The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

TN: There’s a bolded word in the text – it was actually in English in the raws lol, just like BOSS. Also, Elder Du Bi = the elder with the single arm. Figured out a bit late that it was actually his name and not just a description of him , though it’s definitely that too. XD

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Once these words were spoken, everyone was in an uproar. In the crowd, Luo Binghe was also shocked.

He doesn’t need even a single hand?

Sha Hualing snorted and thought that Shen Qingqiu was being self-important and conceited, but at the same time felt happy. How could he win so easily, so why not accept? She hurriedly said: “Since Elder Shen has said so, then let’s start!”

Many people on the sides felt that this girl’s skin was very thick and wanted to take advantage of others, so there were boos everywhere. Shen Qingqiu was the sort of reader who felt that reading was like watching a play. Right now as a character in the story, there was another kind of feeling and he couldn’t stand Sha Hualing’s style of doing things. However, he saw that she was young, sweet, and charming and therefore treated her as a cute loli.

In the middle of attention, Shen Qingqiu truly did not draw his sword and instead played with the paper fan in his left hand, a small smile on his face as he faced the single-armed elder.

Elder Du Bi only had one arm but it didn’t affect him as he picked up his ghost head knife.1 But his blade passed, whistling through the air and didn’t hit his target. He turned around and saw Shen Qingqiu already stood at another location, shaking his fan and laughing at him.

However, the Xiu Ya sword had already exited its scabbard. Shen Qingqiu didn’t draw the sword with his hands, only secretly held his hand in a sword seal to manipulate his Xiu Ya sword to fly through the air. The snow-white sword light was painful and harmed the Elder Du Bi’s eyes, so he raised his sword and increased his attacks! The knife and sword clashed, ding dang sounds without end as sparks danced.

Everyone watched with rapt attention. This competition was truly ‘good to see’ and ‘beautiful.’2 The first ‘good to see’ referred to the strength of both parties and their martial skill. The second ‘beautiful’ referred to the visual effect, which was extremely gorgeous. It was particularly so for Shen Qingqiu: his ease of movement as his sword whirled into afterimages of sword light in the air all while shaking his fan leisurely, every seven steps giving rise to a poem to send forth, this sort of stunning style!

Luo Binghe watched and felt his heart sway. He knew Shen Qingqiu was powerful, but he didn’t think that he was powerful to this degree.

So strong!

In the middle of the cheers of the disciples, Shen Qingqiu took the victory for the first trial.

At this moment, Shen Qingqiu could understand a little of the original goods’ do-or-die drive to be a pretentious prick.

Because it was really too cool!

All the disciples had stars in their eyes. Shen Qingqiu felt very inspiring!

A scum villain could also have a soul seeking prestige!

At the same time, the system sent good news:

【Demon invasion of the immortal mountain, First trial, Shen Qingqiu’s victory, Strength value: +50. B Points: +50. 】

The smile in Shen Qingqiu’s heart didn’t last long when the system’s next piece of news slapped him in the face.

【Urgent warning: If Luo Binghe does not participate in the competition, the protagonist’s degree of coolness will be deducted by 1000. 】

‘What?!’ The Shen Qingqiu whose heart wasn’t prepared received a big shock and changed color.

The coolness level that he puffed and blew and worked so hard for all this time was still only a bit over 300. This one time will deduct 1000?!

System, are you trying to kill people?!

The competition this time was an important scene in the plot. At the same time, it was a prelude to little □□ or the two female protagonists’ debut, receiving the little brother, receiving cheats, and other important roles.

If Luo Binghe couldn’t make an appearance here, he wouldn’t be able to emerge in the limelight and attract the attention of everyone – so his coolness -1000.

But if he was allowed to be a representative of the sect and fight, then what would the Shen Qingqiu who did this be?

The original goods was able to push Luo Binghe onto the stage because he was shameless! He didn’t even care about his own sect’s honor! He hated Luo Binghe to the bone, enough to borrow the hands of the demons to abuse him!

But right now, Shen Qingqiu didn’t meet any of these three points!

In the end, he still had to blame this completely unscientific system!

When speaking about the protagonist’s coolness, why does it have to be based on the efforts of others!

