The Sage Who Transcended Samsara

Chapter 956 - Whose Chance

Chapter 956: Whose Chance

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Heaven and Earth collapsed. The golden water in Jasper Lake dried out.

Sword lights crossed and consisted of countless small sword formations. It seemed as if mountain-guarding formation was moved here directly and enveloped Gu Erduo, separating him completely from the core fragment of the Hao Tian Mirror.

After ten years, Gu Erduo faced up with this familiar sword formation again. He felt another world appearing inside with his power much stronger than before.

This was almost the Divine Fairy realm.

Luda went this far to such a level without assistance of Heavenly Weapons and top level martial arts.

If Gu Erduo was in Luda’s shoes, even if he was not wounded in the fight, he might not be able to achieve the Divine Fairy level in ten years with only his Real Spirit left. There could be a chance if his Scorpio Axe awakens to a better level.

Those who are true to their feelings would be good at sword art. Consistency is the key. Is this the real power of those who paved their own way?

Gu Erduo was not jealous, nor did he feel disappointed. He only had admiration as he would never be able to achieve that level.

But it’s a shame that you meet me in the Nine Levels of Heaven. Otherwise even if with the Scorpio Axe, you alone with sword could end up tied…

It’s lonely if one has no friends. But it’s more than lonely if one does not even have a valuable enemy. Gu Erduo put on a solemn face and lifted up his axe with praying fire and power of vow rising up around him with Immortal Heaven sound.

His huge axe was lifted. Clear lights and illusory water gathered in mid-air turning to a pool of water, which could make people go back to human flesh body.

Su Wuming dared not to ward off this attack directly but only to wave sword back. How about Luda?

The huge axe cut down and the water sprayed over the sword lights. Everything disappeared and its power stretched towards the Single Hearted Sword and Luda.

Though Scorpio Axe could be used in many different ways to issue an attack, the Power to Banish Fairies was the most useful art right now!

Suddenly purple lightning rose up and lit up the dark broken Jasper Lake. Meng Qi’s Dharmakaya united together with the Tyrant’s Invincible Blade and chopped down with no fear towards the art of Banish Fairies.

Colorful branch was not the main part. Its power was limited. After the brush, Meng Qi grabbed chance and broke through the barrier.

Misty light of Banish Fairies met with purple lightning in mid-air.

Purple thunder wrapped around the blade and cut through the Fairy Pool water!

His realm was not enough to fight against the Power to Banish Fairies. Even the auspicious cloud would be defeated under the Banish Fairies’ axe. The Tree of Da Dao was not interested in the attack from the Nine Levels of Heaven and seemed to sleep again. But he still had the Tyrant’s Invincible Blade in hand, one of the top ten Peerless Heavenly Weapons of Six Dao and was in the same rank as the Scorpio Axe. Though it was not in its best condition, its material and prints were good enough to ward off the Power to Banish Fairies at its current level.

Therefore he hid his Dharmakaya in blade, afraid of nothing.

Water and light disappeared and Gu Erduo could only see purple lightning.

He lifted his axe and put it in front of Meng Qi’s blade.

His axe grew extremely heavy and the prints appeared. The void collapsed towards the center part and a dark ball appeared. Time slowed down and lightning bent over, passing by Gu Erduo and his Immortal Heaven body.

Before Meng Qi issued another attack, the branch of Wondrous Tree of Seven Treasures appeared in front of him and again and brushed over.

It kept following him.

Could it be that the branch was split apart from the tree by Wu’Ji seal or Pangu Flag, Kai Tian Axe? The fight in Heavenly Court was even more furious than he had imagined. Meng Qi felt heavy hearted and began to worry about Mister Luda in the Nine Levels of Heaven. He might not be able to defend himself under Gu Erduo’s attack, without his help.

Since he gained the inheritance of Yuan Shi, he would have to bury the karma.

Suddenly a band of dizzy light hit on the Scorpio Axe. Gu Erduo almost dropped it.

It’s a crooked white metal, like one broken piece of bracelet. Its material was not any worse than the Scorpio Axe.

Jin Gang bracelet’s part? It was broken as well? What on earth happened in the Heavenly Court? It seemed as if history was rewritten… Meng Qi felt a sudden jolt and recognized the fragment.

Grand Supreme Lord’s Diamond Kong! Lord Dao De’s Diamond Kong!

