The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 787

Chapter 787

The sword ray shattered and sparks flew everywhere. Both Lin Yun and Ji Feng took a dozen steps away. This time, they were both evenly matched, which shocked most of the audience. This outcome had clearly surprised many people because no one was expecting this.

Bringing out his xiantian sword intent in complete mastery, Lin Yun was able to face Ji Feng evenly with his attacks empowered by the Iris Sword Sutra. Ji Feng wasn’t able to bring out his advantage in his cultivation because Lin Yun’s sword intent was too powerful.

In the entire Ancient Southern Domain, there weren’t many who could bring their xiantian sword intent to complete mastery. More accurately, only Li Mubai and Nangong Wanyu’s sword intent had achieved that level among the geniuses at this banquet. But there was no doubt that they were among the seven geniuses with a higher ranking than Ji Feng.

Ji Feng’s face was ugly because there was no way anyone could underestimate Lin Yun after Ji Feng’s failed attack. Flames blazed on his body that unleashed waves of heat into the surroundings and caused the sky to turn terrifyingly red.

“Flaming Starlight!” When his aura reached its pinnacle, Ji Feng launched another attack. When he threw his punch, blazing starlight collided with Lin Yun’s sword intent.

Seeing this, Lin Yun took a step forward and unleashed a slash, “Overlord Sword—Big Bang!”

Sparks flew when their attacks clashed like two bright stars, causing the entire ground to tremble violently. In the next second, Ji Feng was sent flying while Lin Yun’s body merely swayed.

Letting out a roar, Lin Yun stabilized himself and charged forward, leaving behind six afterimages before Ji Feng could make a move. Then, each image of Lin Yun unleashed eighteen sword rays. Countless sword rays intertwined and no one could tell which Lin Yun was the real one.

“You’re courting death!” Ji Feng’s eyes blazed as he locked onto Lin Yun in the blink of an eye. Then, he charged forward and punched Lin Yun. But just when the punch was about to reach Lin Yun, he pushed his origin energy to the max and left another afterimage behind.

Just like that, Lin Yun produced the seventh afterimage. Once all seven afterimages were formed, they also executed their movement techniques to make a total of forty-nine afterimages. Their movements and expressions were identical. This made Ji Feng panic a little. Taking advantage of the disruption, all forty-nine afterimages charged towards Ji Feng. At the same time, Ji Feng felt Lin Yun’s sword coming towards him, which sent a chill down his spine.

“You’re courting death!” Ji Feng could no longer spare time to find Lin Yun’s true body and started punching everything he saw. The flurry of punches created a blazing heatwave that swallowed all the afterimages that were around him. However, the attack wasn’t concentrated at one spot, so it wasn’t strong.

Lin Yun focused his attention and then Ji Feng’s movements slowed down in his eyes. With the slow movement, he was able to see the flaw in Ji Feng’s attack. Lin Yun was waiting for the right moment because he only had one chance or else Ji Feng would detect his plan.

“Kill!” Avoiding Ji Feng’s attack, Lin Yun hacked down with his Flower Burial Sword like a crescent moon. He combined his xiantian sword intent at complete mastery and his Iris Sword Sutra for this attack. When this happened, Ji Feng’s face changed because he was already committed to his attack and he couldn’t retreat. Ji Feng’s attack was fast, but Lin Yun’s sword was even faster.

As a crescent moon flew out, the origin energy protecting Ji Feng’s right arm was torn apart and blood appeared on his arm.

“Damn it!” Ji Feng’s face changed. Although the blood on his arm looked terrifying, it was only a superficial wound. But a swordsman of Lin Yun’s level could take advantage of the wound and gain momentum in the fight. Now, there was an endless amount of possibilities for Lin Yun.

Ji Feng changed his position in mid-air seven times. Each time he moved, he threw an explosive punch that blocked Lin Yun from approaching. He retaliated in the blink of an eye, which left many people dumbfounded.

“What speed!” Lin Yun was also surprised. His blood boiled because this was exactly what he wanted. The moment Ji Feng landed on the ground, he disappeared instantly.

“Die!” Ji Feng threw a punch where he predicted Lin Yun would be in order to push Lin Yun back. In that split second, the entire stage was covered in flames while the water below the stage started evaporating.

“You’re courting death.” Ji Feng snorted, but his face changed in the next second because Lin Yun hadn’t appeared.

Where do I come from! When Lin Yun appeared, his sword stabbed through the torrential flames and plunged into Ji Feng’s right shoulder. This instantly destroyed the origin energy Ji Feng used to defend himself and his blood splattered out. But just when Lin Yun was about to take another step forward, Ji Feng gnashed his teeth and forced Lin Yun backwards.

The Flower Burial Sword arced in the air as Lin Yun flew backwards with his arms spread apart. He successfully dodged Ji Feng’s attack. There was so much going on in this battle that shocked the crowd. Ji Feng was truly formidable because a normal person would have lost their arm if they faced Lin Yun’s sword. Not only did Ji Feng withstand the attack, he didn’t suffer from a fatal wound. But for some reason, everyone felt that something wasn’t right…

“Holy shit! What’s going on? Ji Feng seems to be suppressed by Lin Yun! Isn’t this too unbelievable?!”

“Incredible! Lin Yun is really a talented swordsman. Who else can rely on their sword technique to suppress Ji Feng of the seven elites?”

“Ji Feng isn’t weak. The outcome is still uncertain.” A commotion broke out among the audience because the battle was too exciting. Ordinary geniuses and elders alike were dumbfounded by this scene as Ji Feng received a few more swords from Lin Yun. If this continued, Lin Yun would eventually find Ji Feng’s weakness.

“Sky Annihilation Starshatter Fist!” Rumbling sounds began to echo in everyone’s ears as Ji Feng released a roar. In that split second, his flaming right fist turned into a dazzling fireball. Then, the flames behind him condensed into the wings of a vermillion bird.. At this moment, they knew that Ji Feng was using a finishing attack.

An attack of this level wasn’t normally seen until the third round and only the top ten could generate this much power. Geniuses like Nangong Wanyu were shocked that Lin Yun could push Ji Feng this far. It was inconceivable that Lin Yun was this powerful.

Lin Yun could tell the attack was powerful and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to avoid it. His only option was to fight. Spreading his arms apart, Lin Yun slashed the fireball with his sword.

Overlord Sword—Breaking Dawn!

A brilliant light came from Lin Yun as an unparalleled sword aura burst forward like the break of dawn. Lin Yun’s attack turned into a fireball as he charged towards Ji Feng. Then, their fireballs collided, creating a blinding light that made the other stages go dark. The fights on the other stages were overshadowed by Lin Yun and Ji Feng’s performance.

Then, a wisp of sword ray tore through the brilliance of the explosion. At the center of the explosion stood Lin Yun who stabbed Ji Feng in the chest. The unparalleled destructive prowess of Lin Yun’s sword shattered the origin energy around Ji Feng. Although Ji Feng grabbed Lin Yun’s sword with both of his hands, the sword still pierced him.

“Get down!” Lin Yun pushed his right hand forward and poured his origin energy into his attack. Ji Feng’s hands were instantly knocked away and he was sent flying.

Ji Feng hit the ground and rolled a few times before he staggered onto his knees.

Meanwhile, Lin Yun stood on the stage with his hair fluttering in the wind and blood dripping down from his sword. His eyes were filled with dominance. The seven elites? Who cares? I will cut them down.

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