The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 1497 - Primordial Demon-Refining Tree

Chapter 1497 - Primordial Demon-Refining Tree

“Retreat.” Lin Yun said.

An Liuyan didn’t hesitate to step back, and everything before them disappeared again.

“What was that? Illusions?” An Liuyan said in surprise.

“They don’t look like illusions, but they also don’t look like a realistic secret realm, either. There’s something weird about this cave…” Lin Yun said as he fell into deep thoughts.

“This place is actually a nirvana node!” Lil’ Purple exclaimed from the sword box right at this moment.

“What do you mean?”

“This is a node that connects the past and present. A nirvana node is where a battle with an expert of the nirvana dao took place. One can travel back in time through the nirvana node, and it’s perilous because you might be devoured in the crack of time and space.” Lil’ Purple was shocked; this was the first time she had seen someone grasping the nirvana dao aside from the Iris Sword Saint.

Furthermore, she could tell that the attainment of this expert wasn’t at all inferior to the Iris Sword Saint, they may be even stronger. Suddenly, Lil’ Purple’s eyes were filled with fear as she exclaimed, “This was the battlefield of gods! Not the battle in the Golden Era, but before that. Oh my god, what the hell is with the Dragon Remnant Astral Realm?!”

Lin Yun didn’t have the time to be bothered by this because the Dragon-Blooded Demonic Corpses were chasing after him. He was only concerned if he could hide in this space, and he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to return.

“Logically speaking, the nirvana node exists, but the time coordination will differ once you go in. You know what I mean, right? You backed off earlier, but if you enter again, you may be trapped in it completely. At that time, it will be hard for you to find the nirvana node again.” Lil’ Purple’s voice resounded.

Right then, footsteps resounded from the back, so Lin Yun and An Liuyan turned around to see dozens of floating crimson eyes. Without thinking much about it, Lin Yun carried the sword box and held onto An Liuyan as they stepped into this unknown zone, “Let’s go!”

He had just recovered 30% of his vitality and couldn’t fight those Dragon-Blooded Demonic Corpses. Once they stepped forth, multiple majestic palaces appeared before them once more. Once they saw a huge bronze gate, Lin Yun and An Liuyan entered the gate.

While the palaces were glowing, they turned into starlight while hovering in the air, and the starlights made Lin Yun feel familiar, “This is…?”

Aren’t these the dissolved saint elixirs from before? All of the ice-attributed saint elixirs came to this place, and the top of the palace was flawlessly white, looking pure and cold. But the cold wasn’t evil, and the yin aura differed from the cave.

“What is this place?!” Lil’ Purple was a little afraid, and her voice was trembling. This changed Lin Yun’s face because Lil’ Purple had always been arrogant since she came from the Golden Era. Although her memories were in fragments, no one could match her in terms of experience, and it was rare to see her so shocked.

He then looked at the white palaces and fell into deep thoughts. While the two casually walked into this region, An Liuyan carefully reached out. She was also a cultivator of the ice attribute. She could feel a faint connection, just like how Lin Yun’s Azure Dragon Saint Art would have a connection with the True Dragon Saint Liquid.

While An Liuyan was absorbing the starlight, she rejoiced, “L-Lin Yun, my innate saint aura increased by ten…”

Her voice was trembling in fear, and her cultivation had improved as she breathed. This made her feel afraid and unreal because cultivating should be by steps with no shortcut. Lin Yun had also once paid the price for obtaining saint elixirs.

If Lin Yun didn’t have the Azure Dragon Saint Art and Earth Sword Form, he might have lost his life if he wasn’t careful. But it was easy to absorb those starlights, making him feel a chill down his spine.

“Don’t touch them, for now.” Lin Yun held onto the Flower Burial Sword and headed toward the palaces.

“What’s that?!” An Liuyan exclaimed as she pointed at a towering tree a hundred feet away. This was a massive tree, but there weren’t any leaves. It looked like a withered old man, but what surprised An liuyan were the corpses hanging on that tree.

