The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 2226: Times Have Changed

Chapter 2226: Times Have Changed

Lin Yun cultivated within the Iris Secret Realm for three days before he was well prepared to make a move.

“When will Lil’ Red make a breakthrough?” Lin Yun looked at Lil’ Red, enveloped in a black radiance beneath the Phoenix Tree.

Lil’ Red possessed the Ancient Dracoape’s bloodline Once its bloodline has made a breakthrough, its strength would reach a terrifying height. It had also practiced the Ancient Dracoape Art, which would allow its strength to undergo a drastic transformation. The moment it becomes a Saint, it would become Lin Yun’s greatest reliance and aid.

“Ten days to a month.” Lil’ Purple held onto her chin and continued, “I’m not too sure about that, either.”

Thanks to Lin Yun’s resources, especially the Divine Dragon Saint Liquid from the Thousand Plume Great Saint, Lil’ Red would be able to make a breakthrough so quickly. But even Lil’ Purple wasn’t sure when it would finish its breakthrough.

“What’s your current strength now? You have also taken much of my Divine Dragon Saint Liquid,” Lin Yun asked.

Lil’ Purple puffed her cheeks and said, “Don’t ask about my cultivation. I can only say I’m invincible if there aren’t any Saint Sovereigns.”

Lin Yun rolled his eyes because he naturally wouldn’t take her seriously. She only had two and a half Sovereign Divine Runes now. In addition to her attainment in spiritual runes and music dao, she definitely wasn’t weak. But Lin Yun found Lil’ Red more reliable in terms of strength.

“You control the Iris Secret Realm while I go into seclusion. Let me know when we’re there.” Lin Yun headed towards a deeper part of the Iris Secret Realm and came before the silver coffin. This was found in a secret realm when the Blue Dragon Record was held. It was a treasure of the Demonspirit Clan. Lying in it, Demonspirits could extend their lifespan and use it to cultivate.

Lin Yun gave it several attempts and realized that even if it wasn’t a Demonspirit, cultivating within the coffin sped up cultivation by two times. Most importantly, it had suited him perfectly after being altered by Lil’ Purple.

Opening the coffin, the coffin shone with a golden radiance with a transparent glittering liquid within it. It was the True Dragon Saint Liquid that Lin Yun had obtained. The ninth-grade True Dragon Saint Liquid didn’t contain a hint of impurity, and was refined from the blood of True Dragons.

“Go in and cultivate. Lil' Red has been cultivating inside, and it definitely feels good,” Lil’ Purple smiled.

Lin Yun briefly hesitated before he made up his mind to enter. He took out the Divine Dragon Saint Liquid bottle and dropped a few droplets into it. He wasn’t a demonic beast like Lil’ Red, and it was also troublesome to refine the Divine Dragon Saint Liquid, not to mention that it was very precious. That’s why it was best for him not to waste too much of it.

“What a miser.” Lil’ Purple snatched the bottle and poured the Divine Dragon Saint Liquid into the coffin.

Although Lin Yun snatched it back, Lil’ Purple had already poured over fifty kilograms into it. This made Lin Yun feel heartache because he only had five hundred kilograms of Divine Dragon Saint Liquid left and yet so much was being used.

When Lin Yun laid in the coffin, Lil’ Purple carried the sword box and quietly left the Heavenly Dao Sect. After all, Lin Yun was too big of a target, so it was safer to have Lil’ Purple carry the sword box.

Lin Yun lost track of time and saw Lil’ Purple’s face when he opened his eyes again.

Lil’ Purple teased, “Doesn’t it feel good that you can cultivate while lying in it?”

Ignoring Lil’ Purple’s teasing, Lin Yun exited the coffin and examined his harvest. With a thought, he could sense azure dragon energy coursing through his body from the Azure Dragon Divine Physique. But that wasn’t all; his vitality rumbled like a dragon within his body.

Lin Yun was surprised to discover that at least seventy percent of his meridians had been transformed, and some patterns had formed on the bones outside his heart. Those patterns were similar to the Azure Dragon Divine Rune that he had seen before, but that was only a rough outline.

