The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System

Chapter 23

Chapter 23

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This girl’s appearance was comely and elegant, though she walked with a limp. It seemed like she’d twisted her foot when facing off against the monsters.

Her voice carried an apology as she said: “Martial Brother Luo, I’m really sorry. Earlier I was saved by you, but I still have to trouble you now. If it wasn’t for the sake of protecting us, you would have long since proceeded ahead…… it’s our fault for dragging you behind.”

Luo Binghe was very sincere in his response: “As fellow cultivators, taking care of each other is also a must.”

Towards the early stage Luo Binghe’s Holy Mother kind of beneficence, Shen Qingqiu had already gotten used to it and found nothing strange.

He was battling creatures on one side and bringing along these weak women and children on the other, which led to his ranking not being high. Otherwise according to his current strength, he’d have no pressure at all competing with Gongyi Xiao for the top! It must be known that even Ming Fan’s ranking wasn’t bad…… but no matter, Luo Binghe had a lot of reserves to make a comeback!

Shen Qingqiu completely didn’t think about reflecting on his own ‘My disciple is the strongest, if it isn’t because he’s such a good and generous and easy person to bully, then you’d all better not even think of competing with him’ feelings and didn’t think to wonder whether there was anything strange about this attitude.

Yue Qingyuan laughingly said: “Qingqiu, this small disciple of yours has a good character.”

Shen Qingqiu opened his fan and smiled, peacefully secure of himself.

Whether it was from the reader’s perspective or Shizun’s perspective, the early stage Luo Binghe’s white lotus level [1]indeed met the standard.

Qi Qingqi snorted: “Since he’s like that, it’s like he didn’t come from his tutelage.”

There were bystanders who also passed along words of praise. However, they might not be sincere. What use was there in having a good heart? What the Immortal Alliance Conference paid attention to was strength. In their eyes, Luo Binghe’s move was somewhat stubbornly pedantic.

The Huan Hua Palace sect head elder sitting next to Shen Qingqiu, upon seeing Luo Binghe’s face in the crystal screen, inadvertently let out a ‘yi.’ [2]

Shen Qingqiu’s gaze didn’t stray sideways, but in his heart he secretly laughed: Luo Binghe’s appearance is handsome, resembling his birth mother. Certainly, this old sect head must see this face and think he coincidentally looks like a certain younger generation person, missing his own proud disciple of that time and sighing a little. As everyone knew, Luo Binghe was truly the child of his beloved disciple.

And on the other side, inside Jue Di Gorge, Luo Binghe was already thinking in his mind about a safe way to solve the problem and get rid of the current situation.

Morally speaking, he couldn’t throw away these Huan Hua Palace disciples who hadn’t entered the sect for long, but he also didn’t want to let slip the opportunity to put on an excellent performance at the Immortal Alliance Conference and not let Shizun be disappointed.

On this side, Luo Binghe was coolly pondering how to settle down these small and weak disciples while Shen Qingqiu actually thought he was rubbing sparks with a sister.

This was the first sister who rolled in the sheets with Luo Binghe!

Qin Wanyue [3]. Shen Qingqiu’s impression of this sister wasn’t bad.

Though she wasn’t much help to the protagonist’s undertaking of killing and dominating the Three Realms, she was a warm and gentle person who didn’t like infighting in the harem. What man wouldn’t like such a sister?

Shen Qingqiu wouldn’t say: Sha Hualing and Luo Binghe’s main wife living together, all the day contending for his affections and scheming, harming this person and framing another; he’d seen enough several tens of chapters of these kinds of scenes to annoy him to death. Shua shua shua and he directly turned the pages over.

The labor of reading was meant for a supernatural novel, not a pretty woman’s biography!

I’d rather watch you spend a hundred thousand words to describe how the ghost-headed spider is bred than watch how Sha Hualing made Qin Wanyue have a miscarriage. Thank you!

These people solemnly treated Luo Binghe as their savior, following behind him.

Luo Binghe was helpless, but was unable to be cold and chase them away.

Shen Qingqiu’s heart was very happy. The Luo Binghe right now was warm and honest but not easy to fool. Among these closely-following disciples in rank and file, some at this moment were not suited for battle since their developmental conditions weren’t good. At the least, after some adjustment, there would be no problem. But there were also some who had neither learning nor skill, yet were unwilling to withdraw from the competition. They wanted to hug onto Luo Binghe’s thighs to muddle along and win some beads and prestige.

If it were the late-stage Luo Binghe, you could die at his hands any second and he wouldn’t hesitate! [4]

After walking for a while, the small monsters that came during the night were mostly resolved just by Luo Binghe moving a finger. His sword didn’t even need to leave its scabbard. Still, people were unable to pick up speed.

The reason?

