The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 30

Chapter 30

After all, what Lin Yun had done was too shocking. He had defeated Ma Kui, whose Purple Cloud Fist reached greater perfection and who also possessed the Iron Wall Art. Most importantly, someone actually managed to train in the Ferocious Tiger Fist to complete mastery!

The judge was sure that no one else in the entire Azure Sky Sect had managed to train in a foundation fist technique to complete mastery. Perhaps there wasn’t one even in the entire Aquasky Nation.

Most people couldn’t be bothered to train a foundation fist technique beyond what was required. It was too time consuming and it required high comprehension. It was already impressive enough to achieve greater mastery in a martial technique, regardless of grades. Generally, greater mastery meant that you had already gasped the martial technique, and you could pick another stronger martial technique to train in.

After all, it was too hard to reach complete mastery. Not only did it require the intent that the creator had when creating this technique, it also required luck. Although everyone knew that a foundation martial technique could exhibit power beyond its grade upon reaching complete mastery, not many people would do that. There wasn’t even a single person with the willpower to give it a try.

After the lingering roar faded away, Lin Yun looked at the judge, “Can you announce my victory now?”

“U-uh... sure.”

The judge recovered from his shock and announced, “I hereby declare Lin Yun…”

“Hold up!”

An enraged voice came from below the stage. It was Ma Kui. Although he was pale, he still looked pretty energetic, mostly due to the anger still lingering on his face.

As he had cultivated the Iron Wall Art, his skin was as hard as bronze and his bones were as tough as iron. Even after he had taken a full blow from the Ferocious Tiger Fist, he still had the strength to speak.

Looking at Ma Kui, Lin Yun frowned, unsure what Ma Kui was trying to do.

“Ma Kui, what are you trying to do? Are you trying to create trouble?” The judge said with a cold voice as he looked at Ma Kui sternly.

Ma Kui naturally knew the consequences as he continued, “I dare not, but I want to say that someone had cheated in the battle, and I am not convinced in my loss.”

Judging by where his unflinching glare was directed, he meant Lin Yun.

“Cheated? What does that mean?”

“Isn’t it normal to play tricks in battle? What is Ma Kui trying to do here?”

“I don’t think it’s that simple. Ma Kui is probably trying to say that the cheating method isn’t ordinary.”

“Look at my hand. Do you think that this is caused by the Ferocious Tiger Fist?”

Ma Kui raised his right hand high so everyone could see the wounds covering it. His wounds seemed to be caused by blades, and those wounds even went as far with the bones exposed.


“What’s going on?”

“Those wounds are definitely not caused by the Ferocious Tiger Fist. In the worse situation, the internal energy in the fist could only break bones, or cause internal injuries. So how can it possibly leave that sort of wound?”

“Did that sword slave really cheat?”

“Well, that’s not impossible. Who knows, even the news of him reaching the lesser mastery in the Flowing Wind Sword might be fake!”

All the disciples watching were shocked.

They were already dissatisfied with Lin Yun’s winning streak and this was just the push they needed to turn against him. After all, how could a sword slave obtain such a dazzling achievement? Only two months ago, everyone could order Lin Yun around and force him to maintain their swords. Gradually, more and more unsightly voices came from the crowd.

On stage, the judge knitted his brows as he walked over to examine Ma Kui’s wounds. He couldn’t help gasping when he saw the carnage. The wounds were horrifying, going so deep you could see bone.

The judge maintained his composure as he replied, “Ma Kui, even if Lin Yun resorted to other means, it was still within the rules. You should know that this won’t change the outcome of the match.”

All means were considered a part of an individual's strength and thus accepted in this tournament, unless it was an extreme situation such as using poison.

In response, Ma Kui looked at Lin Yun as he roared, “I’m not asking much. I only want him to admit that he used hidden weapons to break my Iron Wall Art. It’s not shameful that he was once a sword slave, but it is shameful that he resorted to such means and is playing it off as a fair win!”

“Have you no shame, sword slave?! Get off the stage!”

“Don’t embarrass our Azure Sky Sect, get down!”

“Get down!”

“Get down!”

“Get down!”

The disciples who lost to Lin Yun were still bitter, and when they saw a chance to rile up the crowd, they took it. It was not long before the crowd had turned against Lin Yun.

When Lin Yun saw the wounds on Ma Kui’s hand, he knew immediately what had happened. He had integrated his sword into his Ferocious Tiger Fist, reaching complete perfection in the Ferocious Tiger Fist must have made the sword fusion even stronger. Unfortunately, he had no idea how he could explain this to the crowd.

Even before Ma Kui had any proof, he had accused him of being shameless. Watching as more and more disciples beneath the stage joined in the criticism, Lin Yun’s heart hardened.

“Lin Yun, as long as you admit that you only defeated me by using hidden weapons, I’ll let you off today,” Ma Kui got more forceful when he saw that the crowd was on his side.

“It is impossible for me to admit to something I did not do. If you don’t believe me, feel free to search me,” Lin Yun replied calmly as he spread his arms out to show his sincerity.

When the spectators saw this scene, their hollars became even louder. The situation was getting out of hand. By now, the scene had garnered the attention of the inner disciples and sect elders.

“Generally speaking, it should be possible for the Ferocious Tiger Fist to defeat the Purple Cloud Fist, even if it has reached complete mastery.”

“Yeah, not to mention that Ma Kui has also cultivated the Iron Wall Art.”

The inner disciple, Wang Ning, sneered, “Being bullied as a sword slave must have broken his mind. People like that will do anything to win.”

As he spoke, Wang Ning turned to look at Su Ziyao. However, he was disappointed when he did not see any response on Su Ziyao’s face.

“That’s right. What Senior Brother Wang said makes sense,” the other inner disciples echoed along.

When the young sect master, Bai Yufan, saw that all the inner disciples had prejudice for Lin Yun because he was once a sword slave, he locked his brows together and replied, “No one has ever practiced the Ferocious Tiger Fist to complete perfection, and no one can be certain that it’s not comparable to the Purple Cloud Fist. Besides, Lin Yun is allowing them to search his body. Let’s wait to cast judgment until we hear the result.”

Seeing that Bai Yufan had spoken, all the inner disciples became silent. Wang Ning looked at Bai Yufan unhappily.

Ma Kui was stunned when he saw that Lin Yun even went as far as allowing a search on him.

“Senior Brother Ma, search him so we can send him back to the Sword Cleaning Chamber as a sword slave.”

“Someone as shameless as him deserves to be a sword slave.”

“Our Azure Sky Sect doesn’t need someone shameless like him.”

The entire crowd began requesting for Ma Kui to perform a search on Lin Yun. They were so angry, Ma Kui couldn’t refuse their request even if he wanted to.

As Ma Kui’s face sank, he replied, “As you wish. If I find hidden weapons on you, then you have to kneel before me and apologize!”

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