The appearances of those corpses were bizarre, but there was a blood mark on their foreheads, filled with a sinister yin aura, and their arms were slender and long with flesh wings behind them. No matter how you looked at them, they didn’t look like a race from the Kunlun Realm.

They weren’t of the Demon Clan or Human Race and they could feel a natural disgust for those corpses. No one knew how long those corpses have existed, but they were still emitting a sinister pressure. With just a glance, they were probably saint experts when they were still alive.

“These are the Abyssal Fiends?” Lin Yun muttered. He could feel a chill running down his spine because those corpses were saint experts.

“It’s the Demon Spiritual Race! I once read in some ancient books that they caused a huge panic in the chaotic age, and they were demons who imprisoned humans as livestock. B-But how is this possible? The records stated that they’re extremely terrifying, but they’re all hanging here like mere ants.” An Liuyan exclaimed. This scene was a huge blow.

“I’m afraid that it’s not that simple.” Lin Yun said. He could see several fruits emitting dark purple glows, containing unimaginable essences of the sun and moon. They were much stronger than all the other saint fruits that Lin Yun had obtained. There was no doubt that these fruits could bring considerable benefits to whoever ate them, but Lin Yun doubted whether they could devour these fruits at their current cultivation.

“You fool, this is a Primodial Demon-Refining Tree. What are you thinking about? Don’t touch those trees!” Lil’ Purple’s voice resounded from the sword box.

Primordial Demon-Refining Tree? Lin Yun’s face changed because he once saw a Demon-Refining Tree in the Sword Sect’s ruins back in the Profound Amber Realm. But the Primordial Demon-Refining Tree before him was on a completely different level because the nutrients were all saints. It turned out that the legend was true!

“Lin Yun, look below!” An Liuyan yelled.

Needless to say, Lin Yun had already noticed them. There were two fresh corpses on the ground. They were a couple of Xie Feng’s subordinates that they had seen back then.

Those were two eight-star Heavenly Elysium Core Realm experts, and they probably died without knowing how. This further increased their fear of the Primordial Demon-Refining Tree.

“They all died here, which means Xie Feng and Wu Ying came in.” Lin Yun said.

“So Xiao Yun is also here!” An Liuyan continued.

As Lin Yun’s eyes flickered, he looked at the palaces and fell into deep thoughts. For some reason, his desire for a Divine Dragon Bone had decreased after coming here.

“Hahaha!” A burst of eerie laughter suddenly exploded and the corpses that were hanging on the Primordial Demon-Refining Tree began to sway. The laughter sounded as if it came from the corpses, and this was a bizarre scene because it looked as though those corpses had come to life.

The waves of laughter were piercing from their mouths. This instantly made Lin Yun and An Liuyan’s hearts shrink with their scalps numbing.

The demonic light continued to flicker in the pupils of those corpses as if they were looking at Lin Yun and An Liuyan. This made both Lin Yun and An Liuyan’s legs tremble because they were stunned by this scene. They could only feel their breathing becoming anxious, with beads of sweat falling from their foreheads. They could no longer contain the fear that was looming in their hearts.

There was nothing more terrifying than this in the world. They were two considered extraordinary geniuses, but they had never seen anything like this. Simultaneously, the space gradually became dark as the light that was being emitted from the palaces gradually dimmed like candlelight.

It gave them a feeling as if something terrifying was about to appear, and that bizarre laughter lingered within Lin Yun and An Liuyan’s minds. Suddenly, a hand fell onto their shoulders, making them fall to one knee on the ground.

Lin Yun was still alright, since he was supporting himself with the Flower Burial Sword, but An Liuyan was practically immobilized. When they turned around, they saw a blurred smiling face amidst the laughter, instantly making their faces pale because they had never seen such a terrifying face before.

Meanwhile, Lin Yun’s vision was blurred, and he struggled to keep his eyes open. But he had only recovered 30% of his vitality from the battle, and he naturally couldn’t hold on and collapsed onto the ground. The face was still in his mind when he fell before he lost consciousness altogether.

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