Shen Qingqiu was still angry about how unscientific the system was when the second round was about to begin.

Sha Hualing was afraid of Shen Qingqiu bailing out and slowly said: “If in the following trials only one person goes up each time, then there wouldn’t be the meaning of receiving pointers. My family’s representative for the second trial will be me.”

For her to take the stage, she was firstly confident in her own strength, secondly because she felt that Shen Qingqiu probably wouldn’t use his Elder’s authority to press her junior’s authority. Shen Qingqiu expressed a complete unwillingness to mind these small matters; even if he originally had the intention to bail out using his power and prestige, it withered upon hearing the system’s notice.

But the second round could also be considered very exciting from another point of view.

Shen Qingqiu lazily said: “You all heard her words. Who is willing to take this responsibility?”

Though he was asking all the disciples, his eyes fell on a certain area.

That area was full of graceful female disciples; no doubt they’re all Xian Shu Peak disciples. Within this stuffed-to-bursting area of beautiful white Xian Shu Peak MM,3 there was someone who stuck out and wore a veil.

After Shen Qingqiu asked, this person slowly stood out.

Shen Qingqiu felt a burst of hard-to-conceal excitement.

Come! She has come! The novel’s two big female leads were about to PK5 for the first time!

Liu Mingyan4 was a big beauty. A heaven-and-earth shocking, making ghosts and gods weep kind of big beauty. Even if the beauties from the ancient generation of Xian Shu Peak were brought out, she would still stand out from them.

Her older brother was Bai Zhan Peak’s Peak Lord. She only became one of Xian Shu Peak’s later generation disciples because her age was small and she entered late.

Because she was overly beautiful, enough to steal a soul, she had to wear a veil to cover her face all year round. She was like a flower high up and unattainable.

In short, in order to write this character’s appearance, Airplane Shooting Towards The Sky probably used all the idioms he learned from primary school to high school; it must have been really tough on him.

Shen Qingqiu really liked this female protagonist. The reason was not only because Liu Mingyan’s appearance was the highest. It was also because she had great tolerance, great style, understood the overall situation, and was just and upright. In Luo Binghe’s enormous harem, it was difficult to find such an intelligent wife with good character.

Another point. Liu Mingyan was the only female lead that Airplane Shooting Towards The Sky didn’t describe in detail with his pen to the point of being knocked over. Though this arrangement made many readers dissatisfied enough to spray blood like skyscrapers, this gave Liu Mingyan something that the other women didn’t have: a character as pure as jade and chaste as ice!6

Nothing can be done, can’t achieve this matter’s best ╮( ̄▽ ̄」)╭.

The thing to watch in this battle were the words. If there is an Evil path Demon girl then naturally there must be a Righteous path Immortal girl. Every man had a dream to be sandwiched between and troubled by angels and demons, seeing them jealously fight for him one moment and give their lives for him the next; it’s a male creature’s most lofty YY canon scene. The beauty of an Evil demon girl’s wild and unrestrained behavior can make him drunk; the Righteous saint girl wavering between abstinence and desire letting people’s hearts itch.

Having thought to here, Shen Qingqiu cried some bitter tears for himself and couldn’t help but look towards Luo Binghe again.

It was hard for Luo Binghe not to notice all the glances he was getting. Why did Shen Qingqiu notice him so much? Can it be that Shizun really…… looks favorably on me?

However, under Great God Airplane Towards the Sky’s pen, the fights between female characters – unless it was ripping [BEEP—] off for men,7 there wasn’t anything particularly interesting to see. After a time equitable to the burning of a few sticks of incense, Liu Mingyan was defeated. She hadn’t found her sword at Wan Jian Peak8 yet after all, her techniques were all basic swordplay while Sha Hualing was already the Demon sect’s Demon Saint; there was naturally a difference in strength between these two.

Liu Mingyan walked in front of Shen Qingqiu, “This disciple has lost and disgraced the mission, I request that Martial Uncle Shen punish me.”

Shen Qingqiu said: “You undertook this responsibility and burden; it was not easy on you. Having lost this time, pay attention to your martial arts and just win back another day.”

