The S-Classes That I Raised

Chapter 2 - <Regression (2)>

<Regression (2)>

I pulled out a dagger and made a long cut on my forearm. Blood leaked out of the cut and formed a dark red spear. Dazzling black flames flowed from the tip of the spear and wound around the shaft.


Lauchitas, who had previously looked down on my and ignored me, raised all three of its heads at the same time. Its hackles rose, wary at the sight of the spear that had taken its eyes. Its mouth opened, showing the rows of serrated teeth that lay within.

If it were the original me, I would have long collapsed under its pressure before I could even meet its eyes. But now I couldn’t even feel the slightest bit of tension.

I was sure. It was weaker than me.

“C’mon, you fucking lizard.’


It cried as if in answer. The entire area was shaken by the roar that was full of life. The three heads of the red giant completely rose off the ground. There were no wings. Instead it had a sleek body that wore awful curses all over it, like a leopard’s spotted coat. Its long tail were full of speckled and patterned swirls, along with a set of thorns.


Its four feet hit the ground. The sickle-like claws, which resembled the scythes of the god of death, left long scars on the floor. It had unimaginably fast movement for such a giant body. In one move, the creature crossed the space between us in a single leap. If it had been the me from before, I wouldn’t have been able to catch it.

But now I could.

“Why aren’t you crawling?”

I felt like it was a puppy that was running around. My brother was ranked 3 in terms of speed among the world’s strongest adults and teenagers. If my younger brother had been alone, the attacks of this little three-headed lizard wouldn’t be allowed to even graze him. At this moment, I was faster than him.


I jumped into the air with a twisted mockery of a smile.


The creature’s claws broke through the ground I had been standing on. As I lazily looked down at the scene, I used a flood of skills.

“Blue Willow Leaves.”

Leaves that could only be seen by the caster scattered over the area. I stepped on the leaves with my toes and jumped up into the air once again.

The highly poisonous Lauchitas jumped up again and again but I nimbly dodged its claws. Its curses, that shot up at me like stingers, was blocked by the shield.


The baby lizard on the ground roared. If you don’t like this, come up here with your wings!

My brother had no flying skills. But with the Blue Willow Leaves skill, he could dance in the air as if we were on the ground. There wasn’t any goddamn thing that he couldn’t do.

“No, he couldn’t cut ties with a useless older brother.”

Muttering, I pulled the spear in my head to the side. I wound the black flames back and pulled as if I were pulling a bow.



The spear that I fired penetrated the left head of Lauchitas. The black flames soared and the pierced head melted away in an instant. The lizard went mad with pain, running wild, swinging its claws and biting with its teeth. However, it was too slow.

Thud! Thud!

Like an eel that had been dragged ashore onto dry land, it jumped up and down on its bottom. It was a funny scene. That bastard’s funny, but I’m funny too.

I used my blood to create a new spear.


-Kuh! Graa!

The right head was also smashed. With the loss of the heads that had working eyes, the Lauchitas was discern the world around it. The creature with scales all over its body stopped moving around and crouched down. It was as if it was scared.

“……this is too easy.”

It was so easy that I was almost in tears. It met its end too quickly.

If I burned the last head, even the most powerful dragon species wouldn’t be able to withstand it, but I aimed for the legs instead of the head. It was as helpless as a fish drying up on hot sand as I cut its limbs off one by one.

Slowly, gently.

The monster shrieked, groaned, and then took its final, dying gasps.

The floor was like a bloody version of a muddy swamp, but the Lauchitas was still alive. I clicked my tongue and sat on its body.

Time was almost up. Once the timer for the skill was over, I would immediately die from the venom of Lauchitas’ carcass.

What a useless person, I was.

“What else could I do even if I survived?”

If people knew that Yuhyun was dead because of me, his older brother, I would probably be sentenced to a public execution. If I was tied to the square, people would come from all over the world to stone me.

“I would go down in history, maybe even in textbooks. I have been cursed a lot so far, but now I’m sure I’m going to be cursed for generations to come. Haha.”

Why did you die instead of me, my stupid younger brother? It was really useless. Ah, fuck. I should have died back then when I had broken my leg. Then I wouldn’t be as horrible as I am now and Yuhyun wouldn’t have died for me. He really saved such a useless and unnecessary guy.

I thumped on the scales of the Lauchitas, which was breathing its last breaths, with the palm of my hand.

“I’m not going to live much longer so don’t be unfair. Why did you come out of a D Class Dungeon anyway? Did the managers miscalculate the Class?”

Either way, it didn’t matter to me anymore. There was no way I had the energy to leave before the effects of my skill ended.

“Why hadn’t I simply supported Yuhyun from behind and lived well?”

Getting protected by my good-natured younger brother and just live off of him; why did I get this inferiority complex?

Just then, the reward window for the death of Lauchitas popped up.

[Impossible Achievement! You have hunted a dragon alone!]

Yuhyun had shot the dragon too; why was it considered alone? Maybe it was because of the time difference between his attacks and mine.

Legendary Title ‘Dragon Slayer’ has been granted!]

Dragon Slayer. It sounded like a title with some great stats, but I hadn’t checked it. How did I know? A pumpkin is still a pumpkin even if you draw lines on it.

Then, my level rose and a series of items appeared one after another.

[Gatestone x10]

[Grade 1 Grant Amount x5]

[Red Dragon’s Great Sword]

[Wish Stone]

Huh? Wish Stone?

While glancing through the items in the window, the first thing I noticed was the Wish Stone. It was my first time seeing such an item.

“Just by seeing your name, it seems like you’ll be able to grant me a wish.”

No way. Something like that could only be a scam.

Though I thought it was ridiculous, I still sat up. When I opened the inventory, I saw a red bead that was just a little smaller than my fist.

Swallowing dryly, I took the beads out and checked the information on it.

[Wish Stone – Myth Class

Grants one wish for the user.]

It’s real!

“Then, my younger brother-!”

[※ Resurrection of the deceased is not allowed.]

“……what the fuck?!”

I belatedly noticed the last condition of the item. Why wasn’t I able to save a dead person? A Myth Class should be a Myth Class! If you are a god, you should be able to do whatever you want!

“Dammit, then what’s the point?! Everything except saving people? I, I just…!”

I grasped the Wish Stone tightly in my hand.

Things that I could wish for instantly flashed through my head. If it could grant any wish, I might be able to become stronger than Yuhyun. Maybe I could keep my current state.

Then I could get rid of my bad reputation. People would soon forget the heroes of the past and praise the new ones.

I could finally take the position that I had been so envious of.

In a much more glorious position, I could climb higher than anyone.

I was caught in delusion and rolled my eyes, and sighed for a long time.

“……Yuhyun, you. You’re really screwing with me until the end.”

I might regret it. No, I’m sure that I would regret it.

So, I won’t regret anything.

I’m already coated with layers of regret, if I added one more, would it make a difference?

“Hey, Wish Stone. Is it possible to turn back time?”

As if in answer, the red bead began to shine. The dead could not be raised, but I could still do this. It seemed like it was better to turn the clock back, how funny.

Then to before I came in here, no. Just bring me back to five years ago. With my current memory. I’ll live quietly and live well this time around.”

If I hadn’t gone out, I wouldn’t have been in trouble and my legs would be fine. Yuhyun wouldn’t be upset because of me. Everything would be fine.

I would just live off of my brother’s surplus money.

[Do you want to turn back time?]


The light shining from the beads grew stronger. All my eyes saw was bright red burn, and then suddenly everything became white.


The sight of a strange room settled in front of my restored vision.

<Regression (2)> End

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