The Sins of Anna

Chapter 103 Suffer the Consequences 38.2


Nico, Andrew and I were walking the streets of the city. Marcus was back at the hotel, keeping an eye on things just in case they decided to show up there. The city was a cluster f*ck. It was worse than the bar scene, that I had to clean up, thanks to the kid. I swear to god he better not be stating trouble while I'm gone. Everywhere we went, the Candy fanatics were roaming, causing chaos. Sirens were a regular noise, even during the day.

The news, was filled with reports of these psychos who could be shot and feel no pain. You could stab them and they would keep on moving. Whatever was in this drug, was numbing their central nervous system, completely. They were like soldiers, on an adrenaline rush, except they never came down, they had an unlimited supply of this shit. Narrow my eyes looking around in disgust.

Our first stop of the day, after our discussion with hotel manager, was one of the many local businesses. We had managed to get some intel on the various underground businesses that the Feng Clan ran. We were, on our way to the Shady Lady, one of the many brothels in the area. As we scanned the area that's when we came up on Feng Clan underlings. Seems they were patrolling the streets again, think they go into hiding after that last several groups we fucked up. I nod my head to Nico not wanting to lower myself to beat a flunky.

All of my men, were exceptionally trained. That's why our institution, is ran the way it is. You had to be the best, to be a soldier. I only want the fiercest, strongest, men in my arsenal.

I watch as Nico takes this guy out with ease, it had only taken him three hits to have him doubled over. After getting the info we needed from him, we leave him bloody nosed and broken as he lays curled up on the ground, struggling to breathe with a few cracked ribs.

It was sometime later, we arrived at the Shady Lady. A trail of bloody bodies in our wake from every Feng member we came across, as we made our way here. I asked for a private room

immediately walking up to the bar, I'm getting tired of playing games playing games. Once in there I signal for one of the girls walking past the curtain. I smile at the nervous little thing. Woman, were such easy targets, it was child's play, to get information out of them. That's why up until the kid, I didn't allow women to join the ranks of the soldiers. They had emotions that could be manipulated and where easily mislead. A weapon did not need emotions.

I smile applying my charm, when for some reason, my mind went back to her. Feeling annoyed, I found myself wrapping my fingers in this woman's blonde hair. I whisper into her ear, while I secretly chastise myself, to get back on task.

"Hey beautiful, I wonder if you can a help a fellow out?"

I gave her my most charming, bedroom smile. I undressing her with my eyes, as I cupped her cheek.

"I have a business proposition for a Ren Feng. You wouldn't happen to know, where the best is place to find him, would you?"

Obviously, I was lying, there was no proposition. It was simple, pull your shit out of my turf, or face the consequences, and my men knew, I was all about personally dealing out the punishment given a hundred times over.

She looks at me reluctantly. Her green eyes waver with fear, she tries to mask it looking away for a second. I reach over place my hand softly on her chin turning her back to face me. I watch as she starts to chew on that pouty bottom lip of hers. I caress it with my thumb then slip a couple bills into her bra with a smile. Her eyes go wide as my hand cupping her breast. I felt her tremble. These girls were used to being man handled, give them a bit of tenderness, and they were putty.

A small gasp escaped her lip, she swallows as if her throat was dry. "So, do you think you can help me out." I message more gently pulling her closer. Immediately she nods her head.

"Th-the scrap yard. I..I think I remember hearing talk of deals going down there."

Poor thing. I pet her head, chuckling it was almost too easy. She almost couldn't speak she was so distracted from my touch. Too bad I didn't have any time, or interest in playing with her. She did nothing for me. Letting her fall to the floor, I stood up, Nico and Andrew in tow. We walk out, leaving a very confused frustrated woman to sit angrily behind glaring back at me. That's as expression I hadn't expected from a whore. Oh well. She got what she wanted. It wasn't like I hadn't paid her.

Sometime later, we arrived at the scrap yard. I hear sound of men talking. I motion to my men to be quiet. I want the element of surprise. Creeping up on them I listened. Among the two men talking one stood out even though there was nothing remarkable looking about him at all. He was average height with blonde hair. He had a rather decent build for his size, but my experience with Luke had made me wary of anything in a small package.

I waited for their discussion to come to a close, and as the other guy left, I motioned for Nico to go right, Andrew to the left. Me, I stepped out to meet this guy head on. For him, to be doing business for this Ren Feng he had to have some sort of standing in the clan. I grin, time to hit Feng where it hurt.

"Hey, you must really be trust by Feng, if he has you doing such important work?" I called out to him. "I mean, you don't look like much of a challenge, but your still in charge. Is he's not afraid of losing business, if you get your ass kicked?" It was an obvious taunt. I just wanted to see what I was dealing with.

The man snorts as he laughs. It was like he had just heard the best joke of his life. "What would you know?" His almost mockingly boyish blue eyes watch me. His hands in his pockets his stance laid back.

I watched as he looked at me, sizing me up.

"Not from around here eh? You talk big for a nobody!"

I smirked.

"Maybe, maybe not" I shrugged. I Exam my cuticles, a moment the way women do when they want to look bored. "I did just take out a few of your men earlier though. Could a nobody do that?" I grinned at him, challengingly. He had to have gotten word if he's with Feng.

"So, you're the asshole that's been causing shit lately." He smiles sickeningly licking his lips.

I could immediately see tension build in his body. 3. 2. 1 I counted. It didn't take long for him to strike. I managed to side step and block with my right arm, my left fist came down hard in his solar plexus. Was that a moan?! I hit again, harder this time. He seemed unphased.

"Hurts so good" he grinned, licking his lips even more delightedly.

What the fuck is wrong with this guy? He's worse than the freaks on the street! it wasn't that he couldn't take feel the pain, it was much worse. it was like he got off on it? How do you beat a guy like this? What am I supposed to do? give him a hug? Instead, disgusted, I hit him harder. If he likes to hurt, then let's just give more pain than he can handle.

He matched me hit for hit, but whatever hit he landed I returned with twice the force, until he lay there moaning on the ground. I couldn't tell if it was pain or pleasure but it didn't matter.

I was about to land the final blow, bending down my I go to deliver the final bow. "Any last words, you sick fuck? Figures Feng would have a toy like you, only someone as sick as him could be near you."

The man begins to laugh, coughing up blood. What the hell was wrong with him. I go to punch crushing his skull. My left hand pulling him up by his shirt.

A force I hadn't felt other then when the kid landed a blow smashes into the side of my head. My body staggers struggling to stay standing as I assess what just happened. When I see the new comer, the over bearing presence that screamed death around him, and a woman that suddenly scurries over to the lump ok the ground.

"You've got to be shitting me. The clothes are different, so is the expression, it's more intense. The blonde gold hair and green eyes though no doubt, I glare.

"Anna, don't you dare tend to this idiots' wounds." Ren growls as he narrows his eyes examining the man before him. Dark hair, six-foot, blue eye, leather jacket with crossing shiv's in red and black. This was my man. And his partners where around here too. "We finally meet, Leader of the Satan's Foot Soldiers. I've heard so many things. I practically spit out the words trying to hold back shooting him. No I had other plans for this man.

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