The Sins of Anna

Chapter 1 Rude Awakening 1.1

Chapter One

Late in the evening a taxi pulls up to a grand hotel. The Golden Dragon Hotel, looking up I am so amazed I can feel my mouth hanging open. This hotel must have at least 40 floors. Feeling nervous I squeeze the delicately wrapped package in my hands pressing it against my chest, heading for the front door. Today is my boyfriend's birthday and I wanted to surprise him with a gift. He just started here recently as a bellhop so he had to work on his birthday. As I am about to open the door a gentle female voice calls out to me from side of the entry way. There I was handed a single red rose with a promise that I would be given something good as a special guest if I kept it close. Excitement in my footsteps I entered the hotel. The light pierced my dark accustomed eyes as I entered through the automatic doors however, the lobby was quiet; two male clerks stood behind a counter. Not seeing who I was looking for I decided to go ask a clerk.

Welcomed with a smile, "How may we service you tonight my lady." I felt a sickening chill from how this was asked but chose to ignore it smiling back

"I am looking for someone who works here his nam…"

"Hey, hey you miss!" A rough old male voice called out to me.

"Huh?" Spinning around in confusion an older man was calling out to me. Watching him Approach I notice his eyes hit the rose and he smiles.

"Oh, thank goodness your finally here your late." He is smiling, but his tone sounded stern. Not sure what's going on I find myself quickly being escorted to the elevator. Noticing the button pushed was the penthouse I can't help asking if their expecting me. Thinking maybe David was behind some kind of practical joke; but I was just met with a smile looking as if there was a hidden agenda.

Elevator opens into a dimly lit room. As I am ushered in a tall slender figure is staring out into the beautiful night scene from the room window, he turns toward us. His dark eye fixed on me, I suddenly feel as if I am being pierced through as if my clothes were being ripped off just from his gaze, reflexively I shift as if trying to hide myself.

"Mr. Hashiro Sorry to keep you waiting as our thanks for your assistance we prepared a gift for your pleasure." The man says suddenly pushing me forward.

"NO" Panic fills me as I finally understanding the predicament I am in; the men leer at me as I holler out.

I fumble trying to explain that they have the wrong person, they must understand that I am not who they think I am. The man from the window expression changes. His lips curl up and I feel a chill run down my spine. His movement's so elegant as he turns and walks over to me. My heart races as my nose is sweetly caressed from the alluring and intoxicating smell of vanilla and strong clean sent of the forest mixed with the smell of smoke. My body quivered as I breathed in this man, in this sweet smell; as if my body hungers for more It began to pulsate. I wanted to touch this man before me, I wanted to run my fingers along the crevices of his sleek exposed chest. No, coming to my senses I remember David, embarrassed I lower my head to look at my feet afraid if I look at him longer I will fall to deep. I never wanted a man so much. His hot breath getting closer as it tickles the nap of my neck. Force suddenly on my chin pulling my face up as I feel his rough lips lap over mine, crashing hard with mine. This sweet sensation mixed with fear I look into the eyes of this outrageous man as he refuses to unlock lips as I push on his chest. His eyes a dark amber brown reflecting into mine. I can feel tears streaming down my cheeks when he suddenly let's go, lips curl upward once again into a mocking laugh. I feel my knees buckle as I fall on the floor. "I gladly accept your generous gift today." He stands straight up. With that the older man that brought me here turns and leave through the elevator. I feel every ounce of escaping gone in that second. David how did this happen. I couldn't help sitting there crying under his

hot gaze. If I stayed here I was for sure going to be swallowed up and eaten by this man, no matter how much he's attractive I can't do this with him.

"Shut up and stand up all ready!"

His sudden outburst froze my tears. Arm yanked upward I stumble forward falling into his broad bared chest. Flushed red from embarrassment I struggle to get free from his firm chest and strong arms. Though to my surprise he began laughing

"What the hell's with that face," the man said letting out a sweet charming chuckle. "You look like a pure angel that's never even been touch by a man."

He's laughing harder as he stands me upright. Looking up I can see this man is much taller than me at least a foot and a half. I can feel my face blush as he points out the obvious. Now I just feel ashamed and embarrassed, damn David made me promise we would wait till we were married someday. Honestly, I am tired of waiting, and he hasn't even proposed and it's been 2 years since he asked me to be his girlfriend. I'm already 20 and I been starting to think I'm just not good enough. My friends have always said men in relationships that don't want it from their girl get it else where. Just thinking about it makes me want to punch that bastard, but I wanted to trust in him so I summoned all my strength, bought this dress in hopes that it change his mind to prove that it was all in my head that he did love me that he did want me. I can't help letting a sigh pass my lips forgetting the situation I am in. Looking up I catch a glimpse at this man from the corner of my eyes, I know I shouldn't, but having my virginity pointed out thoughts of what I was told about David I can't help wanting to know what it be like to be touched by this man. I want to beg him to touch me to make me a woman. David, I think of his face of our promise. The man's piecing gaze back on me as he hears my sigh escape, lips curling up as if a sinister presence has come forth. Sneering in delight.

"I see so then my gift is even more special, miss virgin."

Fear courses through me as I start to back away toward the elevator; however; his rough hand reach out and grab hold of my hands pushing me back into a wall. His lips consuming mine his tongue licking between my lips trying to pry open my mouth. His free hand sliding down my arms, Ah! Along my neck. God his warm hands feel good going down the side of my body. I cry out, my body wants more, but I can't, not with him. Gasping for air he viciously takes the chance thrusting his tongue into my mouth taste of tobacco and something sweet like chocolate combines in my mouth as our tongues intertwine. I can feel my body arch forward as he gets deeper. His hand slipping up under my top tracing the outline of my bra, Ah! I scream to stop in my head. However, despite my mind my body responds to his touch. Slipping from my breast and down I feel his hunger for me, his hand enters from under my skirt and his fingers slip in my underwear. I can feel his body become forceful as he quickly moves his hands toying with me. Ashamed I let out a disgusting moan as I try pleading in between breaths to stop. Tears coursing down my face as I am consumed with guilt that I was enjoying this. He stops, however, looking pissed off as he releases me seeing tears stream down my face as my body quivers barley standing properly. His glare freezing me against the wall I feel his eyes saying he wants to kill me.

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