A Huan Hua Palace female disciple close to Qin Wanyue started crying loudly: “Big Sister Wanyue, my feet hurt so much.”

At the front, Luo Binghe didn’t turn around but his feet stopped. His head lowered and he massaged his temples.

Qin Wanyue was suddenly anxious. She lowered her head and quietly said to that young girl: “Little Sister Wanrong, can you please endure? We need to walk a little faster.”

Little Sister Wanrong quietly sobbed: “But my feet truly hurt and I can’t walk anymore! And we walked an entire day without a place to bathe. My body feels so uncomfortable.”

In the team, many were unseasoned disciples even if they claimed otherwise. If Shen Qingqiu had the privilege to pass judgment directly, he would have long since invalidated their qualifications to enter the Conference and kicked them out of Jue Di Gorge.

If they cried so easily about their feet hurting, then why did they register for something like the Immortal Alliance Conference? Registration could be forgiven, but why did they have drag people behind? Look at Liu Mingyan, this gap wasn’t just a little bit. No wonder she was the number one female lead!

However, he had no way to deal with this Qin Wanrong. After all, Qin Wanyue and Qin Wanrong this pair of sisters were flowers in Luo Binghe’s harem. They would be the only ones who wouldn’t die even if they died a ‘big death’……

A strange sense of irritation filled Shen Qingqiu’s heart.

Binghe ah, you… in the future when you start accepting your harem, could you also consider the problem of quality…… don’t just see that a sister doesn’t look bad and take her into your arms. Seeing the quality of your harem so uneven really brings heartache!

Qin Wanyue took another look at Luo Binghe’s back, then whispered: “Little sister, we’ve already given Senior Martial Brother Luo so much trouble……”

Qin Wanrong innocently said: “Senior Martial Brother Luo is such a good person that he won’t mind. Isn’t that right, Martial Brother Luo?”

Luo Binghe finally turned around. There was still a little smile on his face, handsome without friendliness, unassailably flawless. He didn’t speak. Qin Wanyue didn’t know why, but she secretly shivered. But Qin Wanrong had cotton for brains. Seeing him smile, she took it as his agreement. ‘La la la‘ like a sudden breeze, she dashed to a little riverbend nearby.

It came! Shen Qingqiu’s gaze was filled with urgency.

Luo Binghe was shocked. Connecting with her words earlier, he thought she was going to bathe. Fortunately, this junior martial sister wasn’t an exotic flower [5] to that level. She just shucked off her shoes and socks, her feet stepping like 丫 in the river water.

This was the upper reaches of the river, what if someone downriver wanted to drink water……

Shen Qingqiu secretly lit a candle in his heart for the disciples downriver.

Having led the way like this, many other people followed her example. A group of people just like this began to laugh and make merry.

Luo Binghe, seeing the situation, couldn’t do anything about it and also couldn’t draw near. He could only say from far away: “Wading into the water is not safe. It’s still better for fellow martial brothers and sisters to quickly come up.”

Shen Qingqiu felt it was a little strange. In the original work, Luo Binghe shouldn’t have stood so far away? He shouldn’t be wrong. Luo Binghe should have let go of his worries (or it came from Great God Airplane Towards the Sky’s unkillable secret desires), going with them to the rivulet and then enjoying an erotic footbath scene (……). The same kind of service that was given just before!

The happy laughter and cheers of those people even traveled over to this side: “It’s okay! Martial Brother Luo, you come too!”

Even the sect leaders in front of the crystal screens were speechless.

Though he was given an immunity shot in the form of the original work, when this scene actually happened in front of his eyes, Shen Qingqiu was also drunk with disbelief.

With an expressionless face, he asked in his heart: Luo Binghe! You still aren’t going to go over? If you still don’t go over, you won’t be able to catch the scene in time!

Qin Wanyue wanted to conscientiously apologize to Luo Binghe: “Senior Martial Brother Luo, I’m sorry. My junior apprentice sister and them, it’s their first time participating in the Immortal Alliance Conference……” She knew her own family’s little sister was behaving like quite an exotic flower. She bit her lips, looking very pitiable.

Luo Binghe hadn’t responded yet when suddenly, ear-piercing and sharp screams rose from beside the rivulet.

Ohhh, it’s finally come!

Young people, don’t forget, the number one cool point among the cool points of “Proud Immortal Demon Way”: Those who are going to be made dead, will definitely die!

Only this time, Shen Qingqiu would have never expected that the Qin Wanrong little sister who became part of the protagonist’s harem would! Make! Herself! Dead! Like! This!

Hearing sharp screams, Luo Binghe’s expression changed. He left behind the flowerlike Qin Wanyue, dashing over to the riverside.

At the same time, the faces of the sect leaders who were in front of the crystal screens were also horrified.