The Diamond Kong kept attacking Gu Erduo. Mister Luda was able to fight against him at ease.

The core fragment of the Hao Tian Mirror tried to cast light over Meng Qi and help the branch to issue attacks. Other Heavenly Weapons turned to evil lights. Some moved around and tried to attack the most eye-catching enemy. Some sensed danger of Jasper Lake toppling down and the door to the outside world open, getting ready to run out of this place. Everything was chaotic.

The purple heart of Meng Qi’s Dharmakaya beat regularly. He approached the core fragment of the Hao Tian Mirror slowly.

He was not in a hurry at all as he was waiting for the chance to come.

On the other side, Han Guang’s left hand Yama knocked out the void and vigor ocean, making a chaotic swirl between Su Wuming and the Fragment of the Eastern Emperor Bell. His right hand carried a long blade flowing in time and delayed Su Wuming’s movement. No matter if it’s the No-me Sword or the Taishang Emotionless, Han Guang did not ward it off directly but escaped from the attack and tried to delay time.

Han Guang’s martial arts skills and Heavenly Weapons were special but they were less powerful than Su Wuming. But Su Wuming also did not get the chance to get close to fragment of Eastern Emperor Bell.

Han Guang did it because he was also waiting for his chance!

The fragment floated between Heaven and Earth. It was made of bronze and was carved with illusory river prints, full of small cracks. Some of them were very deep, similar to the cracks in the core fragment of the Hao Tian Mirror.

Thousands of years of warm nurturing did not cure their wounds, the cracks.

The Eastern Emperor Bell gathered bronze lights and times overlapped, gathering power.

Suddenly it moved and the illusory time river appeared.


The sound of the bell shuddered the whole world and the broken Heaven and Earth were absorbed by the Tree of Da Dao. Gu Erduo and Scorpio Axe, Mister Luda and the Single Hearted Sword, Su Wumming and Scripture of Nameless Sword, branch of Wondrous Tree of Seven Treasures, and fragment of Jin Gang bracelet all froze in black and white. Only the fragment of the Eastern Emperor Bell and core fragment of the Hao Tian Mirror could still move through the black and white space.

But except for one man, Han Guang. TheTime blade in Han Guang’s right hand shone brightly and was fully activated. He was able to jump out from the black and white space, though slowly and was able to grab the fragment of the Eastern Emperor Bell.

Su Wuming would not be able to fight with him now. The fragment of the Hao Tian Mirror would not have time to help fragment of the Eastern Emperor Bell. If not now, when?

This was the chance Han Guang was waiting for!

A chance where he could go directly to the fragment without anyone stopping him.

He stretched out his left hand towards the bronze fragment calmly as if everything went as expected.

Suddenly a breathing like light cone appeared and blew by Han Guang’s side!

“Who?” Han Guang was stunned and found a monster of human face and snake body appeared next to the core fragment of the Hao Tian Mirror. Its eyes included the transition between cold days and summer days with time flowing by. It’s the Candle Dragon, which could move in fixed black and white space!

Su Meng! Han Guang suddenly realized that it’s the incarnation of Frenzied Blade Su Meng!

He could change into the Candle Dragon!

Meng Qi waited for this chance as well!

Along with the sound of the Eastern Emperor Bell, those who mastered the art of time and feature had the chance to move without barriers.

The light cone did not attack Han Guang as he was protected by the Time Heavenly Weapon. Instead it chose Su Wuming.

Time sped up. Su Wuming jumped out the black and white space and waved his sword towards Han Guang’s hand, which was going to touch the fragment of the Eastern Emperor Bell soon.

Meanwhile Meng Qi turned back to his self by feedback from the Tree of Da Dao. The Dao Yi Glaze Lamp and illusory river appeared together in his eyes. A chaotic auspicious cloud flew out from the top of his head and ran towards the fragment of the Hao Tian Mirror in dark lights.

The core fragment of the Hao Tian Mirror shone with strong lights and hit on the Wu Ji lights around Meng Qi, two disappeared at the same time. Meng Qi was stunned. The core fragment of the Hao Tian Mirror grabbed the chance and then reflected another universe. It tried to communicate with the other world and then escape from the broken Jasper Lake.