“You will be able to form the divine rune soon. At that time, you would have finally stepped into the threshold of the Azure Dragon Divine Physique.” Lil’ Purple saw through Lin Yun’s condition with a gaze, and she could tell that Lin Yun’s divine physique had been transformed greatly.n-.01n

“How long have I been asleep?” Lin Yun asked.

“Seven days.”

Hearing that, Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts and speculated that he should be able to face Saint Lords at the first stage with his current strength. It was so much so that he could even clash with Saint Lords at the second stage without using a Sovereign Saint Artifact. If someone else knew what Lin Yun was thinking, they would laugh at him and ask him where he got the confidence as a Quasi-Saint.

“Let’s go and take a look.” Lin Yun came out from the Iris Secret Realm. He stood on the edge of the God Burial Mountain Range and sensed many experts in the dark, along with a terrifying aura coming from the mountain range. There was a huge spatial crack, and the God Burial Mountain Range had changed since his last visit.

“Everything has changed.” Lin Yun frowned. He was here once, but he never expected the changes to be so great when he returned. The forest in the outer region was completely destroyed and the ruins had a layer of crimson mist covering them. “I wonder what happened here

Lil’ Purple also appeared as Lin Yun cautiously looked around, staring nervously at the God Burial Mountain Range. The crack looked like a demon that could devour anyone who entered it. Lil’ Purple uneasily said, “Lin Yun, I can sense the aura of a deity. It’s weak, but it does exist.”

Lin Yun didn’t reply to her but closed his eyes to activate the Quasi-Divine Light Sword Intent. Once his invisible sword intent spread out, it soon enveloped a thousand miles in radius. He fused his sword intent into the crimson mist, making it so that Saints wouldn’t be able to discover him as long as he didn’t release any murderous intent.

But when everything came back to him, he was shocked because there were so many people. The five holy lands, aside from the Heavenly Dao Sect, were here, and he even saw Ji Zixi. She was still very dazzling as she gave off an ethereal temperament.

Her Phoenix Bloodline had been further awakened, making her look more noble. Aside from that, there were also powerful sects and some ancient forces that seemed to be from the Divine Dragon Empire.

“Where’s Ziyao?” Lin Yun was baffled because he couldn’t see Su Ziyao. He didn’t know if she hadn’t come or already gone in.

“Why are you ignoring me?” Lil’ Purple said furiously.

“What did you say?” Lin Yun asked.

“Hmph, you scumbag.” Lil’ Purple rolled her eyes furiously.

Just when Lin Yun was going to reply to her, a group of people barged into the crimson fog. The one leading the party gave off a terrifying saint radiance. This was a Saint more powerful than the Horizon Hawk Saint Lord.

“A bunch of holy lands having so many concerns. I can’t wait any longer!” The black-clothed man roared, and he purposely raised his voice with saint energy, having it echo throughout the God Burial Mountain Range.

This old man’s name was called the Evergreen Saint Lord, a Saint Lord at the ninth stage, and he was practically invincible beneath Saint Sovereign. He was old, at least over a thousand years old, and he was the Grand Elder of a sect.

“I’m determined to enter the God Burial Mountain Range, and no one can stop me!”

Lin Yun and Lil’ Purple stopped talking as they observed from afar. Lil’ Purple then exclaimed, “This Saint Lord is also here for the God Burial Mountain Range?”

“He probably doesn’t have much lifespan left,” Lin Yun said. To risk his life here, they would be either geniuses, ambitious demonic forces, or those who were running out of lifespan.

Back on the Heavenly Path, Lin Yun already knew how precious Divine Blood Fruits were, since they could extend the lifespan of Saints. Furthermore, there was also the legendary divine flame and various ancient treasures.

But the holy lands had a strong stance, stopping anyone from entering. While Lin Yun eavesdropped a little longer, he discovered that the holy lands even used a righteous slogan to prevent everyone from losing their lives.

He then soon heard some whispers that seemed to have more to the story.

“Those ambitious holy lands want to take advantage of entering first.”

