. With her parents and brother doting on her, she was still Grand Secretariat’s mansion’s most favored daughter.

Gu Ruyi had given birth to a few older brothers and sisters. In her eyes, there was no difference whether there was or not. She only had Gu Yi as her blood brother. None of the others truly doted on her, so she treated her courteously and politely. She didn’t know how many sarcastic and sarcastic words she secretly said to him.

Even someone as good-natured as Gu Yi couldn’t help getting angry when he heard this. He went back to the madame and got her to give him a stern warning. The old lady loved Gu Ruyi dearly, but she did not like people talking about him in front of their eyes, so these people gradually stopped talking, and did not spread out any unpleasant words. However, the gaze she used to look at her was still devoid of goodwill, and filled with disdain and loathing.

Growing up in this kind of environment, Gu Ruyi had long since cultivated a cold heart, always wearing a mask and a set of armor, so that he wouldn’t be easily hurt.

For so many years, only Yan Yao’an was her true friend.

And then she met Xie Zhen, the two girls were different from the others, they wouldn’t point at her face and make a fuss about it. After a moment of surprise, they quickly calmed down. They didn’t try to play along and treat her like an ordinary person. This made Gu Ruyi’s heart feel very warm.

And their brother impressed her.

On the night of the Lunar New Year, she was teased by a lecher. It was Xie Rong who beat that person up without saying a word and brought him over to her to apologize to her. From then on, Gu Ruyi remembered him in her heart and felt grateful.

It was originally a very open and straightforward relationship between her and Xie Rong, it wasn’t related to love at all. However, ever since Yan Yao’an had stirred it up like this, it had instead become a little strange.

Yan Yao’an liked Xie Rong very much.

Actually, sometimes Gu Ruyi was really envious of her personality. She dared to love, dare to hate, and dare to take responsibility for her actions. So even though she later grew angry and ignored her, she did not blame her.

Only later, Yan Yao’an still let her down.

When Xie Zhen fell down from in front of her, she was still pregnant, so she could only watch and do nothing. The straightforward and innocent girl of the past had already changed.

Gu Ruyi no longer had to bear any burden, and no longer had to hold onto guilt. Following this fall, their relationship had already been broken into pieces. This was also good, as it would save him from embarrassment in the future. However, when Gu Ruyi faced Xie Rong, he still felt a little uncomfortable.

It was obvious that nothing had happened, yet the news that had been spread seemed to be true.

These past few days, Gu Ruyi had been purposely hiding from Xie Rong. Previously, she could be considered to be on close terms with Xie Zhen, but these days, she did not often look for them. But that couldn’t be avoided. The Gu and Xie Family were on good terms with each other, and my mother would always visit the Xie Estate. She couldn’t escape, so she had no choice but to follow along.

On this day, she was in Xie Xun’s courtyard, talking to Xie Xun for a while, preparing to walk around backyard. She was stunned for a moment. There was no place to hide, so she could only squat down and bow. “Thank you, Young Master.”

Coincidentally, Xie Rong happened to be passing by, but when he saw her looking as though she was about to face a great enemy, he didn’t show any emotion on her face, but he was a little puzzled in his heart. Ever since the end of the banquet last time, she had been avoiding him. Was he a ferocious beast? It scared her like this.

In the end, Xie Rong did not ask about it in front of Xie Xun. He only nodded and walked back to his own courtyard.

Xie Xun was slow to the point where he could not see the abnormality between the two of them. As she walked towards backyard, she turned her head and asked: “Big Sister Ru Yi, is the birthmark on your face lighter?”

Gu Ruyi subconsciously touched her face, “Is it?”

She had been using the ointment Gu Yi had brought back from the south twice a day for over a month. When she saw Xie Xun, she was already used to not wearing a veil, so she didn’t feel anything at all. “Yes, if you don’t believe me, ask servant maid. Previously, it was dark red, but now it has turned light red. ”

Saying that, she called her two close servant maid over. Seeing that, Shuang Ying and Shuang Lu nodded their heads in agreement.

Gu Ruyi laughed: “Seems like that medicine has an effect.”