Having won a round, Sha Hualing was radiant and coquettishly said: “This third trial will determine the victory! Don’t know who Elder Shen will send up for the next trial? This time, you had better choose carefully.”

Shen Qingqiu supported himself with a hand and stood. He said with deep meaning: “No need for Young Miss to trouble herself. This Shen has a person in mind who he can guarantee will not only win, but will be your nemesis.”

Sha Hualing acted as though he was just speaking words to frighten her and clapped her hands. She said: “Which brave warrior volunteers for the third trial?”

In the middle of the numerous demons, a giant elder slowly walked out.

He was called a giant because he was really too tall.

He was definitely over ten zhang [feet] high!

A back like a tiger’s and a waist like a bear, his hair loose and shaggy, from top to bottom wearing thorny armor, and dragging a fine iron sledgehammer. With every step he took, Shen Qingqiu felt the ground shake a little.

Sha Hualing delightedly said: “I’ll give everyone on the immortal mountain a warning first. The spikes on Elder Tian Chui’s9 armor are covered with my family’s strong poison. This kind of poison has no effect on demons but if a human is pierced, there is no cure.”

The first feeling Shen Qingqiu got after hearing these words was: Damned Great God Airplane Towards the Sky, don’t choose a name so carefreely and so easily!

A person with a single arm is called Elder Du Bi [Single Arm]; his weapon’s a big hammer so he’s called Elder Tian Chui [Sky Hammer]. Does he dare choose a name diligently?!

The people on the sidelines were all enraged.

“Stinking demon girl! Competing is competing; using strong poison, what fairness is there!”

Sha Hualing retorted: “I didn’t hide this point. If you feel anything’s unfair, or if you’re afraid of getting poisoned and losing your life, the custom is to cede the trial and there would be no more need to compete. We demons won’t laugh at you since we cherish life. It’s only human.”

The demons’s loud laughter and the angry condemnations of the disciples sounded. Shen Qingqiu’s heart already didn’t have many good feelings towards the original Sha Hualing and now it reached a new low.

A type of woman like Sha Hualing: when the reader takes the view of the YY protagonist she can be given ten thousand likes. But when standing by her side in reality, Shen Qingqiu didn’t believe there would be anyone who would be able to like her!

It wasn’t because there were differences compared to what was described in the book; in truth, the worst thing was: she was too much like the original!

A fierce and spicy hot character, plus too brainlessly in love. If it wasn’t because she was one of the protagonist’s people, she would have gone to the other side earlier. Once you threaten her or any bit of Luo Binghe’s interests, she would want to take your dog life first even if you were her real father. In the original work, in order to deliver up the Demon Realm seat to Luo Binghe, didn’t she defraud her own birth father……

Luo Binghe, you’re going to have to suffer a little for now.

Towards Sha Hualing’s provocation, Shen Qingqiu was indifferent and left a space of blank time. It gave the Demon Realm people pressure (as well as keeping people in suspense) for a time, until he finally turned around and fixed his eyes firmly in someone’s direction.

“Luo Binghe, you come out.”

—End Chapter 11—

1Ghost head knife (鬼頭刀): Not sure I translated this right lol. I assume they’re talking about a sort of sabre rather than ‘knife.’ In Chinese, the character for ‘knife’ is included in the word for sabre.

2 ‘Good to see’… ‘beautiful’: In Chinese, the characters used for these phrases are the same (hao kan) but have different meanings because of the context.

3MM: Slang for ‘mei mei‘ or little sister. In this context, our MC’s calling the Xian Shu Peak disciples a bunch of babes. XD

4Liu Mingyan (柳溟煙): ‘Ming yan‘ means ‘sea/drizzle mist.’

5PK: Gaming slang for PVP (person vs person) killing. Player Kill, hence PK.

6Pure as jade… chaste as ice: Meaning someone with a pure and noble character.

7Ripping [BEEP–] off for men: Meaning girls ripping clothes off in a catfight for men to see.

8Wan Jian Peak (萬劍峰): ‘Ten Thousand Sword’ Peak. This is where disciples go to find their ‘sword.’

9Elder Tian Chui (天錘長老): Elder Sky Hammer.

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