The S-Classes That I Raised

Chapter 17 - Head of Human Resources (2)

< Head of Human Resources (2) >

It was an antique reception room. The entire interior was Eastern[1], and the classic Western furniture was arranged suitably in an unbalanced way. With Suk Simyeong’s personality, all the antique furniture here must be genuine.

As guided, I sat down on a black leather sofa and a beverage was offered. The atmosphere here also seemed like they would ask about coffee bean types.

“Orange juice, please.”

“Juice for me too,” Bak Yerim, who was sitting next to me, said.

Sitting on the opposite side, Suk Simyeong had on a kind smile. It was a soft expression that seemed like, even if I suddenly hurled abuse at him hahaha, he would benevolently let it pass saying ‘is that so’.

“I would like to first thank you for choosing Haeyeon Guild preferentially,” Suk Simyeong said in a, not just polite, but also sweet voice. I had thought so since I first met him, but that ahjussi’s voice was really great. With a gentlemanly face full of goodwill, as well as a good voice, he really seemed like someone born to be a business king.

Yerim also seemed like she was halfway reeled in by his voice. But I, who knew well just how poisonous that ahjussi could get, stayed steady.

It was stifling because you were pierced by that nice voice.

“To speak the truth, blood ties played a big role.” Following Suk Simyeong, I put on a smile and replied. “Before that, it’s also thanks to Bak Yerim-yang trusting in me.”

“First was ahjussi’s behavior that allowed me to trust him.”

Yerim quickly gripped my arm. Don’t cling while we’re doing business. This is an important contract for you.

“Bak Yerim-nim may not have attack skills yet, but Shadowless Day and Cold Sigh are enough for you to become a combat-suited Hunter. Your Strength stat does not quite reach S-Rank average, but since it is possible for an overall buff, there should be no problem.”

Suk Simyeong explained considerably accurately about Yerim’s situation. He didn’t know, but the past Bak Yerim was a combat magician so the Strength stat wasn’t very important. If she smoothly gets ice-related attack skills, she’ll just need to add a Mana stat buff and ice-attribute skill buff…

She’d be unparalleled. If she also got an additional buff, she’d be able to just sweep away any monsters.

Not to mention, Hermes’ Sandals was an agility buff and flight, with added teleportation; it was a total scam.

I stared at Yerim anew.

“What are you doing?”

“Ah, nothing.”

Since I gave optimized skills to an S-Rank, the connection was no joke. Even when she just used ice-related magic, she was strong, but now she had become a total monster. She would outshine[2] Yoohyun.

‘Speaking of, I should check Yoohyun’s status window too.’

There was still a lot of waiting time left for the My Brat skill, so I hadn’t checked. That guy also might have optimized skills he didn’t get so I should check and use my skill on him.

“A combat Hunter’s guild contract conditions are usually payment mainly in dungeon quotas and equipment. In the case of A-Rank and higher dungeons, each guild has their own quotas.”

A guild’s status differed according to how well it could manage A-Rank and higher dungeons. The current Haeyeon Guild probably mangaged the most dungeons after the 3 big guilds?

“Bak Yerim-nim is still a minor so you can start attacking B-Rank dungeons. If you wish to attack A-Rank and higher a little sooner, I recommend clearing dungeons that are around C or D 10 times.”

“We don’t want to rush attacking higher rank dungeons,” I said. Yerim was only just fifteen years old. Rather than rashly attacking A and higher dungeons, it would be better to get used to combat and using the skills in mid-to-low rank dungeons.

As a combat magician, the ability to apply skills was especially important so getting enough practice was important.

“For 1 year starting from now on, we want to prioritize growth.”

“That is an excellent choice.”

Suk Simyeong gave a small nod.

“We would also prefer to advise that route. Slowly gaining experience and cooperating with various guild members, and then forming a new S-Rank attack team is the best road to take.”

In an S-Rank dungeon attack team, at least one S-Rank combat hunter needed to be included. So for Haeyeon Guild, it was more advantageous for Bak Yerim to gain experience and make her own team instead of joining Yoohyun’s team.

Since having two S-Rank attack teams meant that you could get the rights to several more jointly managed S-Rank dungeons.