She had originally given up, but she didn’t expect that the birthmark would be a little lighter. She was more or less happy.

It’s just that we haven’t been able to treat it for so many years, can it be cured this time? She thought for a moment. It was best not to have too much hope.

On the day he went to the Treasure Elephant Temple to burn some incense, Gu Ruyi had not been able to find Xie Xun for a long time. She thought that she had accidentally lost her and was just walking around anxiously when Xie Rong said that he had found her.

She heaved a sigh of relief, “As long as you can find her… Where did she go? I couldn’t find her after a while. ”

Xie Rong paused, “I have something to talk to her, so I called her away.”

After saying that, he fell silent.

Gu Ruyi did not know what she was feeling guilty about, and did not dare to meet his gaze. She pointed to a direction, “I’m going over there, thank you Young Noble for taking my leave.” With that, she left.

However, when she lifted her head, she discovered that she was heading in the direction of the maple woods.

Xie Rong was still at the back, so turning back at this time was absolutely out of the question. Otherwise, if he saw that Xie Rong was laughing at him, she could only bite the bullet and continue walking forward. The further they walked, the more remote the road became. Walking out of the backyard of the Precious Elephant Temple, on their left and right were the overgrown camphor trees. They followed a tree-lined path, and not far in front of them were the maple leaves.

She only brought one servant maid with her. As the two ladies walked on this remote road, they were still a little timid.

No one could say for sure.

The servant maid swallowed her saliva: “Miss, why don’t we go back … …”

Just as Gu Ruyi had that intention, he regretted coming over alone a long time ago. He nodded and prepared to return, but unexpectedly, he suddenly heard the rustling of leaves behind him, startling her! She looked behind her in shock. Just as she was about to ask for help, she saw Xie Rong calmly walking out from the back, “It’s me.”

Gu Ruyi’s heart became calmer, and he calmed down as he asked, “Why are you here?”

Xie Rong looked at her and said, “Even though this place is not far from the Treasure Elephant Temple, it is not safe on the mountain. Is Miss Gu not afraid of any danger coming here by herself? ”

These words struck right into Gu Ruyi’s heart, she nodded and said: “Many thanks for Young Noble’s reminder, I will be going back now.”

However, when he passed by Xie Rong, he suddenly called out to her: “Why are you hiding from me?”

Gu Ruyi stiffened and tilted her head to look: “Where did you come up with this?”

Looking from this direction, it just so happened to be possible to see half of her face without a birthmark. It was bright and flawless, and her eyes were bright. She was a rare beauty. Xie Rong’s lips curved upwards. Still pretending to be stupid at this time, did she think he was blind? Even a blind person would be able to sense such an obvious evasion. He did not beat around the bush and directly said, “I do not have any ill intentions towards you, nor do I have any evil intentions towards you. You do not have to hide from me at all times.”

Gu Ruyi was embarrassed, why did it seem like she was being sentimental too much?

Since the words have already been spoken, there’s no need to hide anymore. She continued, “Thank you for misunderstanding, Young Master. It’s just that men and women are different, so getting too close to each other is always a misunderstanding. ” He paused for a moment, then continued, “The previous incident at Princess He Yi was my fault. If I didn’t make Yao An misunderstand, you wouldn’t have been punished by His Majesty. I have a guilty conscience, and I don’t know how to compensate.”

Xie Rong remained calm, “It’s already been a long time, you don’t have to keep it in your heart.”

She nodded, then smiled at him in relief.

After the finish talking left, Xie Rong watched her walk off into the distance, and not long after, she too, left.

Xie Rong was in the Military Department, and his career was smooth sailing. The new emperor took his power seriously and knew that he had been at the border for a period of time. He had tidied up the people and built the city walls. It just so happened that there had been some trouble at the border recently. There was a group of pirates scurrying about, disturbing the people there. His Majesty sent him to the border to deal with the situation there before returning.

This trip would take another year or so.

Madam Leng couldn’t bear to part with him. He had prepared all the greetings for the four seasons, and had instructed him on the way here non-stop that everything would disappear and that he wouldn’t be injured. Xie Rong answered and then said: “If there’s a suitable lady over there, bring it back for me to take a look …”

Madam Leng was worried about his marriage. She had planned to find a wife for him this year, but she hadn’t thought that she would have to delay her journey for a long time. She thought about it and decided to find one at the border. As long as he liked it, he would not ask for anything else.