Meng Qi stretched both hands. His right hand gathered thunder and turned into a palm blade. His left hand gathered water and turned into a soft sword. Both hit towards the core fragment of the Hao Tian Mirror.

Using his own hands as Heavenly Weapons to play the art of Devour the Universe in Chaos, reversing Wu Ji!

Yin and Yang flowed backwards and mixed together, which became Tai Chi first, and then Tai Su, Tai Shi, Tai Yi, and finally Tai Chi.

Meng Qi turned to chaos without front side or back side and enveloped the illusion of the core fragment of the Hao Tian Mirror.

An illusory sound of a heartbeat rang up. The Yuan Xin Seal aroused the evilness of the core fragment of the Hao Tian Mirror.

The fragment struggled for a few minutes and lost its nature.

Without a sound, this ancient mirror was trapped in chaos and wasted its evilness.

Han Guang already touched the body of the Eastern Emperor Bell. Su Wuming could only gather his sword lights and cut towards Han Guang’s left hand and then Han Guang himself.

Han Guang shook his left hand calmly and changed his hand position. Su Wuming hit on the fragment by sword at the spot of its deepest crack.

Crack! The bronze fragment split into two parts. Han Guang did not step back and tried to ward off the attack. His Dharmakaya collapsed.

He used all his strength and power that was left and grabbed the half fragment by the help of Yama and fake Time Blade. Then he escaped to a crack between Heaven and Earth.

Su Wuming could not stop him and was only able to put back the other half fragment.

The fragment of the Eastern Emperor Bell was split into two parts. The black and white space disappeared. Gu Erduo and Mister Luda returned to normal again.

However Gu Erduo could only see Meng Qi turn into the chaos and wasting the core fragment of the Hao Tian Mirror. Luda and Su Wuming stared at Gu Erduo.

If he did not run away now, he would never have the chance again.

Gu Erduo waved his axe and gathered all kinds of fragments of Heavenly Weapons and then hit on the protective screen and escaped.

The protective screen was broken. The rest of the Heavenly Weapons turned to lights and tried to escape.

Meng Qi waved his left hand and gathered some parts into his sleeve. Mister Luda and Su Wuming also waved sword lights and gathered separately. The Jin Gang bracelets were gathered on Mister Luda’s shoulder.

As these fragments were not normal things, and they were only currently conquered. Meng Qi and all others spent some time to obtain what they needed most. For example, Meng Qi gathered fragments of the Xuanming Sword, the Fiery Sword of Rosefinch and Eastern Yimu Sword for the preparation to make his own Heavenly Weapons. Su Wuming got the Jar of the Chaotic Force and the Green-Flame Noxious Blade fragments. Mister Luda obtained the Bodhi Prajnaparamita Banner.

The Branch of Wondrous Tree of Seven Treasures was missing. It might be taken away by Gu Erduo or Han Guang.

“Is this the fragment of the Eastern Emperor Bell?” Meng Qi stared at the bronze fragment in Su Wuming’s hand and asked.

He recognized it as Su Wuming used it to communicate with him and Mister Luda in the fight.

“It can be used to sense the river of time in advance,” Su Wuming answered briefly.

Meng Qi nodded. He could have borrowed it next time but what a shame it was broken again. It might not be as powerful as it used to be.

Broken again… Meng Qi felt a sudden jolt and took out the core fragment of the Hao Tian Mirror.

He was unable to delete the Demonic Monarch mark inside. But since he was going to give it to Luya, he only needed to suppress it temporarily.

Meng Qi thought like this before but now he changed his mind. He took out the Tyrant’s Invincible Blade and made invisible drawings in the air to confirm the position of where he should put his blade.

“What are you doing?” Mister Luda looked at him and asked curiously.

Meng Qi smiled and said, “To split it into two.”

Split into two? Mister Luda felt even more confused. Isn’t it a waste of God’s good gift?

But he did not ask further. He knew that Meng Qi did it for a good reason.

The Hao Tian Mirror would be broken into two, a big piece and a small one. He himself would surely have the small one. He could use it to connect different universes and build contacts, leaving marks and getting ready for achieving legendary status.

Luya, I’m not that stupid and I know what you are trying to do. You want the core fragment? Here it is! It’s not one of my concerns how small the fragment is and how powerful it is!

It’s natural to break something in fight!

Mister Luda laughed. Mr. Meng is a leopard who cannot change its spots.

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