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Hey guys!

That’s it. The Second Coming of Gluttony is officially over after about a year on WuxiaWorld. This marks the third fully translated novel and the first officially licensed novel that I have translated.

As SCOG is one of my favorite novels of all time, my goal has always been to do it justice. I hope you guys enjoyed the story as much as I have, and I can’t thank you all enough for supporting the translation along the way.

Thank Yous

First and foremost, I want to give a huge, huge shoutout to my editor, dMomo, who has helped me greatly with both her superb editing and also keen moderation of the comment section. Without her, the novel would definitely not be at the level it is today.

I also want to say thank you to the translators who helped along the way: A Passing Wanderer, Jarvis, and Salmon. As some of you might know, APW has translated the first 90 chapters before the official licensing, Jarvis has done about a dozen chapters, and Salmon has been helping me out most recently.

I also want to thank the author, Ro Yu-Jin, for providing us with this amazing story. And I’m sure we all are looking forward to his future works and a translation of his first work MEMORIZE.

CEO Moon of Breathe and Ren from WuxiaWorld deserve great credit for not only bringing SCOG to us but also many more Korean novels for everyone to enjoy.

Finally, I want to thank me, the incredible chief translator… I mean, I want to thank you all, the readers. Your support is what makes the translation possible in an official route that is legal and ensures all involved parties get paid. And I hope you continue to support licensed novels here on WuxiaWorld, whether Korean or Chinese.

What’s Next

The Second Coming of Gluttony will be coming out as an ebook soon (more info to come).

I will be going into close door training taking some time off. It’s not so easy spending 20+ hours a week on translation. I do not know what novel I will be doing next or when that will be, but as always, my policy is to work on novels that I am interested in and to give it a full read (or as much of it as possible) before diving in.

Until next time,



Hi guys!

Wow! I can’t believe I am writing the for SCOG. It has been 18 months since I started working with Fudge on SCOG, and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every day, looking forward to when Fudge finished translating the next chapter. The rollercoaster of emotions that SCOG is, had become a part of my daily life. So today, when I woke up, I felt empty realizing I would not be editing any more SCOG chapters, but at the same time, I also feel happy and proud to be part of this amazing team that brought this superb novel to non-Korean-speaking readers.

First and foremost, I would like to give a big shoutout to FudgeNouget for giving me this incredible opportunity to edit SCOG. The amount of freedom he gave me with the editing process was simply astounding, and it definitely helped me deliver my best. So Fudge, thank you for this amazing opportunity, your trust in my edits, and your consistently high-quality, excellent translation. Without these, SCOG would not be what it is today.

To the author, Ro Yu-Jin, thank you for giving us such a brilliant story. Here’s wishing you good luck with your next novel. We all are looking forward to it. And another thank you to WuxiaWorld for the tireless efforts of bringing us SCOG and other Korean novels.

And lastly, a big thanks to all you readers for reading the novel and supporting the translation. You all have been great with your comments and messages both on WuxiaWorld and Discord. Your active participation with daily comments, discussions, and predictions definitely made the story even more enjoyable. I hope you all enjoyed this novel as much or even more as I did.

I am not sure when or what Fudge’s next project will be, but I hope it is sooner than later. For now, he definitely deserves a good break.

Until then, take care and stay safe.


Author's Letter:

Dear WuxiaWorld readers,

Hello, this is Ro Yu-Jin.

The Second Coming of Gluttony, which is being serialized on WuxiaWorld, has now seen the completion of the main story with the side stories approaching the end.

Recently, I've read the Second Coming of Gluttony again. There were many occasions where I thought, 'Why did I write like this?' it was quite embarrassing, so much so that I kicked my blankets at night.

I felt the same thing when I reread my first work. It seems an author always has regrets when they reread their work upon completion.

I told myself when I finished MEMORIZE, 'Let's not write like this in my next work', and I'm thinking the same thing now after finishing The Second Coming of Gluttony.

What motivates me to write are the readers' comments. I could not be happier as an author if the story I imagine in my head and tell with my writing gives the readers enjoyment.

In that sense, reading the comments of WuxiaWorld's readers has fueled me with new motivation. Reading the thoughts of people from different countries and different cultures has been a very new, refreshing experience.

It really was fun. I had to borrow the help of Google Translate, of course, but I really enjoyed reading the comments and even reviews found on YouTube. At first, I thought, 'There are ninjas cutting onions in my house? What does that mean?' But I smiled when I understood it meant 'I didn't cry, but there are tears in my eyes.'

In any case, you have shown such great love and support for my story, which is lacking in many areas. For that, I am very grateful.

To the CEO of WuxiaWorld who came all the way to Korea to license The Second Coming of Gluttony,

To the translator who always made high-quality translations,

To Breathe who gave me the opportunity to showcase my work to international readers,

And to WuxiaWorld readers who gave me the strength to write,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

A new year will be starting soon. Although COVID-19 is still raging, I pray for everyone's wellness and happiness.

Pleases stay healthy!

December 26th, 2020, 7:47 P.M.

Ro Yu-Jin

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