Xie Rong laughed helplessly: “I understand, Mother.”

After leaving capital, he came to the border. This place was much more miserable than the capital. Xie Rong had lived here for a period of time, so he could be considered to be used to it. The food here was mostly pancakes, the dishes were light, even someone like Xie Rong who didn’t care about food would lose weight after a few months.

He had never mentioned this in his letter home. If others could bear the hardships of living at the border, why couldn’t he?

However, three months later, a package was sent from capital.

When the soldiers brought the package to his tent, he opened it and looked inside. In addition to his clothes for the winter, there were some homemade jerky. Looking at the clothes, every stitch and thread seemed to have been stitched by him. The stitches were fine and the lines were exquisite.

He asked the soldier, “Do you know who sent it?”

The soldier replied: “I only know that it’s from the capital. I don’t know about anything else.”

Besides his mother, who else could it be?

He smiled and said to the soldier, “You can leave.”

He subconsciously thought that it was a gift from Madam Leng, so he did not pursue the matter further. He put away the clothes in his bag and handed the dried meat to the kitchen.

From then on, things came every other month.

It was either dried meat that he had cooked himself or dried salted fish and dried fruits and pickled radishes. It could be seen that the technique was not very proficient. Sometimes it tasted good, sometimes it tasted strange, but it was done very diligently. After half a year, the taste was already very good.

Could it be that Mother made it herself?

He had wanted to write and ask, but he had been too busy lately to remember it every time he finished writing home. Once when he mentioned that the soy sauce was very tasty, he asked Madam Leng how she did it. However, Madam Leng didn’t answer, as if he didn’t know anything about it. He was about to write a letter to ask more questions when the pirates outside the city barged in and injured a few civilians. He got up and went out to take care of the matter, so he put the matter on hold.

When he returned to capital once more, it was already autumn of next year.

On the way back, he stopped for a month to travel back to the capital. His Majesty personally received him at the palace and asked him a few questions before letting him go home.

Madam Leng and Xie Liqing immediately welcomed him back to their residence, asking him how he was, and getting him ready for business.

Xie Rong rested at home for two days. Suddenly, he remembered the package that would be sent to him every month at the border.

Madam Leng was even more surprised than him, “What pickled meat?”

He stared blankly for a moment, then told her everything that had happened this year, “Haven’t you ever sent me dry clothes?”

Madam Leng shook her head, not wanting to hide anything, “You never told me about how life was over there, even if I wanted to send it to you, I wouldn’t be able to send it back … …”

If it wasn’t his mother, then who could it be?

He frowned, puzzled.

It was not difficult to investigate this matter, as every single item sent to the army could be traced. He had his men investigate who in the capital had delivered things to the border, and what they had sent. In less than three days, a detailed list had been sent to him.

He checked them one by one, his eyes fixed on a name.

That was a servant maid of the Gu family.

Xie Rong returned from the border, and after getting some free time, he personally paid a visit to the Gu Estate. It was supposed to be a visit to Gu Yi, but it was actually to get to the bottom of it.

Gu Yi greeted him and invited him to the room.

After a year of not seeing each other, the two of them were still the same as before. After Xie Xun married Zhong Shang, although Gu Yi felt regret for a while, he quickly recovered. Now that neither of them had a wife, they both felt sorry for the other.

Xie Rong casually asked: “Is your sister engaged?”

Gu Yi took a sip of tea and said, “Not yet. This year, I’ve been busy showing her the birthmark on her face, which has delayed her marriage.”

He did not ask any further questions. Seeing that it was getting late, he got up and bid farewell.

Gu Yi wanted to send him to the door, but he refused. He walked out of the courtyard. From Gu Yi’s bamboo garden to the front yard, he would definitely pass by Gu Ruyi’s courtyard. He paced slowly, pausing for a moment outside the courtyard.

servant maid’s voice came from the courtyard: “Miss, why did the embroidery you did last time disappear?”