Luo Binghe held his sword out horizontally in front of him, lowering his body in a guard position as he said: “What’s going on!”

The river originally held five to six disciples who were leisurely bathing their feet, but now two had disappeared. One of them included Qin Wanrong.

Shen Qingqiu in his heart: You see! Didn’t I tell you to go there earlier?

It’s great now, your first wife is gone just like that! You prodigal son –

The big scene of the future 3[beep—] [6] with the flower bouquet of the two Qin sisters, how’s it going to be done now!

A disciple shrilly screamed: “Just earlier, I don’t know what happened, suddenly the depths of the water turned black and martial sister and them were somehow sucked into the water!”

With one hand, Luo Binghe pulled up some people who were still floating in the water, stunned. It was better to get them out of danger before anything else. But just when he reached out his hand to pull the last person out, that person’s feet slipped and the person fell. Their head hadn’t even gone completely under the river water when they disappeared right in front of Luo Binghe!

At the same time, a dark energy churned in the middle of the river water. Separating the crystal screen out from the others and focusing, Shen Qingqiu saw a woman’s countless black hairs just like black silk threads. In the midst of the black silk threads emerged fresh scarlet blood. It had been diluted by the flow of river water, but the thick growth was even more disgusting than Sadako’s hair!

Shocked, Yue Qingyuan exclaimed: “Nu yuan chan!” [7]

And inside Jue Di Gorge, Luo Binghe quickly determined what kind of creature was in the river water. His sword energy entered the water and he shouted: “Move away from the water! It’s a Demon Realm nu yuan chan!”

That demon, like a large tract of hair strands, stirred under the water for a while, then suddenly erupted into a burst of hiccups. With a gu lu lu sound, it ‘spit out’ something from the midst of the black strands.

The three had already been sucked dry of blood and flesh, leaving only skinny wet corpses made of skin and bone!

The pores on the corpses appeared unusually large because there were still quite a lot of hairs attached to the skin, inserted through the pores to hungrily to draw human flesh, blood, and vital energy.

The ability to get in through any opening was the most frightening specialty of the nu yuan chan.

The disciples by the river were so terrified by the horrific scene that they seemed to have been scared dumb. From the forest, a wailing cry came as someone threw themselves over almost to Luo Binghe’s back. Qin Wanyue almost fainted after seeing her little sister’s corpse in such a miserable state.

Fortunately, she was very smart and hadn’t been actually shocked into fainting. Otherwise in this kind of scene full of chaos and turmoil, who could actually bring her along with them as they ran away!

—End Chapter 23—

[1] White lotus: This is a Chinese term (usually for women lol) that’s traditionally used to describe someone who’s pure and innocent and absolutely good. So ‘white lotus level’ is referring to just how much of a white lotus Luo Binghe is.

For those curious, the modern meaning of the same ‘white lotus’ term may be used to refer to a two-faced bitch (yanno, the kind that looks good but has the moral integrity of a pile of trash). This story doesn’t use the modern meaning though – so when I use ‘white lotus’ in translation, we’re talking about the traditional meaning of cute white bun.

[2] Yi: A sound someone can make when surprised after seeing something. Sort of SFX, I guess.

[3] Qin Wanyue (秦婉約): Wan meaning gentle/beautiful/elegant, yue meaning… well, it can mean something like ‘agreement’ as a noun. The name of her sister, ‘Wanrong,’ has a similar meaning.

[4] “…die at his hands any second”: Some pinyin mixed in here. Might be slang… Original Chinese was: 要是後期的洛冰河,分分鐘neng死你們不帶猶豫的!

[5] …exotic flower (奇葩): Meaning she’s not a ‘marvel’ in the sarcastic sense to that level. In ancient times, a woman revealing her feet to the opposite sex is considered not done even if it’s not as bad as stripping naked. This is why Luo Binghe’s standing so far away despite it only being a scene of pretty sisters having a footbath – he’s being a gentleman. FYI: Among cultivators and Jianghu people, propriety is more lax which explains why some martial brothers are mixed in with the sisters.

[6] 3[beep—]: This is a censored version of the term 3P. 3P = 3 party = threesome. Future Luo Binghe has a threesome with these sisters… at least in the original work. LOL.

[7] Nu yuan chan (女怨纏): Wasn’t sure how to translate this. It’s a kind of supernatural monster. Direct translation of name is something like ‘female resentment enwrapping’ so I guess I could have called it Enwrapping Female Resentment? But then it sounds less like an actual monster lol. If someone feels strongly about this one way or another, drop a comment.

TN: …Binghe, your mind truly is filled with nothing but ‘Shizun.’ Even when there’s a hot sister right next to you, you’re still thinking about him. Also, RIP Qin Wanrong… *clasps hands together and prays*

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