The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 881: Vicious

Chapter 881: Vicious

Each stronghold in the Heavenly Path had a dracophant that would protect everyone in the city. The dracophant was filled with mystery, not to mention that it was great to cultivate on it. But everyone knew that the head was a forbidden zone.

It was publicly known that something terrible would happen if someone tried to stand on the dracophant head. Since the Flamecloud Realm came to the Heavenly Path early, they naturally knew how terrifying it was on top of the head. Many prideful geniuses who didn’t believe the rumors had perished on the head.

Many people had died on the dracophant’s head, so how could Lin Yun stand on the head so casually?

Yan Tie slowly became excited. Lin Yun was only in the quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm, so he must have a treasure that allowed to stand on the head. Yan Tie narrowed his eyes with greed. His trip wouldn’t be in vain if he could obtain Lin Yun’s treasure.

“Trash of the Profound Amber Realm, why aren’t you coming to receive your death? If you don’t come, I can’t guarantee that your friends will be safe!” Yan Tie smiled as he unleashed his aura. His Heavenly Soul Realm aura paired with flame intent roared like magma. Then, it caught Fang Shaoyu, Zhao Chen, and Zhu Qingshan by surprise and sent them flying. When they fell to the ground, their faces were pale and they couldn’t even get back up.

Yan Tie was terrifying since he only needed his aura to suppress Fang Shaoyu, Zhao Chen, and Zhu Qingshan.

“Yan Tie’s cultivation is too strong. No wonder he’s the second strongest from the Flamecloud Realm.”

“He’s not that simple. He and Feng Xuan cultivated a fortune cultivation technique, not to mention that his accumulation in the quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm was a lot higher than Nangong He. He’s known as the Ironhand Butcher of the Flamecloud Realm.”

“Since coming to the Heavenly Path, he has killed all of his opponents.”

“Don’t be fooled by his appearance. He’s a ruthless person that once slaughtered over a hundred geniuses from ten realms.” The cultivators that were observing from the roofs watching in fear.

“Trash indeed. I didn’t even move my hand.” Yan Tie’s eyes flashed with disdain as his aura surged once more to crush Fang Shaoyu, Zhao Chen, and Zhu Qingshan. Immediately, everyone could hear cracking sounds.

When Lin Yun saw this scene, his face sank. Spreading his arms apart, he jumped off the dracophant head and landed on the ground. When he descended, the two standing next to Yan Tie tried to get rid of Lin Yun. However, Lin Yun was too fast and he landed on the ground before they could even respond.

When Lin Yun’s sword intent spread out, the pressure on Fang Shaoyu, Zhao Chen, and Zhu Qingshan disappeared as they quickly retreated to the side.

“No wonder you were able to kill Nangong He. You’re slightly stronger than I’d imagined,” sneered Yan Tie as he folded his arms in front of his chest.

No one was optimistic for Lin Yun. In their view, Lin Yun should’ve escaped when he had the chance.

“Lin Yun, that guy is Yan Tie of the Flamecloud Realm. He’s the second strongest from the Flamecloud Realm. He’s only weaker than Feng Xuan,” said Fang Shaoyu. He was warning Lin Yun not to be too careless.

“The two of you back down. This person isn’t that easy to deal with. Let me play with him for a while. It has also been a long time since I exercised,” said Yan Tie. He knew that Lin Yun was too much for them. If they were careless, they might even die.

If that happened, the Flamecloud Realm’s reputation would be destroyed. It was more appropriate for him to deal with Lin Yun and show everyone the foundation of the Flamecloud Realm.

“Hehe. Boss, you have to go easy on him. Don’t kill him or else it’ll be troublesome for us to explain things to Senior Brother Feng Xuan,” chuckled the two eerily as they retreated.

Looking at Yan Tie, Lin Yun sneered inwardly because Yan Tie had no idea that he was about to die.

“The Flamecloud Realm’s Flamecloud Incinerating Palm is infamous and I’ve only reached the fifth stage. If I use it to defeat you, you probably won’t accept your loss…” Yan Tie looked at Lin Yun and said coldly, “I won’t bully you. If you can take three of my moves, I’ll spare your life.”

But before he finished speaking, his eyes flashed coldly and he threw a punch at Lin Yun’s chest. His speed was extremely quick, which caught everyone by surprise. No one thought that he would suddenly attack when he was talking to Lin Yun a moment ago.

If another Heavenly Soul Realm genius took Yan Tie’s punch head-on, they would be crushed. The speed of Yan Tie’s punch also surprised Fang Shaoyu, Zhao Chen, and Zhu Qingshan. They wanted to stop Yan Tie, but Yan Tie was faster than they had imagined.

Everyone exclaimed as Yan Tie’s punch landed on Lin Yun’s chest. But the next scene left everyone dumbfounded because the punch didn’t even make Lin Yun budge. Even the two from the Falmecloud Realm were wondering if their eyes were messing with them because they knew how strong Yan Tie was. A mountain would tremble from Yan Tie’s punch, so why didn’t Lin Yun budge?

“Damn it!” Yan Tie’s face sank with deep shock in his eyes. Although he hadn’t used a martial technique, he still used 30% of his strength. So even if he couldn’t kill Lin Yun, he was confident that he could at least injure Lin Yun. However, Lin Yun was unscathed and his arms felt numb.

“That’s not my full strength. Here are two more punches!” Yan Tie began to wonder if Lin Yun used an artifact to block his attack. Then, he grabbed Lin Yun’s shoulder and poured his origin energy into his fingers, causing his fingers to turn red like molten lava.

But even so, Lin Yun still didn’t make a move, which left everyone even more dumbfounded. Yan Tie was also shocked because he had seen all sorts of geniuses in the Heavenly Path, but he had never seen such a powerful quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm genius.

Lin Yun was beyond his understanding. The Profound Amber Realm could barely be considered an intermediate realm and there was no way it could compare to the Flamecloud Realm. Could Lin Yun be a genius from a higher realm?

But Yan Tie dispelled that thought after a split second. Someone from the greater realm could easily crush the entire Flamecloud Realm. If Lin Yun was from a higher realm, there would be no need for him to stay in this tattered city.

The two from the Flamecloud Realm were confused. If Yan Tie was careless in the first attack, it made no sense that he would be careless a second time. They realized that Lin Yun’s physique must have outclassed their own.

“Last one!” Yan Tie’s voice sounded out once more as his eyes became vicious. When he charged forward, he pushed his origin energy to the limit and threw out ten punches at each of Lin Yun’s vital points. At the same time, terrifying flames spread out and destroyed all the buildings within a few thousand meters.

Some cultivators who were caught by surprise were sent flying out and vomited blood. Even the two geniuses from the Flamecloud Realm were caught by surprise and were sent flying a few hundred meters. Yan Tie was simply too vicious with his attack!

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