After a long while, Gu Ruyi said, “I threw it out yesterday.”

“Why did you throw it away? You’ve been embroidering for three days, but I’ve never seen anything like this. ”

She dejectedly said, “Anyway, there’s no need for that.”

Xie Rong did not move, no expression could be seen on his face. He thought of the clothes he wore at the border, there was a cloak with persimmon patterns embroidered on it, he thought it was personally embroidered by Madam Leng, could it be …

Just as he was about to go in and ask, he heard another voice from inside, “Miss, the dried fish you told me to dry previously were ready. Do you want it to be brought into the kitchen?”

Gu Ruyi thought for a while, “Take it in and let the people in the kitchen divide it.”

servant maid made an ‘oh’ as if he still had a question he wanted to ask. After hesitating for a while, he could not help but ask: “Are you not sending me to the border?”

The servant maid s by Gu Ruyi’s side were all her trusted aides, and grew up together with her. There were some things that could not be hidden from them, so they might as well not hide them anymore.

Gu Ruyi smiled as he looked over. She wasn’t wearing a veil, and her face was completely white and crystal clear. “The red birthmark that accompanied her for more than ten years disappeared without a trace under the corner of her eyes. Looking at it now under the sunlight, it looked like it had transcended the mortal world and was incomparably beautiful.” Since they are all back, what else is there to send them off? ”

servant maid made an ‘oh’ and turned around. Just as he was about to go do something, he saw the person standing at the door with the corner of his eyes and immediately became scared out of his wits!

“Thank, thank you…”

Xie Rong walked out of the door expressionlessly, staring straight at Gu Ruyi who was sitting on the lady couch, “He’s back, why can’t he send you off?”

Gu Ruyi was stunned, she did not expect him to suddenly appear.

When did he come to the manor? Why didn’t anyone tell him? Did he go over to big brother’s place?

Just as he was thinking, Xie Rong walked forward two steps, “Is that the package you sent me?”

Before she could answer, he asked, “Why?”

Gu Ruyi could not answer, and grabbed the curtain hat beside her and put it on her head. If she did not see his face, she would not feel that much pressure. She turned around and walked into the house, “There’s no reason. I heard from Big Brother that you had a hard time there, and on account of your good relationship with Big Brother, I asked the chef to make a few things and send them over. Young Master Xie, please go back. This is the inner courtyard, you shouldn’t stay here for long. ”

Xie Rong suddenly laughed, and his expression became clear and peaceful, “Chef? Where did you get such a bad cook? ”

These words unquestionably stabbed at Gu Ruyi’s sore spot, only to see her turn her head and glare at him fiercely, even through the veil, she could sense her anger.

… …. You don’t know what’s good for you, and you even eat everything that’s bad about your cooking!

Xie Rong stubbornly asked: “Why do you have to waste so much effort?”

He knew that she had personally made it. Why would a lady like Jiao not touch the Yang Spring Water on his behalf?

Gu Ruyi was stunned. She did not know if it was because of the blazing sun above her head or because his question was too straightforward, but her face slowly turned hot. His eyes flashed as he avoided Luo Yuan’s gaze. “Don’t ask anymore.”

If she knew why, she wouldn’t be so guilty.

When he first knew he was going to the border, he had suddenly sat in the carriage and silently followed him all the way until he had left the city. She felt that there was something wrong with her. She avoided him, but secretly cared about him. Even when he went to work at the border, she was always concerned about him.

She had secretly sent him something behind her parents’ back. She didn’t need him to know who she was, as long as he received it.

Although the marinated meat was not personally made by her, it was still personally seasoned. He didn’t know if he liked it or not, so he was very nervous every time he gave it away. And the clothes, she sewed up, and for a while her eyes went blurry, but she wondered if he was there, freezing.

It was silly to think about it now. How could he be cold? Madam Leng had prepared countless clothes for him.

Gu Ruyi was both conflicted and vexed. Day after day, she finally saw through her own state of mind in this dilemma.

She was grateful to Xie Rong, admired him, and admired him even more.

She liked Xie Rong.

From the moment he saved her on the day of the Lantern Festival.

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