“However, in that case, the contract period naturally becomes longer. In return, we will not hold back on the support Bak Yerim-nim will require for growth.”

“I know there aren’t any S-Ranks yet that have exclusively contracted with a specific guild.”

Domestic S-Ranks were all guild leaders except for one who was affiliated with the government. Foreign ones were still mostly guild leaders or government-affiliated, and the remaining minority were all free agents, according to my memory.

Free Hunters weren’t affiliated with anywhere and worked by cooperating through short-term contracts whenever the government or guilds requested for them.

“So even if she didn’t didn’t attack dungeons and was only affiliated, it would be a considerable profit for Haeyeon Guild. Increasing the contract period with the excuse of growth support is excessive greed.”

A guild that has two S-Rank Hunters! Even worldwide, it would be the first and only, so even just the value of holding that title would probably increase a lot.

The more I thought of it, it really made no sense that Yoohyun was so nitpicky about the guardian issue. Was that any way to behave as a guild leader? Not just setting up as a guardian, you should’ve made sure to stamp the contract even if you had to sell your hyung.

“You seem to have a better grasp on the Hunter community than I had thought.”

Suk Simyeong had a surprised expression on his face.

I lived in that neighborhood for over 4 years. At rock bottom, I couldn’t thoroughly know the world of high rank Hunters, but was there anyone who would know the general trends better than me? Currently there wouldn’t be any.

If there weren’t any prophets, I was the best.

“As you said, even just Bak Yerim-nim becoming affiliated to our guild is a great profit for us. It seems I was beaten[3] by rashly trying to rake in this profit.”

Opposite to his words, Suk Simyeong looked like he was in a pretty good mood. What, did he lay another trap?

“In the case of A-Rank Hunters, renewal every year with an upper limit of 200% according to performance, starting from the 2nd year in a standard 5-year contract, is an average contract condition. Thus, what do you think of a renewal without an upper limit every year according to performance, starting from the 1st year of a 3-year contract?”

Future guild-affiliated S-Ranks would usually set up contracts in 1-year increments, recontract with updated conditions.

But considering Yerim’s age and Haeyeon Guild’s growth rate, a 3-year contract wasn’t bad. After 3 years, she would be 18 years old, so she wouldn’t need my help anymore and it was suitable.

“What do you think?”

As I turned to Yerim and asked, she shook her head slightly.

“I didn’t really understand. Ahjussi can choose for me.”

“Basically, you’ll be affiliated with Haeyeon Guild for 3 years. You won’t be able to go to another guild.”

“What about ahjussi? Is ahjussi doing that kind of contract too?”

Huh? Why am I coming up here?

“I, well… I’m just like this? Guilds with a certain amount of awareness don’t take in F-Ranks.”

It might be possible with guild that was basically a friendly neighborhood gathering with a D-Rank or lower guild leader, but with even a C-Rank guild leader, F-Ranks weren’t allowed. No, they did use those that weren’t Hunters as handymen.

“No[4]. Ahjussi should also contract for 3 years,” Bak Yerim said firmly. Was being her guardian not enough so she was trying to add more? Why was she being like this?

“I can put that in my contract conditions, right?”

“Of course, it is possible.”

Yerim and Suk Simeyong talked back and forth. Won’t you kindly ask for my opinion as well?

“Contract, what contract. I’m not doing it. I’m just going to help you take your place and pl[5]…rest.”

I was going to give up on Kim Sunghan and just use my skills on and raise Yerim and Yoo Myeongwoo, Yoohyun too, from time to time. I was going to live easily raising monsters instead of people, so why would I join a guild?

Just by raising one high ranking familiar per year, I would be able to spend a lot of money and live well, so why would I make things harder for myself?

At my words, Bek Yerim looked like she was about to cry.

“You said you would take responsibility! 3 years, just contract for 3 years!”

Stop pulling my arm. It hurts.

“Even without contracting, I’ll be your guardian for 3 years so don’t worry. If you can’t believe that then I’ll write up a new contract for me.”

“But it’s better to go into the same guild.”

“My dongsaeng is the guild leader here. I just didn’t officialy contract, but I’m basically halfway in. So I’m not going anywhere.”