“With the Heavenly Dao Sect’s fall, the Ming Cult’s ambitions have been revealed, and they’re no longer bothered with concealing themselves.”

“Their young master is also here, and he is very overbearing.”

“Only the Divine Phoenix Mountain can confront them. Otherwise, who knows what they might do.”

“Hehe, there are also ancient clans from the Divine Phoenix Mountain here… It looks like they’re all after the God Burial Mountain Range.”

The surrounding discussions gave Lin Yun a rough idea of what was going on.

The Evergreen Saint Lord seemed to be conversing with someone who stopped him. But the Evergreen Saint Lord didn’t have much life span left, so there was nothing to fear since he was dying. Thus, he chose to forcibly break in.

Several exclamations resounded, but no one said anything. No one stopped him either, since they probably wanted him to scout the way for them. When the Evergreen Saint Lord entered, he held onto the Glory Saint Artifact, which was a secret treasure of his sect, and arrived before the crimson crack.

But the moment he entered, his saint armor was ripped into pieces, and the Evergreen Saint Lord had horror in his eyes. No one knew what he had encountered as he struggled within the crimson radiance, trying to break free.

But it was too late as his body began to break apart with his Glory Saint Artifact being destroyed. It didn’t take long before his body was annihilated along with his constellation, dying a terrible death. In the end, only his saint origin was left, and someone from the same sect as him quickly stepped forth to grab it.

“They’re probably in a tough spot now. After all, that saint origin was dazzling.”

“Saint Sovereigns can’t enter, as well as Saint Lords at the ninth stage. Previously, a Saint Lord at the seventh stage also failed.”

“Saint Lords at the first stage as well. There’s something weird about the spatial crack: those whose cultivation is too high can’t enter, along with those whose cultivation is too low.”

“The restriction is still around, or the holy lands wouldn’t be waiting outside.” Discussions resounded from the surroundings, and Lin Yun was shocked. After all, a Saint Lord was powerless before the restriction, and his Saint Soul couldn’t escape.

Many holy lands and ancient clans were having a headache because they would lose a Saint with every attempt, which made th price a little too high. They had a feeling that there should be a mystery behind the restriction.

Lin Yun didn’t dare to move since he was too striking, and a group of people would come after him if he showed himself.

“Do you want to change to another identity?” Lil’ Purple asked.

“There’s no need. Unless I use the Divine Firefly Sword or the Azure Dragon Divine Physique, my identity won’t be disclosed the moment I make a move.” Lin Yun shook his head. Aside from that, he also didn’t want to conceal his identity anymore.

He had already used Ye Qingtian’s name for a long time and almost forgot that he was Flower Burial Lin Yun. It didn’t feel great that he had to disguise himself as someone else, and who wouldn’t want to be in the light if they had a choice?

He was Flower Burial, but so what? Lin Yun’s eyes flashed as his blood became cold after so long. He was never afraid of battle.

“Let’s just wait. This situation won’t last long,” Lin Yun said with confidence. “They will test it out soon. After all, some people aren’t afraid of death.”

He suspected that the Evergreen Saint Lord was purposely allowed into the crimson crack. The Evergreen Saint Lord’s death wasn’t the end of it since more Saints fell as they tried to enter the God Burial Mountain Range, but some managed to enter successfully.

As more people entered, the various forces finally couldn’t wait any longer.

Three days later, saint radiance soared to the sky from the crimson mist as countless saint radiances formed into a pillar that looked majestic. Shortly after, a few hundred people charged over. If Lin Yun hadn’t witnessed it, he wouldn’t have dared to believe there were so many Saints in the Eastern Desolation.

“Times have changed. In the past, Saints generally wouldn’t make a move, but Saints are appearing more often now,” Lin Yun sighed.

“This is nothing. In ancient times, you could see Saints everywhere and Emperors flying around in the sky,” Lil’ Purple said with disdain. “Furthermore, these are just Saint Lords.”

“Let’s go in as well,” Lin Yun said as he charged at the spatial crack. This was the perfect opportunity.

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