The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 2116: Aggrieved (1)

Chapter 2116 - Aggrieved (1)

The Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear was nine feet long and enveloped in a holy radiance. The spearhead that was a sword was sharp and gave off an ominous aura.

This was an extremely complicated weapon, possessing Buddhism's benevolence and the Demonic Cult's ferocity. It could alternate between good and evil with a single thought.

“Azure Dragon Saint Art! Blue Dragon Skybreaking Art!” Lin Yun roared. Two dragon roars then echoed from his body. He had brought out the two Dragon Clan’s saint physiques at the same time. After a hundred thousand indigo-gold dragon runes and a hundred thousand blue-jade dragon runes began to appear on the surface of his body, two dragons that have reached ten feet in length appeared, coiling around him.

“Scumbag, be careful.” Lil’ Purple was nervous as she stood behind him.

“Don’t worry about it.” Lin Yun smiled at Lil’ Purple. When he took a deep breath, the two different radiances that he gave off became even more dazzling while he endured the immense pressure and made a grab for the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear with a firm gaze.

When his hands came in contact with the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear, a vibratinging noise echoed within his mind while the spear began to devour his vitality.

The radiance being emitted by the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear retracted, returning to the spear before a crimson radiance appeared where Lin Yun’s hand came into contact with it. The radiance looked crimson, like blood slowly filling up the spear's runes.

Lin Yun’s exhaustion of his vitality was swift, and the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear had devoured one-tenth of his vitality in the blink of an eye. At the same time, the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear began to tremble before a terrifying radiance erupted from it.

Blood dripped down from the corner of Lin Yun’s lips, and he was sent flying away. When he tapped his foot on the ground, a crack appeared in the air. He had tapped his foot on the ground four to five times before he managed to stabilize himself in mid-air.

“Don’t try it anymore!” Lil’ Purple said hurriedly.

“Let me try it again. I want to try and subdue this spear!” Lin Yun could sense the horrifying energy that was contained within the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear, and that energy felt like an abyss without a limit. This allowed him to see a light of hope.

If he had the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear, he might have been able to confront Tian Xuanzi! The Golden Era was also a catastrophe for the Kunlun Realm. To protect those he wanted to protect, Lin Yun had to hold onto even the slightest hope!

Flames ignited within his eyes, before Lin Yun returned to the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear after stabilizing himself with an unyielding fighting spirit.

The crimson lines on the spear were swiftly disappearing as his vitality was expelled. It was also expelling the mark left behind by Lin Yun.

But just when the crimson radiance was about to disappear, Lin Yun grabbed onto the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear again with a crimson radiance shining forth again.

“Azure Dragon Sword Heart!” Lin Yun roared, using his sword heart to mimic a sword domain. A silver radiance soon enveloped him to help him resist the pressure.

The Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear began to violently tremble along with the entire Iris Secret Realm. There were two roars that could be heard coming from the spear. The sky was immediately split between gold and black. One side represented the Buddhist golden radiance, while the other represented a demonic radiance.

The radiances enveloped the surroundings, making Lil’ Purple nervous before she brought Lil’ Red to shelter beneath the Phoenix Tree.

While the two radiances revolved around the silver sword domain, they gave off great pressure, wanting to crush Lin Yun’s Azure Dragon Sword Heart.

But Lin Yun didn’t give up and released his dual sword stars, revolving over a hundred galaxies around him. At the same time, Lin Yun’s vitality had covered three-fifths of the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear, and the progress was rather smooth.

Even so, Lin Yun’s body was bearing a great pressure, and the Divine Tortoise Transformation was already destroyed, returning Lin Yun to his initial appearance. Because Lin Yun’s vitality was greatly exhausted, he was only left with skin and bones, relying on the Blue Dragon Record to replenish his vitality.

“Come on!” Lin Yun’s hair fluttered in the wind as his sword intent went wild. The skinner he became, the more powerful his sword intent became. His attention was focused. Right when his vitality was about to envelop the entire Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear, he quickly executed the third variation of the Dragon Sun and Moon Seal.

“Heaven and Earth Unite!” When the silver radiance formed by Lin Yun’s Azure Dragon Sword Heart shattered, the two sword stars formed a luxurious silver robe that was decorated with golden threads. The hundreds of galaxies turned into crimson silk that wrapped around Lin Yun’s body.

When the holy radiance and demonic radiance were about to envelop Lin Yun after shattering his Azure Dragon Sword Heart, it was blocked by the robe. When silver and gold began to circulate on the robe, it shone brightly, with the radiance reaching a hundred miles away.

The holy and demonic radiances were reluctant before gathering from a hundred miles away, forming into a Buddha and a demon with horns on its head, charging at Lin Yun. They wanted to stop him from completely enveloping the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear with his vitality.

“You really think I don’t have a temper? Behave yourself within the Iris Secret Realm!” Lil’ Purple became furious and wanted to interfere a long time ago.

The two artifact spirits were simply lawless. Lin Yun was close to being acknowledged by the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear, but the artifact spirits wanted to attack him. What did they think that the Iris Secret Realm was? Their playground?

Lil’ Purple soared to the sky and summoned the two Sovereign Divine Runes. The Myriad Lightning Divine Rune tore apart the demonic radiance, while the Extreme Wind Divine Rune ripped apart the holy radiance. When the two divine runes combined, the manifestation of the artifact spirits was torn apart.

Once the pressure on Lin Yun was lifted, he clenched his fists together and grabbed the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear in his hand.

When the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear revolved, Lin Yun grabbed onto it, and the aura he gave off reached an unimaginable height. The crimson silk that enveloped him was spread open before soaring to the sky, supporting the entire sky.

“I succeeded!” Lin Yun was excited as he held onto the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear. He could sense how powerful this spear was. After infusing his vitality into it, the spear acknowledged him as master; however, he immediately sensed that there were three seals on the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear.

Even so, it was at least as strong as a Sovereign Saint Artifact, even if it was sealed. Lin Yun couldn’t imagine how powerful the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear would become after the three seals were undone.

Lin Yun could feel his heart beating wildly. This was a supreme treasure that was more powerful than the Azure Dragon Sun-Moon Umbrella. The only con was the weight of this spear. This spear was too heavy. Wielding the Buddhist Emperor Golden Lotus Spear felt like he was holding the weight of an entire mountain in his hand, and it was tough for him to even swing it. Not only that, but Lin Yun could sense that his vitality was still being devoured by it.

Although the absorbtion wasn’t as terrifying as it was at the beginning, it was continuously devouring his vitality like a bottomless abyss.

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