I was going to chillax[6] here so where would I go? Yerim nodded her head with a little more relieved expression.

“Okay. You’re really not going anywhere else?”

“I’m not. There isn’t anywhere that would take me either.”

Right now, that is. Once I raised familiars, any guild would welcome me with both arms out. Though I had no intention of moving.

After appeasing Yerim, I started negotiating the contract conditions again.

An S-Rank Hunter’s base pay was about 10 million dollars[7] per year. It seemed like a little, but as stated, that was the base pay; the real earnings came from the dungeons, and in the case of S-Rank dungeons, the average distribution ratio was 8:2. The preparation expenses for dungeon attacks were all paid by the guild, and the attack team took the 8.

The team leader S-Rank Hunter took at least 5 and at most 8 from the attack team’s earnings, according to their contribution. Ten million dollars were nothing compared to attacking one S-Rank dungeon. So most Hunters looked at the earnings distribution ratio rather than the base pay.

“It should be your first time with a Hunter contract but it seems as if you are more proficient at adjusting it than I am,” Suk Simyeong said, looking at the increasing condition details.

That was because ahjussi hadn’t even reached his 3rd year and I was on my 4th. And if you considered just the amount of information, there was a difference of 4 and a half years, so I could only be more proficient.

I’d seen the S-Rank Hunter feature series from the Hunter special channel over and over again more than 10 times. I learned about contract conditions pretty well.

“This could become the standard S-Rank combat Hunter contract. Although, I do not know when we will be able to recruit another S-Rank Hunter.”

That was the standard contract. After the Awakening Centers were created and the number of S-Ranks slowly increased, all sorts of cases went through and it came out after about 2 years.

Specifically, it was the standard contract slightly altered to fit Yerim’s situation. Since the standard contract was for adult combat Hunters.

“We won’t use S-Rank equipment priority rights and auction rights yet. It’ll be better to decide after checking her skills at level 10.”

10 levels would be quick to pass. It’d be good if Pale Rain appeared. Then she could take ice-related equipment.

“All right. It seems you are perfect in various ways. Enough to earn Bak Yerim-nim’s trust. You seem like someone who has been active in the Hunter community for several years.”

“Haha, I just Awakened a few days ago.”

Did I act like I knew too much? But it seemed like a waste to not use the knowledge I’d already gathered.

After finishing up adjusting the contract conditions and printing out the contract, it was signed. Thumbprints were added too.

Yerim rubbed the ink on her fingers onto the back of my hand. Hey, brat, don’t draw a heart.

“You can go right to register as an Awakened Person tomorrow. I will send you the details.”

He probably also contacted journalists. Since it’d be an event that would be a huge topic, they’d probably package it up fancily.

“And these are the inheritances and related materials that should be returned to Bak Yerim-nim. You will be able to use them well.”

Suk Simyeong handed over a document envelope. Oh, thanks.

“We’ll use them well.”

That should be about it right? I was about to stand up from my seat when Suk Simyeong grabbed onto me.

“Please wait a moment.”

“Sorry[8]? Is there something else left?”

It seemed like we were done. Suk Simyeong’s determined gaze pierced me.

“I would like to contract with Han Yoojin-ssi.”

…Why me again? I said I wouldn’t!

[1] the dictionary gives me the definition of the word as ‘Or*ental’ but that’s a borderline slur so…

[2] lit. ‘hit [Yoohyun’s] cheek’

[3] lit. “hit by one blow” (or even more literally, “made to eat one bang”), which means what it sounds like, i.e. ‘be/get beaten’, ‘get one’s butt kicked’, etc.

[4] lit. “that can’t be/happen” but it’s one of the ways you say “no” in krn, but with a connotations of “no, I don’t want that” or “no, that’s not right”

[5] he cuts off in the middle of a word so I’m not 100% sure what he was about to say but I’m p sure it was gonna be “play”

[6] lit. “suck honey”, i.e. live easily. As for the tl, sorry, I couldn’t resist.

[7] it’s specified as dollars in text, as in USD

[8] actually he said “yes?” but it’s meant as “sorry?”/“excuse me?”/etc.

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